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Discussing our value word – Honesty

Today in Circle Time we shared our thoughts about our value word of honesty.

Tell us about a time when you were honest:
Dayne – I was honest when I spilt milk on my brother’s x-box.
Ke Xin – I was honest when I hurt my brother by accident.
Taya – I had to be honest when I ate all the chocolate.
Kerris – When it was snowing I threw a snowball at my brother and I was honest when Mum asked me.
Kai – I was honest when I hit my sister.

Why is honesty important?
Esmay – It is important because some things can be dangerous so you need to tell the truth.
Scarlette – It is important to be honest because if you lie you will get told off.
Amelia – If you lie it might have consequences for other people.
Brooke – It’s not good if you lie because you will get it trouble.
Shona – It is important to be honest because you might feel sad if someone else gets into trouble for something you have done.


Today we thought about how we put our perseverance into practise! We talk about the important of persevering all the time but we don’t always apply it to our learning. That is what we have been focusing on this week. We are really improving!

Perseverance really is key Toucans. Not just in theory… but in practise! Well done and keep trying.

Connections in our brains

Today we focused again on our behaviours for learning (particularly perseverance) and growth mindset. We learnt more about how the brain works and watched a video about how we learn and make connections in our brains.

Our challenge this week was to work as a team to make a free-standing tower that was at least one metre tall. We really had to persevere! We used our growth mindset talk to help us keep going.

In the end none of the groups quite managed to meet the challenge but every group had a good idea and made a good start. Next week we are going to try to put all those good ideas together and see if we can persevere and succeed.

Discussing our value word – appreciation

Today for our class assembly we focused on our value word of appreciation. We have already thought about the people we appreciate like our friends, teachers and families. Today we focused on what we should take the time to appreciate about our world. We listened to a song called ‘What a wonderful world’ and looked at some beautiful images of the wonderful world we live in. We decided we sometimes take our world for granted but there is much to appreciate. We all decided we would take a moment before tomorrow’s check-out to find something new to appreciate so we can share ideas together.

Growth Mindset

Our new behaviour for learning to focus on this term is perseverance. We discussed what it means and the importance of it. We have a poster in our classroom that defines it as ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ We could all relate this to times we had struggled but then been successful.

This linked nicely to something new we were learning about – a growth mindset. Miss Williams showed us a picture of an origami penguin and gave us a piece of paper. She asked us to make it. We had no instructions or help and really no idea where to start! These were some of the comments we made as we worked:

Is that right?
It’s really hard!
I think it goes there. What do you think?
This is so hard. I’ll never do it!
Oh dear. It doesn’t look very much like a penguin.
It’s too hard.
I’m struggling.
I think I’ve done the best I can.
This is my best try.

None of us managed to make a penguin.

We then started to learn about how our brain works! It was very interesting to find out that scientists have proven that with a ‘growth mindset’ anyone can achieve. We learnt that people who think they can do something and are willing to try then fail will be more likely to succeed than people who think they cannot do something. We looked back at the comments we had made and tried to figure out which ones showed a growth mindset and which ones didn’t.

We then read a quote from the famous basketball player Michael Jordan:

We decided that with instructions and a bit of help and practise we might be able to get better at making an origami penguin. We realised this is also how we learn in school. We tried again and some of us were successful. Most of us had got better but it still wasn’t quite right. BUT we told ourselves ‘I can’t do it… YET!’ We are going to try and be more positive with what we tell ourselves when we have challenging times in class and we are also going to keep practising that origami penguin until we can do it.

Discussing our value word – Freedom

Today we had our final Circle Time about this month’s value word: Freedom. During November we have had lots of discussions about freedom and what it means to be free. We have watched a video clip about the convention of the rights of a child and how we are free to have healthy food, play and be protected from danger. We have also read many stories (our favourite was Happytown) and learnt the song I’m OK. We finished all our learning with a final circle about how we are free.

Discussing our value word – Responsbility

In Circle Time today we thought about our value word of responsibility.

Lewis – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys in my bedroom.
Leo – At home I am responsible for my sister.
Esmay – At home I am responsible for bringing the washing in if it rains.
Cerrys – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys.
Callum C – At home I am responsible for looking after my baby brother.
Nyeema – At home I am responsible for looking after the toys I care about.
Lola – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom.
Shona – At home I am responsible for folding my pyjamas in the morning.
Dayne – At home I am responsible for keeping my brother safe.
Kerris – At home I am responsible for my Mum when she’s poorly.
Amelia – At home I am responsible for the cleaning because everyone in my family has jobs.
Harley – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom if it is messy.
Callum F – At home I am responsible for my toys, my sister, my brother and tidying my room.

Discussing our value word – Courage

In Circle Time today we further explored the value of courage. We decided there are times when we all need to show ‘everyday courage’ like when we try new things in school. We also thought courage links closely with perseverance. We then talked about things that scare us and wrote our own poems! We talked about how it is ok to be scared of things… even things that some people think are not scary. Sometimes this fear keeps us safe; it is good to be scared of jumping off high things as we might hurt ourselves. We thought that there are lots of times tough that we should try to show courage and always try our best.

Discussing our value word – Friendship

Today in Circle Time we focused on our value word – Friendship.

We started with a challenge. Miss Williams gave us word cards with different qualities on. We had to sort them by choosing which qualities go with someone who is a good friend. This started a very sensible discussion about what makes someone a good friend.

We thought about our friends in school and at home and how we choose our friends.

We also thought about the qualities we look for in a friend and how these might be different for each of us. We are all going to try really hard over the rest of the week to be a good friend.