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Anti-bullying Week – Questions, banners and posters

In our PSHE and Circle Time today we thought more about anti-bullying week. We focused on three questions:

What should you do if you see someone being bullied?
Nyeema – Support them and be on their side.
Kai – Don’t just watch. Tell the teacher.
Scarlette – Tell a trusted adult.
Lola – Tell the headteacher.
Brooke – Do whatever you can to help them.
Taya – Go to the bullies and explain how upset they are making the person they are bullying.
Frankie-Dee – Be kind to them and tell you will help.
Esmay – Give them a hug to make them feel better.
Dayne – Tell the bullies to stop and be kind.
Mason – Tell any adult or a teacher.
Callum F – Tell the bully to go away. You can prevent it.
Keris – Peacemaker it for them.

What would you say to someone who thinks being different is wrong?
Ryan – No it isn’t!
Dayne – It’s great to be different.
Callum C – If you are different you are just special.
Esmay – Stop saying that… it’s rude!
Taya – We are all equal. You just be who you are.
Brooke – You can be as different as you want.
Scarlett – It’s ok to be different, it doesn’t matter what colour hair or skin or anything. It just doesn’t matter.
Nyeema – Its ok to be different because people all turn out differently.
Kerris – It’s exciting to be different.
Amelia – I am me and I have the choice to be different.
Shona – It doesn’t matter if you are different.

What sensible thoughts Toucans! We then made our own posters and banners ready for our protest on Friday.

Living things

Today in Science we started to learn more about living things. We explored and discussed a set of pictures and sorted them into two piles – things that are alive and things that are not alive. We then used this to make a list of criteria that means that something is alive. We decided that all living things can:

At first we were unsure about plants but once we compered them to the criteria above we realised they were living.

We then started to think about those things that weren’t alive and discuss whether some of them had been alive at one time. For example we looked at a chicken drumstick and decided it isn’t alive now but it had once been part of a chicken which was alive. We looked at cotton and Oliver told us it once it had been on a cotton plant so we classed it as not alive now. Kai told us about sugar – he knew it grows in a plant called sugar cane so it is not alive now. We are working on our own sorting activity so will share some pictures tomorrow when we have finished.

Discussing our value word – Responsbility

In Circle Time today we thought about our value word of responsibility.

Lewis – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys in my bedroom.
Leo – At home I am responsible for my sister.
Esmay – At home I am responsible for bringing the washing in if it rains.
Cerrys – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys.
Callum C – At home I am responsible for looking after my baby brother.
Nyeema – At home I am responsible for looking after the toys I care about.
Lola – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom.
Shona – At home I am responsible for folding my pyjamas in the morning.
Dayne – At home I am responsible for keeping my brother safe.
Kerris – At home I am responsible for my Mum when she’s poorly.
Amelia – At home I am responsible for the cleaning because everyone in my family has jobs.
Harley – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom if it is messy.
Callum F – At home I am responsible for my toys, my sister, my brother and tidying my room.

Discussing our value word – Courage

In Circle Time today we further explored the value of courage. We decided there are times when we all need to show ‘everyday courage’ like when we try new things in school. We also thought courage links closely with perseverance. We then talked about things that scare us and wrote our own poems! We talked about how it is ok to be scared of things… even things that some people think are not scary. Sometimes this fear keeps us safe; it is good to be scared of jumping off high things as we might hurt ourselves. We thought that there are lots of times tough that we should try to show courage and always try our best.

Discussing our value word – Honesty

This month we are focusing on the value word Honesty. We started by thinking about what honesty means. This is what we can up with:

Year Two had a very sensible discussion about honesty during Circle Time this week. We discussed times when we had been honest when we had done something wrong.

In Thursday’s class assembly we read the story of ‘The boy who cried Wolf’. It was about a boy who played a trick and lied so many times that when he was telling the truth and no longer playing a trick, nobody believed him. We discussed this story and decided that…

Honesty is always the best policy.

Discussing our value word – Appreciation

Today in Circle Time we focused more on our value word. We discussed some more examples of what it means to appreciate something. We defined it as someone doing something for us that is kind and we are grateful for. We then went around the circle and shared some examples of times in the last few days that we have been appreciative of someone:

Super appreciation Toucans! Remember to thank all the people you appreciate

Perseverance in Year 2


As February came to an end we finished our value word of perseverance. We have learnt such a lot over the month about the importance of persevering when things get difficult. We shared our final learning on our jigsaw display as with all our other value words so far this year. We are now looking forward to learning more about Honesty in March but we decided this doesn’t mean an end to persevering!

Discussing freedom


This month our School value word has been freedom. Year Two have discussed freedom in many different ways. We have noticed more when we are free to make our own choices. We have also learnt that with freedom comes responsibility. We have learnt lots of ways in which we are free to decide for ourselves linked to rights and responsibilities. Miss Williams gave us the freedom to choose what filling we used on our sandwiches in DT. We had to be responsible with this freedom to ensure our sandwiches were healthy. We have been given the freedom to choose who we work with in some of our lessons. We have had to be responsible and choose children we can work sensibly with. We have decided what freedom means to us and thought wisely about our responsibilities as well. Have a look at our ideas – we are becoming very mature children.