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Maths workshop

Today Toucans had a wonderful Maths workshop! Parents were invited in to see how their child had learnt about multiplication and division.

The children were very confident at explaining the Maths they had learnt and the parents were very quick learners!

Parental feedback was very positive and we truly thank you for your comments. Here is some feedback from the evaluations parents completed:

Thank you to all the parents who attended – the children really enjoyed it.


In Maths at the moment we are learning about multiplication. We started by looking at how multiplication makes things easier to count by putting things in groups.

Today we used objects to look at real-life examples of arrays. We wrote 2 repeated addition and 2 multiplication calculations for each array. Why don’t you check our work?

Estimating to calculate

This week in Maths we are using our estimating skills to calculate. Sometimes in Maths we calculate an answer incorrectly so we are learning how to estimate to decide whether our answer is sensible or not.

Yesterday we learnt how to round numbers to the nearest ten. Today we used this knowledge to estimate the answer to different calculations. This is an important skills because it will help us to be more accurate in all our Maths lessons.


This week in Maths we are learning about measures. We have learnt how to measure length in metres and centimetres and today we moved on to learning about mass.

We stared by thinking about real life objects and estimating how much they might weigh. We then did and activity where we predicted and measured whether things weighed more or less than 1kg. We were quite surprised by some of our results!

Subtracting skills

In our Maths lessons this week we are focusing on our subtracting skills. We started by exploring different ways of proving a subtraction calculation was correct. Miss Williams gave us lots of different equipment and we had to use it to convince our partner and her that the calculation was correct. We managed to prove it in lots of different ways!

This week we are going to develop our ability to subtract with dienes and then move to subtracting on a blank number line.


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In our Computing and Maths lessons this week we have been learning all about data. We have made pictograms, block graphs and today we stared to use databases. We learnt that databases are a useful tool for sorting information in different ways.

We practised using a database by searching for information in different ways. We had a set of questions about aliens to answer using the database.

We then added our own alien and practised filling in a record for it.

Databases are fun! Don’t forget you can log in to Purple Mash at home and practise adding your own if you want to.

Purple Mash can be accessed by visiting the main school website – Apps & Websites section – click here.

Collecting data

This week we are learning all about data in our Maths and Computing lessons. This afternoon we used 2Count on Purple Mash to make our own graphs. We collected data on eye colour as a class and discovered the most popular eye colour in our class in blue and the least popular is grey.

We then collected data about the roll of a dice. We had to roll the dice 20 times and use this to create a graph to find out which was the most popular number to roll. We all created our graphs but when we compared them we found that there wasn’t a common answer to this question. Everyone had different result so the roll of a dice really is random!