City Kitchen trip – Group 1

What a wonderful trip! We went to City Kitchen today to learn about food and cook our own meals. When we arrived, we learnt some facts about how much sugar was in different cereals. Some of us were shocked to find out some breakfast cereals have more sugar in than a child should eat in their whole day!

After using all that brain power to learn we decided we better feed our brains so we started making our lunch. Chrissy showed us how to make a dough from flour and water. We chose our own toppings and added plenty of cheese before putting them in the oven to bake.

Sooner we could smell something delicious so we got ready to eat our pizzas. We all went and sat on a big table together and had some wedges and salad with our pizza. Everyone thought they were scrumptious! Charlie said it was ‘the best pizza in the world!’

We then went back into the kitchen and learnt some facts about how much sugar is in different sorts of drinks. We learnt that even drinks you think are going to be healthy, like flavoured water and fruit juice, have up to 8 teaspoons of sugar in!

Next we made our own puddings. We had a whisking competition (which Jessica won) and had some frozen mango yoghurt, banana, berries, grapes, our whisked cream and some strawberry or chocolate sauce. It was called a Wednesday! Yum yum.

Anti-Bullying week

Today year 2 wore odd socks to launch anti-bullying week. In our check-in we shared the theme of this year’s anti-bullying week which is ‘Choose respect’. This is what we thought it meant:

We decided together that respect means treating other people the way you want to be treated.

We watched a short film from Pixar called For the Birds. You can watch it below. It was full of good lessons about being different and the importance of respecting these differences.

We then wrote our own Tweets ready for the Twitter Takeover later in the week. Keep an eye on the website and you may see some of them!


In Maths at the moment we are learning about multiplication. We started by looking at how multiplication makes things easier to count by putting things in groups.

Today we used objects to look at real-life examples of arrays. We wrote 2 repeated addition and 2 multiplication calculations for each array. Why don’t you check our work?

Bullying – what it means!

Next week is Anti-Bullying week. Today we learnt more about the word bullying and what it means. We shared thoughts, ideas and new facts about bullying. We thought about what it means to be a bully. We also learnt that watching someone be bullied is almost as bad as being a bully. If you see it – speak up! We learnt how to say ‘Stop – I don’t like that’ and speak up for ourselves. We also focused on ‘trusted adults’ and who they are in school and outside school. We are now fully informed and ready for anti-bullying week next week!

Exploring materials

In today’s Science lesson we started exploring materials. We had a collection of kitchen equipment to explore. We sorted the equipment into groups according to the material they were made from. We found some objects (such as rolling pins, spoons and forks) were made from different materials. Tomorrow we will explore the properties of materials further to discover why this is.

Our new song “Ho, Ho, Ho”

In Music today we listened to our new song for this term – Ho, Ho, Ho. It made us feel all Christmassy already! We played some games to practise finding the beat of the music and then warmed our bodies and faces up by doing some fun exercises.

We are really looking forward to learning this song as it contains singing, rapping and instrumentals.


As part of our check-out today we thought about how we would stay safe in the holidays. We had some very sensible ideas:

• Always stay with a grown-up.
• Always hold a grown-ups hand across the road.
• Never swim in rivers.
• Always look where you are going and be careful.
• Never talk to strangers.

Stay safe and happy holidays!

Exploring dance

In our PE lessons this term we have been exploring Dance. We have practised moving our bodies in different ways and making different shapes. We have been trying to learn the order we do each movement in and practise it to music.

Our dance tells the harvest story of growing grain. See if you can work out what each part is.