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Celebrating Eid

Following their previous lesson all about Eid, Year 2 Toucans looked at photographs showing how Muslims celebrate Eid. The children discussed the different ways they celebrate in small groups and remembered lots of facts. The children discussed how Muslims share their food and money within the community especially during Eid with family, friends and the less fortunate. Eid is a time to celebrate, share with others and spend time with loved ones.

The Good Samaritan

This afternoon, Year 2 have been looking at the Story of the Good Samaritan. They tried to predict what would happen as the people found the injured man on the side of the road. They were very surprised at how they reacted and thought it was wrong and very sad.

After the story, they discussed how they could be Good Samaritans themselves.

Perfect behaviour

Today, Year 2 have been discussing perfect behaviour. We made a mind map to show their perception of perfect behaviour.

We also discussed that certain behaviours were acceptable in certain situations, e.g. playground voices and actions were not acceptable in the classroom.

We looked at the story of Zaccheus and how when he met Jesus he changed his bad ways and became a good person by changing his behaviour. The children thought about what Jesus might not like about them if he were their friend;

Callum C ‘Have a nicer attitude to others.’
Amelia ‘Listen to my parents at bedtime.’
Kaiden ‘Be kinder to my brother even when he annoys me.’
Essay ‘Listen to my mum when she tells me to do my spellings.’
Cerrys ‘Stop teasing my brother.’

Being quiet in a place of worship

Year 2 Toucans have been discussing the importance of being quiet in a place of worship today.

First we discussed when it was important to be quiet:
David -‘ When the baby is sleeping.’
Esmay – ‘When we are at the cinema.’
Amelia – ‘When the teacher is talking.’

We also talked about how we think differently in different places:
Callum F – ‘When I am at school I think about lunch but at home I think about playing at my nans.’
Amelia – ‘I think about lessons and SATs but at home I think about my family.’

Later in the lesson, the children looked at Christian Churches and how there are many similarities and differences between different buildings. Some were very large and grand others small and humble but all the children agreed that these buildings were quiet, peaceful places because Christians need quiet to pray, reflect and think.

Easter story

Today we had a special visitor from Kings Norton church. Pauline came to talk to us about Easter and tell us the Easter story. We learnt lots of new things that we didn’t already know about the story. She was very interesting to listen to and very good at telling stories!

Our teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened. We also asked lots of sensible questions.


To understand the nature of generosity.

Today, the children have been looking at what generosity means during RE. The children watched a PowerPoint about The Golden Statue and how the Buddhist monks collected money to create it. The story is all about the generosity of people regardless of how rich or poor they are. It also tells us how we should be grateful and thankful however small the donation.

The children discussed how the poorest person was the most generous because they had the least to give.

The children discussed that if they had money they would they give it to:

We looked at how important Lotus Flowers are to the Buddhist religion. Here are some pictures of Lotus Flowers made by the children


Year 2 Toucans learnt about the word Self –control during RE.

They learnt how some religions fast at certain times of the year and about the self-control that is needed in order to do this.

They went and worked in partners to write down how they would feel and what they would be thinking if they had to fast for a day.


Living By Rules


In our RE lessons this term we have been learning about ‘Living By Rules’. We have learnt about the rules we have in class and how they help to keep us all safe, happy and learning. We have also learnt about the rules we have in society and how they keep us safe and happy. We have focused on why it is important to have rules and how we can always try our best to follow them.

This week in RE we learnt more about Christianity. Christians believe that God gave people a set of rules to live their lives by to keep them safe and happy. These rules are called ‘The Ten Commandments’. We learnt about these rules in our lesson today and thought about how Christians follow these rules.

Over the next few weeks we will learn about rules in other Religions.