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Cushions D&T – Textiles

This half term in DT we have been working towards making ourselves a cushion for our ERIC sessions. We enjoyed researching different types of cushions and then designed our own.

Did you know that Kapok fibres (capox) that are used for stuffing are related to our Rainforest theme? Kapok fibre come from the seeds of the kapok tree, which grows in warm places like the rainforest. These trees have big pods that look like giant beans. When the pods open, they release fluffy, soft fibers that are light and silky. People collect these fibers to use them for making pillows, mattresses, and even life jackets because they are very light and float on water. So, kapok fibres are special gifts from the kapok tree!

We all improved skills in

  • using templates to cut out shapes
  • joining textiles using a running stitch
  • decorating textiles by adding buttons and sequins.

Healthy Meals

Today we had a glorious day improving our cooking skills! First, we made sure we had good hygiene. We washed our hands and made sure our hair wouldn’t get in the way.

Throughout the process we improved on many skills. Look at our fabulous photos before.

Well done Toucans. You’ve been on a wonderful journey of

Market Research –> Design –> Instruction Writing –> Cooking.

D&T : Cooking!

Mr Lo loves food and this half term we will be cooking! We will be designing our own healthy pasta or potato salad. Today the aim of our learning was to explore existing products.

Mr Lo introduced existing products that are found in a supermarket. Unfortunately he couldn’t buy some of them as they had nuts in them but we were still excited to try the ones we had anyway!

Before we tried them we explored what was in them and how they are made.

We then predicted what they might taste like and thought about the vocabulary used to describe them.

And of course.. lots of fun taste-testing! We also tried a Edamame bean salad (without the spicy dressing) which was very popular.

Comfy Cushions

This half term in DT we have been working towards making ourselves a cushion for our ERIC sessions. We enjoyed researching different types of cushions and then designed our own.

Mrs Parton-Harris taught us how to sew using a running stitch. It was very tricky! We had to persevere really well to complete our cushions. We stuffed them with wadding and decorated them by following our designs. We are very proud of our finished products!

Making Fire Engines

Our DT project this half term has been working towards making our own fire engines. On Friday we had an amazing morning of DT where we worked super hard to make them. We focused on applying the skills we had learnt and tried to be independent problem solvers… it wasn’t always easy!

We learnt many new skills including how to saw wood safely. It really wasn’t as easy as it looked! We measured our dowel then added 2cm so we had room to attach our wheels. We turned our box inside out so we could paint it. We had to figure out how to make all the extras from the materials we had available. We really had some impressive ideas!

Well done Toucans!

Our Pizzas

This term we have been learning about healthy food and have designed and made our own vegetable pizzas. We learned some very valuable skills including food hygiene, cutting skills and weighing using kitchen scales.

Here are some pictures of our finished pizzas – they were delicious!


Friday was a very busy day in Toucan class. We are beginning our first DT project in Year 2. We have learnt a lot about different types of food over the last half term, especially healthy foods. We decided to make healthy pizzas for our cooking in DT. 
We needed to know what a pizza tastes like before we could design and make our own. Miss Reeve brought in different types of pizza, and we eagerly tried them. Most of us enjoyed the wrap-based pizza with just tomato sauce. We also liked dough-based pizza. What a yummy lesson!

Making Cushions

Year 2 have been working incredibly hard in DT designing and making their own cushions. They were asked to design a decorative cushion with a shape and sequins or buttons. Once they had cut the fabric into the correct shapes they then used a running stich to sew the cushion together. 
These cushions will be coming with us to Year 3 to use in the book corner in our classroom.

Designing Fire Engines

Our new Design and Technology Topic has started. Toucans have been challenged to construct a Fire Engine! They have have already researched existing products thinking about the following questions:
What do the Fire Engines that they have seen look like? Year Two drew a picture of a fire engine that they had seen.
What do they think they are made out of? Year Two thought that they could be made from glass, metal and rubber. Some Toucans decided that these materials could be welded together.

The children were asked if our ‘product’ had got any special features? We made a very long list including hoses, ladders, they were painted bright colours, sirens to alert other road users they needed to get through, water tanks and writing at the front. Toucans did some market research amongst their classmates including what people liked about existed Fire Engines, what could be improved and what their product would definitely have to keep!

They have now designed their very own fire engine on graph paper trying to include all of the important features. They look amazing!

Making Pizza

Friday was a very busy day in Toucan class as we finally reached the point in our learning in DT this term where it was time to make our final product. Our first DT project in Year 2 was cooking. We have learnt a lot about different types of food over the last term, especially healthy foods. Therefore we decided to make healthy pizzas for our cooking in DT.  

Pizza? Healthy? You may be wondering why! Well after lots of discussions as a whole class about what we would like to make and what our favourite foods were, we all came down to the decision that pizza was up there with one of the most popular dishes with Year 2!  

As we wanted to keep within our topic of healthy foods, we discussed what smart swaps we could make to make our pizzas that little bit healthier, we chatted through several ideas before we reached our final decision. In the end we decided to use mini wraps for our pizza as they were a lot smaller and perfect for our tiny tummies!  

We began with the most important and hygienic thing of all, which was washing our hands, before handling any food.  

We all began with one wrap each. We squeezed 1 tablespoon of tomato puree onto our wrap and spread it evenly to make our tomato base.  

We then moved onto what toppings we would like on our pizza. The three vegetable options were peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn.  

We had to prepare our vegetables before putting them onto our pizza, so we had a quick reminder of how to cut vegetables safely before we began and chopped small chunks of pepper and added them to our pizza. Another skill we were practising was our peeling skills. Thinking of something to peel was tricky for a pizza topping, but Miss Williams’ suggestion of mushrooms was the perfect idea. We took the stalk of the mushroom out and then we were able to peel the skin off the mushroom before chopping it and adding it to our pizza. 

Then it came to the fun part; adding the pepperoni and the cheese. All the children had 5 slices of pepperoni each to add. We then had to use scales to accurately measure and weigh our cheese. The children carefully grated their cheese onto the chopping board and then added it to the bowl on the scales and weighed 40g each before sprinkling it over their pizza.  

Finally, it was cooking time. Our pizza’s only took around 10 minutes in the oven and came out looking and smelling delicious! 

A very busy but successful day all round for us and was a brilliant way to end our week. I hope everyone enjoyed the making process and more importantly eating your pizzas! 

Designing a Pizza!

Year 2 this week are continuing with their Design and Technology project which this half term is cooking!  Toucans have already decided as a group what to make – the end result should be a tasty pizza.
Year 2 have researched using packaging from old pizza boxes. Looking closely, the children found cooking instructions and the ingredients. They then discussed what ingredients to use for their pizza. They talked to one another asking each other what their favourite toppings were and what they didn’t like. They then questioned whether they would change any of their thoughts from the feedback their friends had given. 
Today they designed their pizza and decided who it would be for. Part of the activity today was to draw how they would like their pizza to look. Toucans are getting quite excited and some can’t wait to do the preparation and cooking! Watch this space!!!

Creating Cushions!

Toucans have been extremely busy designing a cushion suitable for a younger child/sibling to use in the book corner, if they were reading.  The class carried out market research and looked at a variety of cushions.  They compared material, shape, decoration, colour, fastenings and stitching.  Each child designed and planned their own cushion. Next the class practised running stitch, which took a lot of perseverance and concentration. Threading a needle is very tricky! 
Toucans got busy stitching to make their beautiful cushions. After the children had made their cushions they really enjoyed decorating them with sequins, buttons and felt shapes/pictures.  Afterwards, Toucans evaluated their cushions and thought about what they were most please about (what went well) and what would they change if they made a cushion again (next time, it would better if……).  Have a look at our spectacular cushions! Which one is your favourite and why? 

Our fire engines

Today Toucans have had a DT day! This week we have researched how toy vehicles moved. We then designed our own fire engines which we made today. We had to think really carefully about how to solve our own problems. There was a lot of perseverance needed!

We are very pleased with our fiished fire engines!

Soft toy spider

Our DT project this term was to make a soft toy spider learning and using sewing skills. First we examined real soft toys, having a close look at the seams. We investigated different types of stitches and then explored what we wanted our to look like. We designed with a person in mind who we were making it for. This helped us to make important choices like what colours they would like and whether they would like a friendly-looking spider or one more like a real life spider.

We then learnt how to do running stitch to sew our two pieces of felt together. We used real needles so had to think about how we would keep ourselves and others safe while we sewed. We then completed our spiders by decorating them. We are going to evaluate our DT project this week then take our spiders home for the person we made them for. We think they look amazing!