Dangers of medicines and household substances

Year 2 Toucans have been learning about the dangers of medicines and household substances such as washing up liquid and bleach.

They know that they shouldn’t eat or drink any of these things. They discussed in pairs what they would do if they found tablets in the playground or if they felt ill, who was allowed to give them medication.

The children were very sensible and knew not to eat or drink household cleaners that may be under the sink. As a class, they looked at different products with symbols to show how dangerous they were.

Oliver – Don’t drink bleach it will make you ill or die.
Kenzie – Don’t touch things in case they are poisonous. The skull and crossbones symbol meant Toxic.
Paige – If you have little brothers and sisters make sure they don’t swallow anything. If they do, tell an adult.

Non-chronological report researching

This week we are preparing to write our own non-chronological report. In our English lessons we have been learning about what reports look like and what they need to have.

In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search safely using the internet. We talked about using the internet at home and some of us said we use it on our own. Miss Williams told us Google can be unsafe to use on our own as it searches the whole internet and sometimes brings results we shouldn’t see. Instead we learnt about using Swiggle which is a child-friendly search engine.

We practiced using it and adding facts to our research mats.

Maths workshop

Today Toucans had a wonderful Maths workshop! Parents were invited in to see how their child had learnt about multiplication and division.

The children were very confident at explaining the Maths they had learnt and the parents were very quick learners!

Parental feedback was very positive and we truly thank you for your comments. Here is some feedback from the evaluations parents completed:

Thank you to all the parents who attended – the children really enjoyed it.

Maps, globes and atlases

This week we are starting a unit of Geography work. We started by looking at all the different maps, globes and atlases we have in our classroom. We explored different atlases in pairs and found out new facts for ourselves.

We then shared what we already knew about the UK. We practised using maps to locate and label countries and seas of the United Kingdom. Tomorrow we are going to focus on the continents and seas/oceans of the world.

Growth Mindset

This half term we are focusing on the behaviour for learning of perseverance. In our lessons we have learnt all about what a growth mindset is and how we can apply it to our learning. We have also been working with different partners and learning from each other. Scientists have proven that if you think you can do something you are more likely to be able to do it. This positive talk is an important part of having a growth mindset.

This week made ourselves some positive vocabulary cards. We then had some challenges to try and meet to practise using our growth mindset vocabulary. Look at our photos and see if you can work out what we were doing! The challenges really were very challenging! Some challenges we met and some we never, but the most important thing was we never gave up trying and thinking positively. Some of us even want to try them again tomorrow in Golden Time!

Choose Respect

We have had a special circle time every day this week to share our thoughts on anti-bullying week. Earlier in the week we discussed what respect is. Today we shared our ideas about why some people choose not to show respect:

We decided it was a bit sad when people don’t show respect. We also thought it was good to follow the golden rule for respect – treat others as you would like to be treated.