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Lost and Found

Have a listen to this read-aloud at home! Don’t forget to put it in your reading record!

In English today we have read our new class reader and sequenced the story. Toucans were very quick to recognise the feeling in the book. We all felt the importance of friendship.

Poetry Comprehension

This week in guided reading we are looking at poetry. We will improve our summarising and retrieval skills. Today we read a poem about Arctic Animals.

Focus: Summarising and Sequencing

In the Arctic, where it’s icy and cold, there are animals that are very bold,
Let’s learn about these Arctic creatures and their special features.

Polar bears, so big and white, roam the land both day and night.
Their fur keeps them warm in the freezing air, as they hunt for fish with great care.
Swimming in the icy sea, catching the seals, so quick and sly,
it’s an amazing sight to see.

Next, we have the Arctic fox, with fur so fluffy like a cozy sock.
Their white coat helps them blend in with snow, so they can sneak up on their prey below.
They are quick and clever, running with delight, searching for food both day and night.

Seals, with slippery skin, love to swim and dive right in.
They have flippers to help them glide, through the water, so smooth and wide.
Catching fish and having fun, basking in the midnight sun.

Don’t forget about the beluga whale, swimming gracefully, without a fail.
With their white skin, they look quite bright, as they dance and play with all their might.
Their special song can be heard afar, echoing through the crystal-clear Arctic water.

Lastly, we have the Arctic hare, with long legs and a fluffy coat to wear.
They hop and jump across the snow, avoiding predators as they go.
Their ears are tall, ready to hear, any sound that may cause them fear.

These Arctic animals are truly unique, with adaptations that help them survive each week.
Let’s appreciate their beauty and grace, and ensure their habitats remain a safe place.

Extension: Try this poem about an Arctic Fox

In the cold and icy land,
Where snow and ice lay on the sand,
Lives a creature white as snow,
With fur that sparkles in a glow.

The Arctic Fox, small and wise,
With yellow eyes and in disguise,
It blends right in with snow and ice,
Hunting prey, from mice to lice.

In its den, it rests and dreams,
Of chasing rabbits, fast as streams,
Its fluffy tail keeps it so warm,
In the freezing cold Arctic storm.

With paws so furry, soft and light,
It tiptoes through the silent night,
Hunting for food with all its might,
To stay alive, it’s quite a fight.

The Arctic Fox adapts so well,
To the frozen land where it dwells,
It’s a survivor, strong and tough,
In the Arctic, it’s had enough.

So next time you see snow and ice,
Think of the Arctic Fox’s life,
In a world so harsh and so cold,
It’s a story that’s never been told.

/j/ spelt as ge

This week we are reviewing last weeks dge and also looking at ge spelling pattern. Don’t forget to log into spelling shed to play the spelling games!

This weeks words include change, range, hinge, dungeon, pigeon, charge, orange, strange, sponge fringe

Extra: Review more at home