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Digital footprints

Today is the beginning of Safer Internet Week. In year 2 we are focusing on digital footprints. We learnt that every time you go online you leave a footprint wherever you have been. This footprint can’t be changed or erased so you must always be very careful about what you tell people online.

We practiced being online detectives. We had some clues containing screenshots of screens Penelope uses and had to find out as many facts about her as we could. We learnt a lot more than we thought we would! Later in the week we are going to be thinking about our own digital footprints.

Experimenting and investigating

This week in our science lessons we have been experimenting and investigating. Today we planned and carried out an experiment to find out what makes ice melt more quickly. We shared our ideas and in groups put ice cubes in 3 different places in the classroom.

We then observed them every 10 minutes to see how they had changed.

Look at our photos to see what we found out!

Celebrating Eid

Following their previous lesson all about Eid, Year 2 Toucans looked at photographs showing how Muslims celebrate Eid. The children discussed the different ways they celebrate in small groups and remembered lots of facts. The children discussed how Muslims share their food and money within the community especially during Eid with family, friends and the less fortunate. Eid is a time to celebrate, share with others and spend time with loved ones.

Finding the best material

Today in our Science lesson we carried out an experiment which we planned yesterday. Yesterday we received a letter from Professor Pole who had received our letters and was very impressed. Here is the letter he sent us:

So in Science we planned and carried out an experiment to find the best material. We talked about what an umbrella needed to be and decided on these three things: flexible, waterproof and hard-wearing. We discussed materials that would be unsuitable and why:

Jessica – Glass would be no good. It is waterproof but you wouldn’t be able to put it up and down and it might shatter.
Amaya – Wood isn’t waterproof – it would rot.
Seth – Plastic might be good because it is waterproof. My raincoat is made of plastic.
Charlie – I think fabric might work because that’s what my umbrella is made from.
Frankie – Metal wouldn’t bend and also it goes rusty.

These were all good predictions! We did the experiment together. Have a look at our photographs for the results.