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5 a day!

Good morning,

Each Monday morning I will be putting up 5 sets of 5 a day – one set for each school day. Children you will have to teach your parents how to do them 🙂 Don’t forget to show your working out – you could draw dienes, sharing circles or blank number lines just like we would in school. Parents the children just need a piece of blank paper to do these activities – let them explain and teach you.

24 + 13 =
of 20 =
7 x 5 =
70 – 20 =
30 ÷ 5 =

of 20 =
34p + 17p =
£1 – 50p =
90 ÷ 10 =
7 x 3 =

18 ÷ 2 =
32cm + 41cm =
of 9 = <<<<< New learning! Use a blank number line.
2 x 10 =
55 – 31 =

9 x 5 =
70 ÷ 10 =
42g + 42g =
62g – 15g = <<<<< New learning! Remember to share between 3 circles.
of 15 =

7 x 2 =
29cm + 41cm =
30 ÷ 3 =
71kg – 12kg =
of 24

Please comment to let me know how you get on 🙂

Miss Williams

Solving missing number sentences

This week in maths we are learning how to find the difference. We are practicing different strategies to help us solve missing number sentences. We explored different ways with our partner. We learnt that it was easier to count on from the smaller number to the larger number when the numbers were close together. If the numbers were far apart it was easier to subtract the smaller number from the larger number. We will be using this knowledge later in the week to help us to solve missing number calculations.

2-D and 3-D shapes

This week in Maths we have been exploring shapes. We began by sorting and naming as many 2-D and 3-D shapes as we could. We then focused on learning and using some key vocabulary: quadrilateral and vertex/vertices. We explored the properties of all 2-D shapes and then focused on learniing about patterns.

Today we learnt about symmetry and which shapes and symmetrical and which are not. Next week we are focusing more on 3-D shapes.

Healthy Snack Café

On Tuesday 17th December Year 2 held a very successful Healthy Snack Café. We have been working towards it all term by learning about food groups and what is and isn’t healthy. We chose our own recipes (we researched for ourselves using swiggle) using healthy ingredients like wholemeal flour, fruit, vegetables and honey instead of sugar.

We worked in groups and each group was responsible for making a different healthy snack. We went to Tesco and shopped for our ingredients! It was very exciting to try and find everything on our shopping list. We had to use our Maths skills to make sure we had enough money!

Back in school, we followed the recipes carefully to make the food. We learnt how to cut things safely and how to measure ingredients accurately.

We then made signs and set up our tables. We practised how much things would cost and how to give change if customers needed it. We also practised our selling and customer service skills!

The afternoon was a great success. Parents were very supportive and many spent a small fortune! All the people who came to our café were very impressed with our confident selling skills.

The very good news is that even though the café was mainly a celebration of our learning we also made just over 30! Thank you so much to all the parents and visitors who spent their money buying our healthy snacks. We are going to have a hard think about what to spend it on and then have a vote. We will let you know what we choose. Well done Toucans!