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Learning about instructions

This week in our English lessons we have been learning about instructions. Today we followed a set of instructions for how to play the game ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ We had great fun! We then compared instructions to a recount and learnt that they are always in present tense. We are hoping to write our own instructions soon so keep checking our blog!

Video: Nonsense poems

Year 2 have been looking at nonsense poems this morning! Some were hilarious- we enjoyed laughing at how ridiculous they were.

The children noticed that expression and speed made a huge difference to how the poem sounded and made you feel. A boring voice made the poem sound very dull.

Have a look at the children’s performances of “Quack!” Said the Billy-goat.

Willy’s Stories

In our story times over the last few weeks we have been enjoying stories by Anthony Browne. We love his detailed illustrations! Today in English we started reading Willy’s Stories.

We picked out things that we liked and started to think about what might happen next. Later in the week we are going to write our own version in the style of Willy’s Stories.