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Painting our own tablecloths

In our Art lesson today we explored printing so we are ready to print our own tablecloths next week. We discussed things we could use for printing like fingers, hands and sponges and then decided actually you could print with anything! We enjoyed practising printing with sponges, forks, spoons, toothbrushes and cotton buds.

We then started to think about what we wanted our tablecloths to look like. We designed our own printing blocks with different fruits on. Next week we will work together as a row group to print our tablecloths.

Our Paul Cezanne paintings

In Art we have started to explore the artist Paul Cezanne. We learnt he is a very famous French artist who lived nearly 200 years ago. One of the things he liked painting the most was still life. We looked at a range of paintings and then made our own versions.

First we made a line drawing. Then we talked together about how to choose the right thickness of brush. We decided thick brushes were good for the background and thin brushes were best for adding detail. We also focused on choosing and using the right colours.

Have a look at our photographs to see how we got on.

Line drawing

Today in our Art lesson we learnt about how to create a line drawing. We started by looking at a collection of fruit and talking about what we could see from our perspective. We then focused on the size and shape of what we could see. We concentrated really well to create our own line drawings.

Video: What a wonderful week!

This week in Toucans class we have had a great time preparing for our class assembly which we performed today. We did such a FANTASTIC performance! Everyone was impressed with how loudly and clearly we said our lines, how beautifully we sang our songs and how well we acted our story out. Well done Toucans, your parents and teachers are very proud of you.

Art Week – Manipulating images in Digital Media

Year 2 Toucans have continued to learn about the different drawing styles of the artist Jackson Pollock. Today Toucan used Digital Media to manipulate a Jackson Pollock image using a photo editing computer program.

The children learned about two key tools to use, the wand tool (a selection tool) and the paint bucket (a fill tool). They selected black areas of the original image and then filled these with different colours.

This is the original Jackson Pollock image.

Here are some examples of Toucans manipulating the above image.

Katie and Megan


Sumeiya and Sophie


Brooke Be

Dana and Brooke


Our large ‘Jackson Pollock’ mural

Today was supposed to be our trip to Twycross Zoo but disaster struck! The coach never arrived and we were unable to get a replacement in time. We were all a little disappointed but the good news is that we have re-booked it all for next Tuesday instead.

We then spent our day having lots of treats and by the end of the day we were quite pleased we still have the zoo to look forward to! Mrs Scott bought us all a tip-top – thank you! We watched some Scaredy Squirrel (which is our next Talk for Writing story) and then spent the rest of the day doing Art.

We continued with our large mural in the style of Jackson Pollock. Today we used lots of different (REALLY fun!) techniques to layer just as he did. We splatted and squirted and printed and splattered! It was such fun! It was a very good job we had our Art aprons though as we ended up splatting more than the mural at times! Have a look at our photos to see us enjoying ourselves.

We also did marble painting today. We put marbles into paint and then rolled them in a box onto some paper. The effect is amazing!

We then started clay tiles. Miss Williams said we could do whatever we wanted to on it! We really had to use our imagination to stick and carve patterns.

So what started as a disappointing day ended as an amazing day! We are really looking forward to our Art exhibition on Friday. Please do come and see all our wonderful work.

Art Week – Jackson Pollock

This morning we launched our special Arts week. We are studying ‘Mural’ by Jackson Pollock.

We looked at it together and shared our first impressions:

We also listened to a piece of Music called ‘Music for Jackson Pollock’. This is what we thought:

Sophie – I didn’t like it to start with because it was a bit boring but as more sounds started in the middle part I started to enjoy it.
Ruby – I heard some crunchy sounds. I thought it was quite relaxing.
Elliott – I thought it was quite funny because it was strange. I’ve never heard a piece of Music like it before.
Yusif – I thought it sounded like birds.
Rubi – I closed my eyes and I could imagine birds hopping in a happy family nest.
Poppy – I didn’t like the beginning because it reminded me of thunder.

We then experimented with our own Jackson Pollock style art. We took our pencil for a walk! Jackson Pollock listened to Jazz Music while he worked so we did the same while we walked our pencil. Once we had lots of different shapes we used different media to colour them in using patterns. We used felt tips, wax crayons, pencil crayons, oil pastels and chalk pastels. Here are some photos of how we are getting on. Check back later for final pieces.