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Creating shapes using 2Go

During this afternoon’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans used Purple Mash’s 2Go to create different shapes using directions.

They were challenged to create two shapes, square and a rectangle, using different line colours. They used many right-angles for the square and rectangles.

Toucans already know that a right angle is an angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square.

Don’t forget Toucans; you can access Purple Mash at home using your login.

Video: Polar Explorers

Today Toucans visited the North Pole and the South Pole! Have a look at our video and see what we found out..

Of course we never really visited the Poles – they are too far away and too cold! In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search for and save images. We have also been working on our acting and presentation skills.

We made our own reports and Mr Baddhan helped us to use the green screen to make it look like we really visited the North and South Pole. Do you think we did a good job?

Digital footprints

Today is the beginning of Safer Internet Week. In year 2 we are focusing on digital footprints. We learnt that every time you go online you leave a footprint wherever you have been. This footprint can’t be changed or erased so you must always be very careful about what you tell people online.

We practiced being online detectives. We had some clues containing screenshots of screens Penelope uses and had to find out as many facts about her as we could. We learnt a lot more than we thought we would! Later in the week we are going to be thinking about our own digital footprints.

2D and 3D shapes

We have had a very busy week this week in Toucans class! We have continued with our research about the North Pole and are ready to write back to Professor Pole now. We have used atlases to find different countries in the North Pole and found out more about the temperate and landscape.

In English we have been reading lots of books by Hans de Beer. He has written a series of books about a character called Lars who is a little polar bear. We have enjoyed them all and made book reviews.

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt some new vocabulary including vertices and quadrilateral. We have learnt to name and describe shapes and even had a go at making shapes from nets.

Non-chronological report researching

This week we are preparing to write our own non-chronological report. In our English lessons we have been learning about what reports look like and what they need to have.

In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search safely using the internet. We talked about using the internet at home and some of us said we use it on our own. Miss Williams told us Google can be unsafe to use on our own as it searches the whole internet and sometimes brings results we shouldn’t see. Instead we learnt about using Swiggle which is a child-friendly search engine.

We practiced using it and adding facts to our research mats.

Giving instructions using 2Go

Today in Computing we discussed our new class charter for using the internet. We shared ideas about each rule and then signed to say we will follow them.

We then used 2Go on Purple Mash to practise giving instructions. The challenges started easy and then got harder! We had to persevere a lot with some of them to get them correct but we really enjoyed the challenge.