Growth Mindset

Our new behaviour for learning to focus on this term is perseverance. We discussed what it means and the importance of it. We have a poster in our classroom that defines it as ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ We could all relate this to times we had struggled but then been successful.

This linked nicely to something new we were learning about – a growth mindset. Miss Williams showed us a picture of an origami penguin and gave us a piece of paper. She asked us to make it. We had no instructions or help and really no idea where to start! These were some of the comments we made as we worked:

Is that right?
It’s really hard!
I think it goes there. What do you think?
This is so hard. I’ll never do it!
Oh dear. It doesn’t look very much like a penguin.
It’s too hard.
I’m struggling.
I think I’ve done the best I can.
This is my best try.

None of us managed to make a penguin.

We then started to learn about how our brain works! It was very interesting to find out that scientists have proven that with a ‘growth mindset’ anyone can achieve. We learnt that people who think they can do something and are willing to try then fail will be more likely to succeed than people who think they cannot do something. We looked back at the comments we had made and tried to figure out which ones showed a growth mindset and which ones didn’t.

We then read a quote from the famous basketball player Michael Jordan:

We decided that with instructions and a bit of help and practise we might be able to get better at making an origami penguin. We realised this is also how we learn in school. We tried again and some of us were successful. Most of us had got better but it still wasn’t quite right. BUT we told ourselves ‘I can’t do it… YET!’ We are going to try and be more positive with what we tell ourselves when we have challenging times in class and we are also going to keep practising that origami penguin until we can do it.

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