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This week in Literacy we have been learning all about classic poems. Classic poems are poems that are very famous and they might have been written a very long time ago. We have read lots of different classic poems this week and even tried hard to learn some off by heart. We worked in our Literacy groups to practise and learn our poems. We had to decide together how we would perform them. Some of us said the whole poem together and some of us decided to learn some lines each and put it together as a whole poem.

Some of the poems we learnt were by a very famous classic poet called Christina Rossetti.
Oranges learnt ‘Clouds’
Grapes learnt ‘What is Pink?’
Strawberries learnt ‘What do the Bees do?’
Blueberries learnt ‘The Rainbow’
Bananas learnt ‘The Wind’

We love Christina Rossetti’s poems.

These were our Success Criteria:
* Speak loudly and clearly
* Read with intonation and expression
* Learn your poem off by heart

Have a look at to see how successful you think we were.

3 thoughts on “Video: Classic Poetry

  1. I love poetry Year 2, you’ve performed this so well. I really enjoyed listening to you reading this – well done again Toucans.

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