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Behaviours for learning

This week we are focusing on improving our understanding of the behaviours for learning. We have discussed each one and shared examples of what it might look like when we are using them.

We then did some short activities to put them into action. First we practiced concentrating on colouring a title for our class display while Miss Williams tried to distract us! It was very tricky because she was talking to us, tapping us, asking us things and even trying to get us to join in with her. Some of us were very good at ignoring distractions but some of us definitely need more practice!

We also did a classroom quiz to practice being independent. We had to look around the room to find the answers to some questions. All the things we found will help us with our learning this year.

Finally we shared our ideas about pride. We decided we could be proud if we had done a good piece of work, if our books are neat and if we have concentrated and done our best. We made ourselves a proud cloud. Every half term we will get our books out and choose the piece of work we have been the most proud of. Keep a look out if you come into our classroom – we hope we can also make you proud!

Welcome Toucans!

Toucans have had a wonderful first day. We have spent some time getting to know our teachers, our classroom and even each other. Our first topic is all about being healthy so we shared some things we already knew so we are ready to learn more. We also created a portrait of ourselves, focusing on drawing accurately. Our teachers were very impressed with how quickly we have settled in. Here is our very first photo as a Toucan!

Video highlights of Year 2 this year!

Today was our last day of being a Toucan! We had a wonderful day enjoying spending time together and some treats.

Miss Williams had a special treat for us… she had made us a video of wonderful memories from the year. We loved it and would like to share it with you.

Well done on a fantastic year Toucans – you will make wonderful Bluebirds.

These are our favourite moments from the year:

We also reminded ourselves of how to keep safe over the holidays. We thought about water safety, road safety, being safe at home and always making sure an adult knows where we are.

We will see you safe and sound in September. Happy holidays everyone!

Charity sale

Year 2 set up and ran a charity sale after school yesterday. We had some enthusiastic helpers eagerly selling goods.

Well done to all the children for donating goods and helping.

All monies made will go straight to the children’s chosen charity which we will be discussing later. A final total will be announced once all monies are in.

A Wonderful Day at the Zoo

Wow! Today Toucans had a really lovely day at Twycross Zoo. Everyone was perfectly behaved which meant we really got to make the most of our day.

This morning we saw the meerkats, leaopards, penguins, flamingos and all different sorts of birds.

Then we went to the discovery centre where we had a lesson all about how animals adapt to their habitats. The teacher was very impressed with how much we already knew! We met a bearded dragon called Alice and a hissing cockroach called Alan. We were super brave because most of us touched them.

After that we had lunch – finally! We then went to the park and had a whale of a time playing together.

This afternoon we saw many different types of monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, lemurs and many more animals on the way to them!

On the coach on the way back some of us even needed a little snooze!

Your teachers are very proud of the listening, behaviour and manners you showed today Toucans. Well done!


During their PSHE lesson, Year 2 were thinking about feelings, especially the feeling of loneliness.

The children looked at different pictures of people and labelled them with how they thought they were feeling. The children worked in groups to talk about how the different people were feeling by just looking at their faces or body language. As a class circle, the children shared the feelings they labelled;

Jessica – Annoyed
Seth – Heartbroken
Kealeigh – Sad
Jacinta – Left out

To finish the lesson, they thought about what object they would take with them if they had to go away to stop them from feeling lonely or sad and draw a picture of it.