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School council elections

Today we held our School Council elections. Everyone who wanted to be a school councillor had to stand at the front and make a speech. They had to convince the class to vote for them by explaining why they would be a good school councillor. We then did a secret ballot to find the winner, just like in a real election. Everyone had two votes – one for a girl and one for a boy. Miss Williams then collected them up and called out who each vote was for. Each child then counted their votes and we found our winners.

Well done Shona and Mason – you are now our school councillors for this year. We trust you will do a good job for us!

Different communities

During PSHE, we discussed what a neighbour was and talked about the different communities we belong to.

The children knew a lot about their different communities such as where they live, in school, clubs they attend and within their families.

We talked about neighbours in these communities too.

Some of the children explained that their parents help people in the community because they have no one else to help them. These parents are carers and nurses.

Medicines and household substances

In our PSHE lesson today we focused on the dangers of medicines and household substances. We started with a picture of things we might find in our cupboards and home. We learnt what all the symbols on them mean and found that some could be much more dangerous than we thought.

We then focused on medicines. We had some very sensible discussions about what medicines we had had in the past and who should give us medicines. We were given some scenarios like these ones to discuss:

– You find some tablets on the floor at home. What should you do?
– A friend offers you some medicine for your cough. What should you do?
– You have a headache and you know there is calpol in the cupboard upstairs. What should you do?

We had some excellent ideas and know we should never take medicines on our own.

Anti-bullying Week – Questions, banners and posters

In our PSHE and Circle Time today we thought more about anti-bullying week. We focused on three questions:

What should you do if you see someone being bullied?
Nyeema – Support them and be on their side.
Kai – Don’t just watch. Tell the teacher.
Scarlette – Tell a trusted adult.
Lola – Tell the headteacher.
Brooke – Do whatever you can to help them.
Taya – Go to the bullies and explain how upset they are making the person they are bullying.
Frankie-Dee – Be kind to them and tell you will help.
Esmay – Give them a hug to make them feel better.
Dayne – Tell the bullies to stop and be kind.
Mason – Tell any adult or a teacher.
Callum F – Tell the bully to go away. You can prevent it.
Keris – Peacemaker it for them.

What would you say to someone who thinks being different is wrong?
Ryan – No it isn’t!
Dayne – It’s great to be different.
Callum C – If you are different you are just special.
Esmay – Stop saying that… it’s rude!
Taya – We are all equal. You just be who you are.
Brooke – You can be as different as you want.
Scarlett – It’s ok to be different, it doesn’t matter what colour hair or skin or anything. It just doesn’t matter.
Nyeema – Its ok to be different because people all turn out differently.
Kerris – It’s exciting to be different.
Amelia – I am me and I have the choice to be different.
Shona – It doesn’t matter if you are different.

What sensible thoughts Toucans! We then made our own posters and banners ready for our protest on Friday.

Anti-bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week and the theme is ‘All equal, all different’. We spent some time discussing what this meant and then thought of ways in which we are all the same and ways in which we are different. We all had some excellent ideas:

We decided that the theme meant that it doesn’t matter whether you are different, everyone is equal to everyone else. No-one is better than anyone else or worse for any reason.

Say no to bullying!

Year 2 have been discussing bullying and what it means. The children knew that bullying was when someone hurts you several timeson purpose. They talked about what types of bullying there are and how it can make people feel when it happens to them. All the children knew who they could talk to if bullying was happening to them.

Saving energy in our school

During PHSE, Year 2 discussed how to save energy within school. The children looked at a PowerPoint that explained why we need to save energy and how we can help to protect our world.

The children were already very knowledgeable about how to help our environment by turning off lights and turning down the heating. All the children contributed towards our class discussion and poster.

Safer Internet Day

Today we focused on safer internet day. We remembered these things to keep us safe online:

• Don’t give anyone any of your personal details like where you live, your name or school.
• Never share your password.

Today we learnt some new things about staying safe online.

This is what we learnt:

Ask us about the Penguin Pig and we will teach you some more new things!

Money discussion

Today, in PSHE, Toucans had an enlightening discussion about money.

We discussed where we get our money from, they were quick to tell Mrs Sabir about wages, but then thought about where THEY actually get all the money they seem to have saved up! It seems Toucans are great at saving money from birthdays, Christmas and Halloween. They even told me how they get money for “being good” and when they complete jobs at home. Toucans came up with a variety of places that people can keep their money safe- pockets, money boxes, safes, in a drawer and the bank.

Spending the money is easy, Toucans certainly know where they would like to spend it. We thought about the things we buy and whether they are bought through NEED or WANTS. There was a little debate about whether a new bike was a need in life or a want… what do you think?

We came up with a few needs: clothes to keep warm, healthy food, shelter (a home), medical treatment and an education.

We also came up with lots of wants: snacks, toys, holidays and TV.

Well done toucans for exploring money and the things we need and want.

Staying safe and healthy


We have been learning about different ways to stay safe and healthy. In our PSHE lesson we investigated this picture:


We talked about what might be in the cupboard and why it was kept up high. We all shared ideas about our own homes and how we can make sure we stay safe. We made a list of things we should stay away from at home. Next week we will think about staying safe with medicines.