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An exciting discovery!

We started our new year with a very exciting discovery because outside our classroom this morning there was a tent! We had no idea why or what it was doing there so we decided the only way to find out was to explore it for ourselves. We put our coats on and went outside and inside the tent we found a letter, a backpack and a bag.

Everyone was very excited to read the letter. It said:

We were then super-excited to try and find out who PP was and what film he was talking about. It was very chilly outside (Esmay told us it was minus two degrees!) so we took our findings inside to explore them further. We looked through the bag together and the more things we found the more we were convinced PP was definitely an explorer of some sort. He had some warm gloves, a hat, a woolly scarf, a compass, a clock, a torch, some snacks and lots of other things that suggested he explored in cold places. We then found a memory stick which had the film he spoke about in his letter. We watched it and discovered that PP was actually Professor Pole who is a nature explorer. He said it was minus 28 degrees in the North Pole today – BRR!

He told us he explores all over the North Pole and is particularly interested in polar bears. He asked for our help with 3 things which we are interested to find out more about:.

1: What animals live in the North Pole?
2. What are the landscape and climate like?
3. How do people survive in the North Pole?

He has left his things with us while he explores further and left us a lovely bag of fiction and non-fiction books too. We have put them in our role-play area so we can practice being explorers too! We will keep you informed about how we get on with our research.

Welcome back and Happy New Year.

A Trip to Tesco

Today Year 2 went on a wonderful trip to Tesco! Half of us went this morning and half of us went this afternoon but we all did similar things while we were there. When we arrived we met Thelma who was our guide for the lesson. She was very clever and quite funny! First she took us to the bakery. We learnt the four main stages of making bread: mixing, dividing, proving and baking. It was very interesting to see all the large machines they use to help them with each stage. We got to look inside a big mixer and feel the heat from the hot ovens. They were 225 degrees Celsius inside! Luckily, we only felt it from a distance. We met some different people who worked in the bakery who showed us how they slice the loaves and how they package them. The most exciting part of being in the bakery was playing with some dough for ourselves. Thelma showed us how to knead the bread and then we shaped it into a roll. Thelma thought she wasn’t very good at making rolls but we told her to persevere. We told her the saying we say to ourselves in school ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. She thought we were lovely children and said it bought a tear to her eye! We also persevered and made some very neat looking rolls.

Next we went to meet Tina and Sue on the fish counter. They showed us lots of different sorts of fish, including some we had never seen before. Some of us thought the squid looked disgusting! We also learnt some interesting facts. Did you know a tuna fish can swim at a speed of 45 miles per hour? That it faster than a car on a normal road! We also learnt that prawns change colour when they are cooked so you should never eat one if it is grey only if it is pink.

Then we visited Theresa on the cheese counter. This was another exciting counter because we got to taste three different cheeses. We tried Applewood which was a smoked cheese and not many of us liked it. We tried Wesleydale with cranberries which most of us liked. We tried Five counties which nearly all of us liked. It was nice to try different cheeses even if we didn’t like them all. We also learnt there are four animals you can make cheese from; cows, sheep, goats and buffalo.

After that we went into the warehouse. Some of us had time to look around and go in the fridge which was a chilly 2 degrees Celsius. There were lots of people working in the warehouse doing lots of different jobs.

Finally we went into a small room and tried some of the bread we had seen being baked earlier. It was delicious! We also had some fruit and a drink before returning to school.

It was a lovely day and Miss Williams, Mrs Green and Thelma were very impressed with our brilliant behaviour and manners during the day. We even had compliments from people who were doing their shopping! One lady said how well we listened and how nicely we were behaving and talking to Thelma.

Well done Toucans. We are pleased it was a very successful trip!

Check back on the blog tomorrow as we will be writing our own recounts of the trip for you to read.

Living things

Today in Science we started to learn more about living things. We explored and discussed a set of pictures and sorted them into two piles – things that are alive and things that are not alive. We then used this to make a list of criteria that means that something is alive. We decided that all living things can:

At first we were unsure about plants but once we compered them to the criteria above we realised they were living.

We then started to think about those things that weren’t alive and discuss whether some of them had been alive at one time. For example we looked at a chicken drumstick and decided it isn’t alive now but it had once been part of a chicken which was alive. We looked at cotton and Oliver told us it once it had been on a cotton plant so we classed it as not alive now. Kai told us about sugar – he knew it grows in a plant called sugar cane so it is not alive now. We are working on our own sorting activity so will share some pictures tomorrow when we have finished.

Cycling exercise

We bought our bikes into school as we have been learning all bout exercise and being healthy. We had great fun but also thought about which muscles in our body we were working and how. We think cycling is great exercise as you can see from our photos.

When we came inside we had a look at some children’s helmets. We talked about how helmets help to keep our heads safe and how important they are. Miss Williams showed us what might happen to our heads if we don’t wear a helmet by putting Mr Egg on a bike and rolling him off. He didn’t end up looking very healthy – in fact he looked egg-stremely sorry for himself!

Miss Williams challenged us to design and make a helmet for Mr Egg and then experiment with which was the most useful. We all chose our materials carefully and we used our knowledge of looking at real helmets to help us with this.

We decided to keep some things the same so that Mr Egg had the same chance in everyone’s helmet. We all agreed Miss Williams would roll him off each time and it would be from the same table so that the height was the same. We also had the same size egg. Have a look at our photos to find out what happened… some helmets were egg-spertly made and some egg-stremely dangerous!

The journey of germs

Today in science we learnt more about how germs are spread. We watched a slow motion sneeze and thought it was disgusting! We then learnt about the journey of the germ and how it doubles and spreads by passing onto everything we touch. We also learnt there are good germs that help fight the bad germs which make us poorly. We pretended to be slow motion sneezers with our spray bottles and watched how far our ‘germs’ spread. We then carried out an experiment to see who could ‘sneeze’ the hardest! This was a very fun lesson but we also learnt a lot. Always wash your hands well after you sneeze or cough or even better try to catch the germs in a tissue.


Today in Science we started to think about all the different ways we can exercise. Here were our ideas:

Star jumps
Monkey bars

We then completed a challenge to see how many exercises we could do in one minute. We talked about how exercise made us feel. We decided that:

• It made us hot.
• It made our heart beat faster.
• It made us out of breath.
• It made our muscles tired.

These all mean that our heart is having to work harder which should help to keep it healthy.

Video: What a wonderful week!

This week in Toucans class we have had a great time preparing for our class assembly which we performed today. We did such a FANTASTIC performance! Everyone was impressed with how loudly and clearly we said our lines, how beautifully we sang our songs and how well we acted our story out. Well done Toucans, your parents and teachers are very proud of you.

Our trip to Twycross Zoo

What a wonderful day we had at Twycross zoo! Luckily the rain held off (with just one short shower) and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We started the day by visiting all the different monkeys. We went to see the spider monkeys and the lady from the zoo told us some very interesting facts about them. We were also able to answer some of her questions as we have learnt about them as part of our rainforest topic. It was very exciting to watch them swinging about and we thought the baby was very cute!

Miss Williams (who has visited the zoo lots of times!) was very excited to see that the Amur leopards were right by the windows! She had never seen them before as they were usually hiding at the back of their enclosure. We watched them play fighting with each other and they were fascinating to watch. Next we went to see the meerkats and penguins. We decided they were both very nosy animals as they just stood on lookout the whole time we were there! Then we went to visit the tapirs. Unfortunately they were inside having a snooze instead of roaming around so we couldn’t see them walking but this did mean that we were able to see them very close up. We were shocked at how enormous they were! We thought they looked a bit like very large pigs!

We also saw the orang-utans, lorikeets, butterflies and pets before we had a lovely picnic lunch together. After lunch we went to play in the park and had such a great time! There was lots of different equipment, even the teachers had fun!

We started our afternoon by going to the discovery centre where Bethan taught us a wonderful lesson about animal habitats and adaptation. She was very impressed with how much we knew and how well behaved we were. Our teachers were very proud! We got to meet Alan the giant cockroach and Eddy the bearded-dragon. Bethan gave us some very interesting facts about them and then we were allowed to stroke them if we wanted to. Most of us were very brave at stroked at least one of them.

In the afternoon our favourite animals were the elephants and giraffes. We had spent all day looking forward to seeing them! The giraffes were much taller than we had expected them to be! Then we went hunting for Ganesh and had a photo in our groups. We also saw: lemurs, flamingos, tortoises, a boa constrictor, peacock, zebras, parrots, owls, cranes, marmosets, capybaras and many more!

Overall we had such an amazing day. Our teachers were extremely proud of how well-behaved we were all day and how much we had learnt. Well done Toucans!