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Being Healthy

Today we started our topic of ‘Being Healthy’. We started by sharing all the ways we already knew to stay healthy.

These were our ideas:

We then realised all these things were to do with keeping our bodies healthy but it is important to have a healthy mind too! We thought of things we do to keep our minds healthy and shared times/activities that make us feel happy. We used these to make a happy booklet. We will put them on display in our classroom when they are finished.

Being proud of our work

This week in English we have spent some time getting used to how to make sure our work is always a piece to be proud of. We have practised our very neatest handwriting, focusing on ascenders and descenders, and practised finding and correcting spelling errors. We were excellent at editing our own writing today!

We have also read the book Oliver’s Vegetables. Today we started to learn about the sequence of the events in the story and are ready to learn it next week.

Welcome Toucans!

Today we had a wonderful day welcoming our new Toucans. We starter by sharing our news and things we were looking forward to. Our teachers were very impressed with how good we were at listening!

This afternoon we started some self-portraits for our masterchef gallery display. We started by having a close look at ourselves in the mirror. We learnt some skills we needed for drawing our faces then had a go ourselves. Some of us started to use pastels to colour them in. They are going to look fantastic when they are finished!

Video: Our favourite moments

This morning we had our final Circle Time where we shared our favourite moments of the year. Miss Williams made us a special video of the wonderful times we have shared this year. We have had an amazing year together and everyone has learnt so much. Well done Toucans! Your teachers are very proud of you and will miss you very much next year.

End of year treat!

This afternoon Year 2 Toucans and Year 1 Puffins got together for an end of year treat. We all went onto the field for a fun picnic! We had a lovely time playing games together and then enjoyed some food. It was very hot so when we got back inside we had an extra special treat – everyone had an ice lolly to help them keep down.

What a wonderful afternoon!

Rockets to the moon

Year Two have been making straw rockets. They got a pencil and rolled paper around the pencil. Then they sellotaped the edge and folded the top over two times to make sure there were no holes at the top so that no air would escape.They then sellotaped a rocket fin to the end. They took the rockets outside put a straw inside the rocket and blew as hard as they could to see how far the rocket would fly.

Here are the instruction so that you can have a go too.