Christmas Party


We had an amazing Christmas party this afternoon! First we played lots of party games like musical statues, musical shapes (similar to musical bumps) and musical quoits (similar to musical chairs). Then we had a dancing competition and practised our best groovy moves! The judges were very impressed with all the dancing. We did a class cheer-o-meter to choose the winner which was Maddison. Well done to the runners up as well; Khaltum, Josh B and Josh F. Our final game was pass the parcel. Everyone won a Frozen chocolate prize and Sophie and Nadine won the main prizes.

Next we had a rest whilst eating our party food… it was delicious! Then we had a surprise visitor – it was Santa Clause! He asked if we had been good and then gave us a class present which Isabella opened. It was a shopping game and we are looking forward to playing with it after Christmas.

We had one more game of our choice (musical statues) before the party ended. Everyone had a wonderful time and our teachers were very impressed with our good manners and kindness and encouragement when people won. Well done Toucans. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. See you in 2016 for more exciting learning.

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