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A Special Delivery

During ERIC today, Miss Williams suddenly appeared, carrying a large, brown box. Excitedly, Toucans watched in amazement as they were shown some beautiful, new books – especially for them to read in class. There really was something for everyone!

Mrs Parry spotted “Journey” from her days in Year 3 and was eager to look at the other two books in the series, realising she would be able to tick off a category on the latest reading challenge!

Toucans thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mrs Parry read “The Book With No Pictures,” It really made them laugh… read the book and find out why!

Reviewing books!

In ERIC this week, some children have chosen to write book reviews, recommending good reads to other children.

Shriya – We are learning about Florence in class too! I like the part where the soldiers get better.
Karly – I like the Snow Queen. I have this book at home too.
Maya – I like the Twelve Dogs of Christmas. It is a happy story.
Daniel – I like The Lazy Ladybird is really funny!

Questioning a text

This week Toucans have been learning how to question a text to improve their understanding. When we are reading we need to always be thinking and wondering what will happen. The class all had the cover of a book to look at and compose questions about what they would like to find out. Can you think of a question for the cover……….I wonder………?

Enjoy Reading In Class!

Toucans are really enjoying their ERIC time. We love to share a book with our friend and like to hear an adult read to us. Mrs Parry has shared her treasure chest of favourite childhood books with the class and has been reading some of these special books with the class. The children have also loved being able to sit outside in the sun and read together too! What is your favourite story? What books did you enjoy over the summer and during lockdown?


Toucans have been writing instructions about how to wash your hands and brush your teeth. They have been learning about all the features needed to make a good set of instructions. Can you remember what they are? What type of verbs do you need when you write instructions? Where do you need to use a semi colon? The class were able to follow a set of instructions to make a Toucan mask.

A good story

This term we have been enjoying stories by Anthony Browne. Today we started to read ‘Willy’s Stories’ which we loved! The book is about how Willy goes through some magical doors and enters well-known stories such as Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Each time he leaves us with a question to think about.

We used one of his stories to help us to think about what makes a good story. This week we are going to put this to good use as we write our own story in this style.

Typing our non-chronological reports

This week we are combining our English and Computing skills to type up our non-chronological reports. We are learning how to use Publisher to type our reports to send to Professor Pole. We are learning keyboard skills including where to find the enter key and punctuation keys. We are also learning how to change the size and font of text.

Later in the week we will learn how to add pictures to our reports and then we will send them off!

Toucans Read to Swans

This afternoon was the moment we have waited for all week! We took the stories we have written and illustrated to read to Swans class. Some of us were very excited to read to our brothers, sisters and friends and some of us made new friends. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying our stories.

Our teachers were extremely impressed with how well Swans sat and listened and how clearly Toucans explained their stories. Well done everyone!

Non chronological reports

We had another exciting letter from Professor Pole today! He congratulated and thanked us for writing such good letters. He was also very pleased we had helped him to make new umbrella. However, he has another problem and has asked for our help again.

He has to write a non chronological report sharing his research. As we have learnt about them before we decided would be just the people to help him! First we sorted different texts to remind ourselves of what a report needed to look like.

We are going to draw together all our learning and write him a report he knows what it looks like.