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Line drawings

In Art yesterday we learnt how to do a line drawing focusing on size and shape. Today we learnt how to add texture to our drawings by using lines, dots and shading. We explored different textures first and then drew some fruits that had different textures. We tried hard to use the different methods. Some of us even learnt about some new fruit we hadn’t seen before!

Welcome Toucans!

Today we had a wonderful day welcoming our new Toucans. We starter by sharing our news and things we were looking forward to. Our teachers were very impressed with how good we were at listening!

This afternoon we started some self-portraits for our masterchef gallery display. We started by having a close look at ourselves in the mirror. We learnt some skills we needed for drawing our faces then had a go ourselves. Some of us started to use pastels to colour them in. They are going to look fantastic when they are finished!