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Polar Art

This week’s Art lesson was to explore a new medium which was charcoal. Toucans practised shading, rubbing and adding texture using charcoal sticks and their fingers to blend. Year Two produced some fantastic work and Miss Hookes was very impressed with their artistic talents and the end results. We now have some beautiful Polar Bears to decorate our classroom with!


For our first art lesson of the spring term we were looking at colours. We had a discussion at the beginning of the lesson to see how many colours we could think of in our groups. As a class we thought of almost 20 different colours. These included colours such as turquoise, magenta, maroon and lilac! This then lead to our discussion and our main learning point for the lesson about primary and secondary colours. 

We found out that the primary colours are red, blue and yellow. These colours cannot be made using any other colours. Then we introduced the term secondary colours and discussed how secondary colours are made by mixing 2 different primary colours together to make our secondary colours.  

We discovered this… 

Red + Blue = Purple 

Yellow + Red = Orange 

Blue and Yellow = Green 

We then had a go at mixing the primary colours ourselves to make our secondary colours. We also discussed how we might get different shades of secondary colours and that would depend on the amount of our primary colours we add. 

Art – Henri Rousseau

This week, Toucans have been looking at lots of paintings by Henri Rousseau.  He created paintings of the rainforest although he had never visited there.   Toucans used different sized paintbrushes to paint a background and some animals. They only had primary colours and black and white and had to mix their own colours. 

Karly – Henri used his imagination but he drew a lion and a horse which are not found in the rain forest. 
Ryan – People said his work was childish. 
Elias – His animals looked like they were floating.  He came from France. 
To create a picture in the style of Henri Rousseau, Toucans created texture by adding tissue paper and made their animals appear to be peeping out from behind the greenery.  Well done Toucans. 

The Great Fire of London

This week, Toucans have enjoyed looking at lots of paintings of the Great Fire of London. The class realised this was another way in which we have learnt about the past. Although the pictures were all of the same scene, they were very different! We talked about which ones looked the most realistic and which were the most effective. Toucans then got to work to make their own interpretation of the same event. They created silhouettes of the roofs by using black card. Well done Toucans! All the pictures on display in our classroom.

Paul Cezanne

Toucans found out all about the French artist Paul Cezanne this afternoon. They realised he was alive during the Victorian time period, which meant he was alive at the same time as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole!

Toucans thought his work was a bit dull and boring at first but once he began to paint nature, his work became more colourful, warm and cheerful. Karly said he was inspired by nature. The children studied a variety of pictures he had painted with acrylics and watercolours. Did you know he painted 1,300 paintings?!

Primary colours

Today in Art we learnt how to use primary colours to make secondary colours. We learnt that red and blue make purple, yellow and blue make green and red and yellow make orange. We then practiced adding white and black to colours to see what happened. Finally, Miss Williams challenged us to find out which colours would mix to make peach, cream and brown. We thought it was great fun!