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Out and About

Toucans spent a lesson outside to engage and explore the natural environment outdoors. They spent some quiet time, being mindful and listened to the natural sounds. We identified the noise of a Great Tit, using the RSPB website, once we got back inside the classroom. The children created pictures using natural materials and made streamers which were very effective on such a windy day! We enjoyed stories linked to the outdoor theme and heard a range of poems by Shirley Hughes. Toucans composed their own version of her poem “Out and About.”

What a Wonderful World!

Toucans have been enjoying our class book, thinking about different geographical and environmental features that the world has in it. Toucans watched a heartwarming video narrated by David Attenborough with the words to this famous song by Louis Armstrong. There was a true sense of awe and wonder as the children watched the clip.

Lexi like the penguins most and Elias like the monkey walking along best! We all liked different parts of the film!

Here is the song being sung by Louis Armstrong:

Using the We Are Here book the children learnt new facts.

Isla/Anren learnt that the Earth rotates around the sun.
Tatenda learnt rivers flow into the sea.
Karly found out about mountains.
Jacob learnt about sharks living in the sea.

Afterwards, the class got to work, rewriting their own verse for the song!

Video: Here We Are

Toucans have been introduced to the book “Here We Are” this week. They shared facts about what happens on planet Earth and also about the entire Solar System. Using Google Earth, the class zoomed right in to find exactly where we are on the planet. The children enjoyed looking at Mrs Parry’s interactive toy model of the Solar System to check they had got their facts right! Afterwards, they all studied an aerial map of Bells Farm school and identified different areas of the school including our classroom. Each child completed a mind map, considering four aspects of family, friends, home and school. The children used their information to independently produce a leaflet, for an alien, all about “Planet Earth.” Please look at our working wall photos and short film clips!

Letters to Professor Pole!

Today, Toucans are busy writing their replies back to Professor Pole. At the start of their topic, he sent them all a video message asking them to help him answer some questions he had. Toucans have been gathering lots of information about the Arctic (North Pole) and Antarctica over the last few weeks and are all becoming experts!

Do you know the answer to our questions?
What animals live in the North Pole?
What is the land and climate like in the North Pole?
How do people and animals survive in the North Pole?

Karly’s letter to Professor Pole

Ayra’s letter to Professor Pole

A Special Delivery

During ERIC today, Miss Williams suddenly appeared, carrying a large, brown box. Excitedly, Toucans watched in amazement as they were shown some beautiful, new books – especially for them to read in class. There really was something for everyone!

Mrs Parry spotted “Journey” from her days in Year 3 and was eager to look at the other two books in the series, realising she would be able to tick off a category on the latest reading challenge!

Toucans thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mrs Parry read “The Book With No Pictures,” It really made them laugh… read the book and find out why!

Reviewing books!

In ERIC this week, some children have chosen to write book reviews, recommending good reads to other children.

Shriya – We are learning about Florence in class too! I like the part where the soldiers get better.
Karly – I like the Snow Queen. I have this book at home too.
Maya – I like the Twelve Dogs of Christmas. It is a happy story.
Daniel – I like The Lazy Ladybird is really funny!

Questioning a text

This week Toucans have been learning how to question a text to improve their understanding. When we are reading we need to always be thinking and wondering what will happen. The class all had the cover of a book to look at and compose questions about what they would like to find out. Can you think of a question for the cover……….I wonder………?

Enjoy Reading In Class!

Toucans are really enjoying their ERIC time. We love to share a book with our friend and like to hear an adult read to us. Mrs Parry has shared her treasure chest of favourite childhood books with the class and has been reading some of these special books with the class. The children have also loved being able to sit outside in the sun and read together too! What is your favourite story? What books did you enjoy over the summer and during lockdown?