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A trip to Twycross Zoo

On Tuesday we had a wonderful trip to the zoo! We visited nearly all the animals including the meerkats, penguins, butterflies, tapirs, lemurs and many different types of monkeys. The weather was very hot and we did lots of walking but still had had a truly wonderful time. All the children were very well behaved! They have written recounts about the day so they can tell you about their favourite parts themselves.

Our written recounts

Photos of our trip

Story of Scaredy Squirrel

This week in English Year 2 have been learning the story of Scaredy Squirrel which is a tale of fear. We talked about other stories we thought were tales of fear and other characters who are usually scared or scary.

We have learnt the beginning and build up so far and are making our own story maps to help us learn.

Researching for our non-chronological reports

We have been super busy in year 2 this half term preparing for our SATs. We have worked so hard in our normal English and Maths lessons but also had extra English and Maths lessons too. Luckily, we have still found time to do our topic of the rainforest.

We now know lots of facts and are preparing to write our own non-chronological reports next week. Today we did some final research to check we’re sure of our facts before we start to write.

Writing postcards

In our English lessons we are really focusing on improving our handwriting. BUT – not just in English, in every lesson! Today in Geography we wrote postcards as if we were in the Amazon rainforest. We focused on the geographical features of the rainforest and how we would describe it to someone who had never been there.

We used our very nearest handwriting as we did our writing. We are very proud of our finished postcards.

Descriptive writing

In English today we started to look at descriptive writing. Last week in story time we read a book called The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. Today we focused on how she had described the rainforest. We then had two descriptions of the rainforest to highlight and discuss together. We highlighted examples of good description including adjectives, magpie words and similes. We then compared the two pieces with our partner discussing which one we preferred and why.

We used this to generate success criteria for writing our own descriptions tomorrow. We then went on a senses walk through the rainforest (woodland walk!) to help us plan our writing. Keep an eye on the blog if you want to read our descriptions.

Rainforest handwriting pride

Today we started our new topic for the summer term of Rainforests. We started with a very quick chat to agree what a rainforest is because our activity was to help Miss Williams plan our learning! We had to think of questions we wanted to know the answers to. We talked about all the different aspects of the rainforest so we were ready.

This term we are really focusing on the behaviour for learning of pride. In our handwriting lesson today we talked about what our letters should look like every time we write. In our classroom now we have a handwriting heroes display. Over this term we hope to all earn a handwriting heroes certificate for meeting the five targets to climb the ladder. We tried really hard with our handwriting when writing our questions showing we are ready to try and meet those targets.

A great start to a new term – well done Toucans!

Sharing our own storybooks with Reception

This morning we went to share our own story books with Reception. We worked hard earlier this term inventing our own stories about the character of Lars from all the Little Polar Bear books by Hans deBeer. We went through all the processes a real author does: we planned our story, wrote our story, edited and improved our story, had feedback then edited again and finally published it into our own little books. When we published we used our very best handwriting (we wanted to impress!) and we also added illustrations to keep our readers interested.

Swans were very good listeners! We paired up with different children to share our stories and even asked them some questions to check they had understood. The teachers were very impressed with our reading aloud. Mrs Sabir said we read with great intonation, expression and real passion! We really enjoyed the whole process of making our very own books.