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Art Week – Repetition using stamp tool

As part of Art week, Year 2 Toucans have been learning about the artist William Morris.

Today as part of their Digital Media lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans looked at one of his drawings and they used the stamp tool in a photo editing program to repeat his style.

The lesson looked at how repetition is used in William Morris’ drawings and how easily this can be integrated using photo editing software.

William Morris’s original drawing

Alexi and Kexin’s work

Dayne’s work

Esmay and Shona’s work

Leo’s work

Lola’s work

Ryan’s work

David’s work

Zaynab and Frankie’s work

Programming using Scratch Jr

Year 2 Toucans have continued with programming during Computing today by using Scratch Junior on the iPads.

The children demonstrated their understanding of building algorithms and debugging. Mr Baddhan tasked the children to use motion blocks and say blocks to program their sprite to cross the road, say something and then carry on walking.

Some of the children introduced two sprites and add similar code to them too.

Creating a branching database

Year 2 Toucans have today been creating their own branching databases based on food and drink.

Toucans learned that that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Toucans sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “can you eat it?”. “Is it dairy?”. “Does it grow on trees?” etc.

Learning algorithms, sequence and debugging

During Computing today, Year 2 Toucans learned about creating algorithms (instructions) and then debug parts of a code which don’t work as intended.

The children used a website called Rapid Router to program a van to move to a finish line. They were using forward, turn left and turn right blocks.

The children learned that a sequence of a code is very important for it to function properly.

Video: Reporting from the North and South pole

Today we are making our own videos from the North and South Pole! Of course we are not really going to travel all that way but we are going to use the magic of technology to send us there! This morning we used our non-chronological reports as a basis for our presentation. We planned together what we were going to say and then practiced until we were ready. We had to rehearse to ensure we knew what we were all saying and we also had to practise using loud clear voices.

When we were ready we went to the media centre a group at a time and Mr Baddhan recorded us in front of the green screen. We hope you enjoy our reports.


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In our Computing and Maths lessons this week we have been learning all about data. We have made pictograms, block graphs and today we stared to use databases. We learnt that databases are a useful tool for sorting information in different ways.

We practised using a database by searching for information in different ways. We had a set of questions about aliens to answer using the database.

We then added our own alien and practised filling in a record for it.

Databases are fun! Don’t forget you can log in to Purple Mash at home and practise adding your own if you want to.

Purple Mash can be accessed by visiting the main school website – Apps & Websites section – click here.

Collecting data

This week we are learning all about data in our Maths and Computing lessons. This afternoon we used 2Count on Purple Mash to make our own graphs. We collected data on eye colour as a class and discovered the most popular eye colour in our class in blue and the least popular is grey.

We then collected data about the roll of a dice. We had to roll the dice 20 times and use this to create a graph to find out which was the most popular number to roll. We all created our graphs but when we compared them we found that there wasn’t a common answer to this question. Everyone had different result so the roll of a dice really is random!

Writing letters to Santa

In our Computing lessons this week we have been learning how to open, save and type. Miss Williams then taught us how to use Publisher to insert text and pictures. We created our own documents, saved them in the correct place and then practised the skills we had been taught. We have been using our news skills to write letters to Santa. We are going to send them off today.

We have also been putting all our e-safety knowledge to good use to safely search the internet. We have been searching using Swiggle which is a safe search engine especially for children. We are beginning to plan our Healthy Snack Café (which is on 15th December at 3:00 – more details to follow next week) so we searched the internet for ideas and recipes. We were all able to find something we liked the look of!