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Using Compasses

Toucans learnt all about directions using a compass to find North.  The children soon got to work in pairs, making a set of instructions for each other to follow. They used the compasses really well to plot their routes.  
Sam – From the school the farmhouse is South.  
Oliver – From the playground the school field is West.  
Alex S – Wyndham Covert is East from the playground. 
Isla – When we sit in class we are facing to the North. 

Polar animals

Toucans (and Mrs Parry!) loved learning about some Polar animals in the live lesson today. They found out how the animals are suited to the habitat they live in to help them survive. We especially focused on Polar Bears who live in the Arctic and Penguins who live in the Antarctic.
Karly got straight to work with her follow up task. She is becoming an expert in our new topic!

Here are a few links to watch.

Film of arctic animals

Film of polar bears

Film of penguins

? Remember to have a look for other amusing filming of the penguins like these:

Cheeky penguins wreak havoc | Snow Chick: A Penguin’s Tale – BBC – Bing video
Robot Snowballcam confuses Emperor Penguins – Bing video

Karly’s work below – well done Karly!

Climate Zones and Temperatures – Comparing the UK and Polar regions

Year 2 are busy becoming experts in the Polar Regions this week. They have learnt about the different climate zones of the world. They discovered the hottest countries are nearest to the Equator, whilst the Polar regions are furthest away. Toucans have been busy using the Met Office website to compare UK temperatures to the Arctic (North Pole) regions. They also found out that Antarctica (South Pole) is the coldest place on Earth. Here is the follow up task that Toucans completed after they had taken part in their “Live Lesson” – Well done Isla – this is a fantastic piece of work – very accurate and neat!

Investigating the United Kingdom

Toucans have been enjoying looking at atlases and learning how to use them efficiently, by referring to the contents page. They also looked at a globe and discovered we are quite a small country!

They found out the names of the countries using an atlas and were successful in labelling a blank map. Afterwards, the children located the capital cities of each country for an extra challenge. Quite a few children already knew the capital city of England (and the UK) is London. They recognised some London landmarks such as Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace whilst looking at some photos. Great work Toucans!

Learning all about the world

This week we have been enjoying learning all about the world in our Geography lessons. We have spent time learning about globes, maps and atlases. We enjoyed exploring the new atlases for ourselves. We used the index to find different countries and label them on maps.

We are learning about the continents and oceans of the world too. Maybe you can test us!

Where our food comes from

Today we started our first Geography topic. We are going to be learning all about where in the world our food comes from. We had a look at a globe, map and atlas and discussed what we already knew about the world. We then had an opportunity to explore the atlases for ourselves. They were wonderful! We are really looking forward to learning more.