Video: Our favourite moments

This morning we had our final Circle Time where we shared our favourite moments of the year. Miss Williams made us a special video of the wonderful times we have shared this year. We have had an amazing year together and everyone has learnt so much. Well done Toucans! Your teachers are very proud of you and will miss you very much next year.

End of year treat!

This afternoon Year 2 Toucans and Year 1 Puffins got together for an end of year treat. We all went onto the field for a fun picnic! We had a lovely time playing games together and then enjoyed some food. It was very hot so when we got back inside we had an extra special treat – everyone had an ice lolly to help them keep down.

What a wonderful afternoon!

Rockets to the moon

Year Two have been making straw rockets. They got a pencil and rolled paper around the pencil. Then they sellotaped the edge and folded the top over two times to make sure there were no holes at the top so that no air would escape.They then sellotaped a rocket fin to the end. They took the rockets outside put a straw inside the rocket and blew as hard as they could to see how far the rocket would fly.

Here are the instruction so that you can have a go too.

Flying fish!!

Year 2 made different sized flying fish from paper. The class talked about how they were going to make their fish fly and the best way to make the fish fly the furthest. They started with their biggest fish and threw them from different heights. They then experimented with other fish but in order to make it a fair test they made sure that they threw the fish from the same heights and places. Amelia and Ke Xin found that if you spread the tail fin apart the fish flew even further. Shona and Kerris found that the biggest fish flew further because it caught more air as it was the biggest fish.


Today for check-out we discussed all the wonderful pieces of work we have done during Arts Week. We discussed all the pieces we have created and all the different techniques we have used. We chose our favourite to share with our friends.

Arts Week: William Morris

We are having a wonderful Art week in Y2. We are focusing on William Morris and have learnt lots of facts about him. We have taken inspiration from his work and nature but also used our own free choice and imagination to create some wonderful pieces of work.

We started by looking closely at one of his wallpaper designs. We used a viewfinder to pick out as small part and enlarge it. We had to really focus on the size and shape of things. We then painted it using watercolours.

We then explored the woodland walk for some leaves. We used them to create our own polystyrene tile. We used our imagination to make a nature-themed string printing tile. We then used both of them to print our own wallparer. We think they look amazing!

Next we did a paired challenge. We had a very large piece of sugar paper and folded it in half. We had to use our mathematical skills as well as our art skills as it needed to be symmetrical. We took it in turns to descide what to draw on our side then our partner reflected it onto their side. We used pastels to colour them.

We have also created some stained glass windows as this is another thing William Morris made. We made ours relating to the theme of nature again. We used sharpies, laminating sheets and tissue paper. Look at our finished pieces of work and see if you can guess what we did to make them. It was very tricky and took a long time!

Everyone is really enjoying Art week and showing good behaviours for learning, particularly concentration and perseverance.