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Digital Media : Photography

In Computing, Toucans have been learning all about digital photography. Last week they learnt how to take creative selfies using the app “mashcam”

This week they had a go taking photos on the iPads. They learnt how to hold an iPad steady and explore the difference between landscape and portrait photography

Pictograms and Tally charts

In Computing Year 2 have been learning about collecting data and presenting it appropriately. They have looked at the use of tally charts and pictograms. The children leant how they can select the program 2count in purplemash to create pictograms.

We also looked at questions we could ask. For example, How does the Pictogram show the most popular minibeast?

Don’t forget to log on through Wonde at home and try 2count at home as well!

Sequencing in Computing

This half term in Computing our focus is on programming.

Algorithms are precise instructions. We looked at the instructions, up, up , turn right and turn left. These are the only four instructions we are giving. We then explored what would happen if we gave these instructions to our floor robots (bee-bots) but try the instructions in different ways.

We then discussed together and came to the conclusion that the order of instructions (sequencing) is very important as giving the same instructions but in different order may produce a different outcome. In our example, our Bee-bots ended in different places.

Do you want to try a virtual bee-bot at home? Click here to load up the virtual bee-bot!

IT in the supermarket

Today in computing we looked at how IT is used in the wider world. We focussed on a supermarket and talked about how the supermarket checkout has a till, barcode scanner that is part of IT. 

Toucans were very good at explaining what all the pieces of hardware were. Kady also pointed out that we have barcodes on books. 

Did you know that barcodes are scanned using a scanner connected to a till. The number contained in the barcode is then used to look up the item. Once the item has been matched, its price will be looked up. This information comes from another computer, to which all of the tills are connected. The price is shown on a screen and added to a list of all of the things that the customer is buying.

To help us understand this we did some role play. Some of us were barcode scanners and item finders, others were price finders. 


Why not find out even more about barcodes. Click here!

Understanding the use of ICT

In computing we discussed what is I.T (information technology) We looked at examples of hardware we had in the classroom. (example interactive whiteboard, Personal Computing (PC), Laptop and projector. We then discussed how we use them) Finally we had a go on the laptops to ensure we all knew how to log into Wonde to use Phonics Shed and Spelling shed.

Look I’ve made a wonde link below. Click on it and don’t forget to go on phonics shed as much as possible. Mr Lo suggests  10 minutes for three times a week.

Online Safety – Rules at home and at school

Today, Year 2 discussed rules to help keep us happy, healthy and safe whilst using technology at school and at home.

Part of the lesson included reading about a little boy called Charlie. When we heard about Charlie, we were a little bit worried about him. There were some things we felt that Charlie wasn’t doing correctly, and we thought we could all help him. As we were reading, we decided to draw a sad face on our whiteboard every time we heard something that Charlie has done that we thought was not right.

Well done! We did very well! Now… don’t forget to log on to Wonde at home to review your learning!

Reach out!

Toucans today talked and thought about people we can reach out to in line with the theme for Anti-Bullying Week. We talked about the people we trust here in school and in the wider community.
In our online safety lesson, the children looked at a boy who had a friend that called him names online. They decided what they would do if it happened to them and who they could tell about how it made them feel. They talked about bullying and what bullying looks like. We learned that online bullying can be just as hurtful as real life bullying and that (just like bullying in real life) it is not a one-off but something that a person or a group will do over and over again.