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Line symmetry

In Maths we have been learning about shape. Before Christmas we focused on pattern and naming and describing 2D shapes.

This week we have been learning about line symmetry. We learnt how to use a mirror to find out whether a shape was symmetrical and then as we improved we tried to find out how many lines of symmetry a shape had.

We also practised using the peg boards to make symmetrical patterns.

Maths workshop

Today Year 2 had their Maths workshop all about multiplication and division. Miss Williams told our visitors how we are learning in Maths using the mastery approach. Then we came into the hall and did some counting together. We had a booklet of activities to complete together and were really good at explaining our learning to our visitors. We all had a wonderful time!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the children. We had lots of positive feedback about the workshop too so thank you 🙂

Partitioning numbers

In Maths we have been practising partitioning numbers. Today we used dienes and partitioning trees to practise partitioning numbers in different ways. We started to look at the pattern of the numbers as we partition and think about the place value of each digit to help us. Tomorrow some of us will try without dienes.

Creating shapes and right angles

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans used Purple Mash’s 2Go to create different shapes using directions.

They were challenged to create three shapes, square, rectangle and a triangle, using different line colours. They used many right-angles for the square and rectangles.

Some of the children even managed to start drawing lines to write their names using many right angles.

Toucans already know that a right angle is an angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square.

Fun learning!

Thank you to all the parents who supported us by bringing their child into school today! The children worked extremely hard on some new learning (3-digit numbers) and continued practising their old learning (writing, < > = signs and inverse). There was, however, still time for some fun and treats!
We had a lovely picnic lunch outside, had a fantastic Art lesson to end the day and a little chocolate treat in between!

Number Clubs

In Year 2 we have been working very hard on our Number Clubs. They are so important because they help us to be faster in our Maths lessons. This week we have really had some fantastic news worth blogging about! We normally have between 6 and 10 children moving up a number club every week. For the last few weeks it has been excellent with around 14/15 children moving up. This week it has been ASTOUNDING because 18 children have moved up a number club! Some of these children moved only last week. This is great news for our Maths lessons too as it means less time working out those facts! Well done to:

Sophia, Brooke Be, Chandler, Katie, Pheobe, Kennie, Sumeiya, Melissa, Naly, Amber, Niah, Katerina, Evie, Harry, Huey, Sophie, Kezi and Megan.


Thank you to all the parents who help their children to learn these facts also.

Units of measure


In our Maths lessons over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about different units of measure. We started with measuring and comparing length. We learnt that we measure length in metres and centimetres but also millimetres and kilometres. We used the words shorter, shortest, longer and longest, as well as the signs > greater than, < less than and = equal to, to compare different lengths. We then practised measuring mass. This is another word for weight. We measure mass in grams and kilograms and we enjoyed carrying out an experiment to find out which things weighed more or less than a kilogram. We also estimated different weights and put them in order using the < > = signs and our balances.

Finally we learnt about capacity/volume. These words mean how much room is inside a container and we measure volume in litres and millilitres. We enjoyed sorting containers into <1l and >1l and using measuring jugs to see whether we were correct.

We have also focused on reading different scales, in particular working out what the measurement would be from the numbers we have been given. It has been a very practical two weeks and we have learnt a lot about different ways we measure things.

Mass and weight

In Maths this week we are thinking about different units of measure. We started to think about mass/weight. We know that we measure mass in kilograms (kg) and grams (g). We had a look at different scales and practised reading them together. Some scales were easier than others! Some counted around in 10s but some were in 100s and even 200s! Miss Williams set us a challenge. We worked in pairs to use scales to find different objects that weighed 200g, 400g, 600g and 800g as these were marked clearly on our scales. Some of us were surprised at how many objects we had to use to make the weights.