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Descriptive writing

In English today we started to look at descriptive writing. Last week in story time we read a book called The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. Today we focused on how she had described the rainforest. We then had two descriptions of the rainforest to highlight and discuss together. We highlighted examples of good description including adjectives, magpie words and similes. We then compared the two pieces with our partner discussing which one we preferred and why.

We used this to generate success criteria for writing our own descriptions tomorrow. We then went on a senses walk through the rainforest (woodland walk!) to help us plan our writing. Keep an eye on the blog if you want to read our descriptions.


Today we went to the Multiskills event at Billesley Tennis Centre. We took part in 10 different events including tennis skills, tag rugby, football shooting, kwik wicket and throwing and catching games. We worked in two groups travelled around the activities together. We were quite competitive! We enjoyed playing against each other but we were very good at congratulating the winning team each time.

The competition scores were all collected in and we will let you know how we got on when we find out. We enjoyed this event hugely and really improved our skills in all these areas of PE.

These were our favourite events:

Rainforest handwriting pride

Today we started our new topic for the summer term of Rainforests. We started with a very quick chat to agree what a rainforest is because our activity was to help Miss Williams plan our learning! We had to think of questions we wanted to know the answers to. We talked about all the different aspects of the rainforest so we were ready.

This term we are really focusing on the behaviour for learning of pride. In our handwriting lesson today we talked about what our letters should look like every time we write. In our classroom now we have a handwriting heroes display. Over this term we hope to all earn a handwriting heroes certificate for meeting the five targets to climb the ladder. We tried really hard with our handwriting when writing our questions showing we are ready to try and meet those targets.

A great start to a new term – well done Toucans!

Easter story

Today we had a special visitor from Kings Norton church. Pauline came to talk to us about Easter and tell us the Easter story. We learnt lots of new things that we didn’t already know about the story. She was very interesting to listen to and very good at telling stories!

Our teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened. We also asked lots of sensible questions.


This week in Maths we are learning about measures. We have learnt how to measure length in metres and centimetres and today we moved on to learning about mass.

We stared by thinking about real life objects and estimating how much they might weigh. We then did and activity where we predicted and measured whether things weighed more or less than 1kg. We were quite surprised by some of our results!

Constructing our fire engines

Today we finished constructing our fire engines. We had to use many skills to make them including measuring, cutting and joining. We also had good ideas for how we wanted to make things but sometimes they didn’t quite work out as we planned! This meant we has to use our problem solving skills and find a different way of doing something.

Our finished fired engines look fabulous!

Great Fire of London pictures

In our Art lesson today we finished our Great Fire of London pictures. We drew and cut out silhouettes of houses from black paper. We then used our colour mixing skills to paint the flames and smoke. We were given red, yellow, black and white and had to mix the colours we needed from those.

We then used long brush strokes for the flames and stippled the smoke on. We think they look very effective!

Researching about fire engines

This week in our topic lessons we have started our next DT project. We are going to be making fire engines so first we had to find out how vehicles move. We found that they all had wheels and axles and learnt some facts about them.

We then researched what fire engines looked like and used this knowledge to design our own. We made a list of tools and resources that we would need to use.