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Writing letters to Santa

In our Computing lessons this week we have been learning how to open, save and type. Miss Williams then taught us how to use Publisher to insert text and pictures. We created our own documents, saved them in the correct place and then practised the skills we had been taught. We have been using our news skills to write letters to Santa. We are going to send them off today.

We have also been putting all our e-safety knowledge to good use to safely search the internet. We have been searching using Swiggle which is a safe search engine especially for children. We are beginning to plan our Healthy Snack Café (which is on 15th December at 3:00 – more details to follow next week) so we searched the internet for ideas and recipes. We were all able to find something we liked the look of!

Programming algorithms

Today we continued our Computing work learning about algorithms. We have already practiced programming Beebots so we put this knowledge to good use with something much harder today Our main activity was to use a program on the internet called Fix the Factory. We had to give the robot instructions by using the arrows and other symbols. The more levels we did, the harder it got! We had to debug some parts of our algorithms when we went a bit wrong. This was very tricky but satisfying when we got it right.

Don’t forget Toucans, you can use this game at home. Just click on this link:

or Google Fix the Factory.

Keeping safe on the internet

Today we learnt a bit more information about being safe on the internet. We used the Netsmartz website to look in more detail at keeping safe on the internet. We earnt a safety badge and a certificate to put up in our classroom!

We then watched Hector’s World which is about how to keep your details safe when using the internet. We used all our new knowledge to create our own internet safety posters.

Don’t forget Toucans, you can access these website at home if you want to learn more and try and get your very own certificate.


Year 2 Toucans used the Rapid Router website to fix programming instructions during Computing today.

They used direction blocks and a move forward block to program a truck to get to the finish line. Toucans demonstrated alot of perseverance to program their trucks correctly. Mr Baddhan was impressed with some of the Toucans skills of debugging (fixing mistakes) in their code.

Megan gave a tip to everyone in the lesson, saying if you count the number of grey lines, it tells you how many ‘move forward’ blocks are required.

Creating a branching database

Year 2 Toucans have today been creating their own branching databases based on animals or food and drink.

Toucans learned yesterday that that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Toucans sorted their objects into groups by asking based on the feature of the group e.g “do they have ears”, “do they hunt at night?”, “do they have fur?”

Understanding branching databases

Year 2 Toucans have today been learning about branching databases. They learned that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Today, Toucans used Top Trump cards to see how information is sorted into different topics. They played the Top Trump cards in small groups, each trying out different sets of card after the game had finished.

Toucans also put together a branching database together, they did one database about food/drink and another on animals. They put different questions together to group each item for example, “does it have black ears?”, “does it have a beak?” etc.

Tomorrow, Year 2 Toucans will create their own branching database and try each others databases.

Introduction to Scratch

During Computing today, Year 2 Toucans were introduced to Scratch by Mr Baddhan. The children tried some of the motion blocks and the events blocks. They worked out that if the blocks are snapped in properly, then the program will not run. And everything must be in order otherwise the program will not work correctly. Alot of understanding on algorithms, debugging and sequence were shown by Toucans.

Toucans also learned how the sprite and backdrops can be changed too.

Remember, Scratch is a free program and can be accessed by clicking on this link

Creating shapes and right angles

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans used Purple Mash’s 2Go to create different shapes using directions.

They were challenged to create three shapes, square, rectangle and a triangle, using different line colours. They used many right-angles for the square and rectangles.

Some of the children even managed to start drawing lines to write their names using many right angles.

Toucans already know that a right angle is an angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square.