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Arts Week: William Morris

We are having a wonderful Art week in Y2. We are focusing on William Morris and have learnt lots of facts about him. We have taken inspiration from his work and nature but also used our own free choice and imagination to create some wonderful pieces of work.

We started by looking closely at one of his wallpaper designs. We used a viewfinder to pick out as small part and enlarge it. We had to really focus on the size and shape of things. We then painted it using watercolours.

We then explored the woodland walk for some leaves. We used them to create our own polystyrene tile. We used our imagination to make a nature-themed string printing tile. We then used both of them to print our own wallparer. We think they look amazing!

Next we did a paired challenge. We had a very large piece of sugar paper and folded it in half. We had to use our mathematical skills as well as our art skills as it needed to be symmetrical. We took it in turns to descide what to draw on our side then our partner reflected it onto their side. We used pastels to colour them.

We have also created some stained glass windows as this is another thing William Morris made. We made ours relating to the theme of nature again. We used sharpies, laminating sheets and tissue paper. Look at our finished pieces of work and see if you can guess what we did to make them. It was very tricky and took a long time!

Everyone is really enjoying Art week and showing good behaviours for learning, particularly concentration and perseverance.

Art Week – Repetition using stamp tool

As part of Art week, Year 2 Toucans have been learning about the artist William Morris.

Today as part of their Digital Media lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans looked at one of his drawings and they used the stamp tool in a photo editing program to repeat his style.

The lesson looked at how repetition is used in William Morris’ drawings and how easily this can be integrated using photo editing software.

William Morris’s original drawing

Alexi and Kexin’s work

Dayne’s work

Esmay and Shona’s work

Leo’s work

Lola’s work

Ryan’s work

David’s work

Zaynab and Frankie’s work


In our Art lesson today we learnt about weaving. We learnt weaving is used all over the world to make lots of different objects. It links to our topic of the rainforest because people have used weaving for hundreds of years to make different things they need. People use palm leaves to weave baskets, hammocks and many more household objects.

We started by making our looms which is what you weave onto. We then learnt the pattern under, over, under, over and used it to weave. We had to remember to start each one the opposite way. Some of us found it tricky to start with but when we persevered we soon got the hang of it.

Rainforest Art

Today we started exploring the rainforest in Art. We practised drawing and painting rainforest animals. We had some photographs and a choice of A4 or A5 paper. We had to decided whether to have our paper landscape or portrait. We then drew our pictures to fill the paper, focusing on size and shape.

We then decided whether to use a thick or thin brush for each part. We had to mix our own colours too at times.

Have a look at our finished pieces.

Great Fire of London pictures

In our Art lesson today we finished our Great Fire of London pictures. We drew and cut out silhouettes of houses from black paper. We then used our colour mixing skills to paint the flames and smoke. We were given red, yellow, black and white and had to mix the colours we needed from those.

We then used long brush strokes for the flames and stippled the smoke on. We think they look very effective!

Primary and secondary colours

In our Art lesson today we learnt about primary and secondary colours. Primary colours are red, blue and yellow and they are the colours that can’t be made. From these colours we can make secondary colours which are orange, green and purple. Then from these (plus black and white) we can make all different colours!

We experimented with colour mixing for ourselves. Some colours were easy to make and some were trickier. We persevered until we were happy with out colours.

Texture and shading

Today we started our new Art topic. Our learning objective was to draw with texture and shading. We shared some ideas and worked out different ways we could use our pencil to meet the objective.

We all first tried to draw a polar bear. We had a guide sheet to help us to draw the correct shape. We then added our own detail and texture.

Next we had pictures of different polar animals. We started by focusing again on the shape and outline. We then added detail, texture and shading. We really tried our best!