Being quiet in a place of worship

Year 2 Toucans have been discussing the importance of being quiet in a place of worship today.

First we discussed when it was important to be quiet:
David -‘ When the baby is sleeping.’
Esmay – ‘When we are at the cinema.’
Amelia – ‘When the teacher is talking.’

We also talked about how we think differently in different places:
Callum F – ‘When I am at school I think about lunch but at home I think about playing at my nans.’
Amelia – ‘I think about lessons and SATs but at home I think about my family.’

Later in the lesson, the children looked at Christian Churches and how there are many similarities and differences between different buildings. Some were very large and grand others small and humble but all the children agreed that these buildings were quiet, peaceful places because Christians need quiet to pray, reflect and think.

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