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Book Week

Last week at school it was World Book Week. On Tuesday we were able to bring in our favourite books from home to share with our class or we could choose our favourite book from the class library. Our choices ranged from the Wonkey Donkey all the way to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone! We had so much fun sharing our most loved books with everyone in our class.

On Thursday, on the official world book day, we were visited by amazing author T.M Jorden. We began the day with an assembly where Tim introduced us to the process of writing a book. He introduced us to Lord Ted, one of the main characters in his book. We were given a challenge for the morning to create a new character for Tim’s next book!

Friday was dress up day – have a look at some of the words we decided to dress up as. Miss Hookes was puzzled with all her jigsaw pieces attached to her and Miss Williams was dressed up as imagination! We had a variety of different words and characters from Year 2, they included strong, stealthy, colourful and magic! We also had some wonderful costumes of book characters such as Harry and Hermione and Mad Hatter!

We all had such a wonderful week celebrating all things books!

ERIC’s Challenge

This week Year two were introduced to our 2022 Eric challenge! Toucans were given their new reading passport to complete. They have plenty of time to complete it and were told there was absolutely no rush.

During Eric on Friday the children were challenged to complete one task from their passport which was to read a non-fiction book that they didn’t know anything about. Year Two then needed to write a review about what they had read, learnt and why other children need to read their book! We all learnt lots of facts about different things – it was a great challenge! More to come – watch this space… 

Enjoying ERIC

Year Two are still enjoying their ERIC (Enjoying Reading In Class). As we’ve been focusing on our Topic about Earth’s Polar Regions the Arctic and Antartica, the children have been choosing from our amazing selection of fiction and factual books all about our topic!
During ERIC children choose either to read on their own, with some friends or listen to a story/information book read by Miss Hookes, Miss Williams or Mrs Parton-Harris. Some children have been bringing their own Polar Region books from home to read to their teachers and friends at school. Talk to your child about their topic, I’m sure they will be able to tell you some amazing facts that they have learnt! They will also be able to retell some of the wonderful Lars the Polar Bear stories we’ve read together.

Magpie Words

During one of our English lessons Toucans were challenged to sort lots of different words into what they thought should be adjectives (describing words) and which should be magpie words (extra special words not often used). They had a table with which to sort them and they worked in pairs to decide. The children worked very well together and they worked out where each of the words would work best. We heard the children discuss between themselves and reason with each other as to why the words were put in their final place. Hopefully this will give Toucans the confidence and understanding to use adjectives and magpie words in their written work.

Following Instructions

This week Toucan’s class have been comparing different sets of instructions aiming to find which one would be best to follow. Year 2 did an amazing job spotting great instructions and followed them to make their very own Toucan mask! With a lot of perseverance and a little help, the Toucans made their amazing masks. Can you spot who’s behind the mask?

Terrific Toucans!

In Year 2 today we have been consolidating our knowledge of number bonds, focusing on number bonds to 10. We have worked very hard and are showing great independence in completing tasks. 
During English Toucan’s have been writing sentences on dictation. We have revised what makes a super sentence: making sure our sentence makes sense, using our neatest handwriting, using correct punctuation and starting our sentences with a capital letter.
Topic this week is a continuation of our topic about Healthy Eating. We have discussed “What makes a healthy meal” and have talked about the different food groups which we all need to stay healthy  – these include: carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and fruit and vegetables. Today we were learning about where different animal products come from and what foods could contain them. 
Toucans have settled in very well into Year 2 and are trying very hard to follow our routines – well done Year 2!

Enjoying ERIC

Toucans class are really enjoying their ERIC (Enjoying reading in class) lessons. The children have a choice as to whether to read by themselves, share a book with a partner or listen to a story read by Miss Hookes or Mrs Parton-Harris. Year Two get very excited when it’s ERIC time and some Toucan’s have even joined our ERIC after school club! There’s an amazing buzz in the classroom and it’s quite certain the children are getting the reading bug!!
Children have the opportunity to borrow a class library book as well as their reading level book twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday which they are taking home to read to and discuss with their parents.

Oliver’s Vegetables

Year two have started their new book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. Toucan’s have been discussing the story and trying to spot patterns in the text. We challenged them to remember all the different types of vegetables that have appeared in the book and that Oliver ate and enjoyed. Year two used their listening skills extremely well and managed to remember all of the vegetables and in the correct order!
On Monday Oliver tried carrots. He enjoyed them!
On Tuesday Oliver tried spinach. He loved it!
On Wednesday Oliver tried rhubarb. It was delicious!
On Thursday Oliver tried cabbage. It was splendid!
On Friday Oliver tried beetroot. It was mouth watering!
On Saturday Oliver tried peas. They were yummy!
On Sunday Oliver found the potatoes and the whole family enjoyed some chips. Now Oliver loved lots of different vegetables.
We will be spending the rest of the week story mapping  (including actions!) and getting to know Oliver a bit more.

Welcome Back!

Toucans have settled in very well this week and are getting to grips with their new routine. They’ve caught up with each other’s news from over the summer holidays.

We began this week revising our school rules and motivating each other to be ‘Good to be Green’. The children are very excited to be trying to earn a Gold card and being able to choose a prize!

We’ve enjoyed lots of ERIC (Enjoying Reading in Class) sessions and we’ve been sharing our favourite fiction and non-fiction books.

On Friday Afternoon Toucans enjoyed a well-earned golden time! we’re looking forward to getting into our learning next week and starting our new book: ‘Oliver’s Vegetable’s.