Living things


Today in Science we started to think more about living things. We already know a lot of facts about what we should eat to keep us healthy so we started to think about know we know whether things are alive. We explored and discussed for ourselves a set of pictures and sorted them into two piles – things that are alive and thing that are not alive. We then used this to make a list of criteria that means that something is alive. We decided that all living things can:


We then started to think about those things that weren’t alive and discuss whether some of them had been alive at one time. For example we looked at a chicken drumstick and decided it isn’t alive now but it had once been part of a chicken which was alive. We looked at cotton and realised once it had been on a cotton plants so it had been alive. We had a big debate about a car! Some people thought it was alive because it can move and it can eat (petrol/oil) but we decided in the end it can’t do any of these things without us… so it isn’t alive.

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