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Our fire engines

Today Toucans have had a DT day! This week we have researched how toy vehicles moved. We then designed our own fire engines which we made today. We had to think really carefully about how to solve our own problems. There was a lot of perseverance needed!

We are very pleased with our fiished fire engines!

Soft toy spider

Our DT project this term was to make a soft toy spider learning and using sewing skills. First we examined real soft toys, having a close look at the seams. We investigated different types of stitches and then explored what we wanted our to look like. We designed with a person in mind who we were making it for. This helped us to make important choices like what colours they would like and whether they would like a friendly-looking spider or one more like a real life spider.

We then learnt how to do running stitch to sew our two pieces of felt together. We used real needles so had to think about how we would keep ourselves and others safe while we sewed. We then completed our spiders by decorating them. We are going to evaluate our DT project this week then take our spiders home for the person we made them for. We think they look amazing!

Constructing our fire engines

Today we finished constructing our fire engines. We had to use many skills to make them including measuring, cutting and joining. We also had good ideas for how we wanted to make things but sometimes they didn’t quite work out as we planned! This meant we has to use our problem solving skills and find a different way of doing something.

Our finished fired engines look fabulous!

Researching about fire engines

This week in our topic lessons we have started our next DT project. We are going to be making fire engines so first we had to find out how vehicles move. We found that they all had wheels and axles and learnt some facts about them.

We then researched what fire engines looked like and used this knowledge to design our own. We made a list of tools and resources that we would need to use.

Non-chronological report

Today we have written a final non-chronological report as a hot task. This means that we didn’t have any help in planning or writing our reports. Miss Williams told us we were writing a report about Christmas (which was very exciting!) and then we worked completely on our own. Our teachers were very proud of how much we have learnt about non-chronological reports over the last few weeks as our reports on Christmas were excellent! Here is a sample but they were all very good. Everyone used the correct layout and remembered to write an introduction and conclusion. Most children also showed that they had met (or were on the way to meeting) the target they were set at the beginning of the unit. This is excellent learning Toucans! Very well done!

Here are some photos of us preparing for and serving our customers!

Our Healthy Snack Café report and photos

On Friday 15th December Year 2 held a very successful Healthy Snack Café. We have been working towards it all term by learning about food groups and what is and isn’t healthy. We chose our own recipes using healthy ingredients like wholemeal flour, fruit, vegetables and honey instead of sugar.

We worked in groups and each group was responsible for making a different healthy snack:

Brooke, Kaiden, Taya, Mason, Kai and Harley made Cheerio cakes.

Cerrys, Esmay, Zaynab, Kerris and David made fruity flapjack.

Leo, Callum, Callum, Ryan and KeXin made vegetable pizza.

Amelia, Scarlette, Frankie, Dayne, Lewis and Jani made banana bread.

Lola, Keelie, Nyeema, Frankie-Dee, Shona and OIiver made blueberry muffins.

We followed the recipes carefully to make the food. We then made signs and set up our tables. We practised how much things would cost and how to give change if customers needed it. We also practised our selling and customer service skills!

The afternoon was a great success. Parents were very supportive and many spent a small fortune! All the people who came to our café were very impressed with our confident selling skills.

The very good news is that even though the café was mainly a celebration of our learning we also made just under £50! Thank you so much to all the parents and visitors who spent their money buying our healthy snacks. We are going to have a hard think about what to spend it on over Christmas and then have a vote in the new year. We will let you know what we choose. Well done Toucans!