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Florence Nightingale

In our History lessons we have learnt all about Florence Nightingale. Today we did a quiz to finish the topic and found that we really have learnt a lot!

Today we learnt about Black History Month. We learnt that October celebrates all black people in History who have done wonderful things. We started learning about Mary Seacole by listening to the story of her life and drawing portraits.

This is what we have learnt so far:

George – She wanted to go to the Crimean War with Florence Nightingale.
Maya – She stood up for herself when people said she couldn’t help.
William – When they didn’t let her on the boat she bought her own ticket to travel to the Crimea and help.
Eason – Mary Seacole helped in the Crimean War.
Daisy B – She built her own hospital and called it the British Hotel.
Liam – She wanted to help so much that she just wouldn’t give up.
Her father was Scottish and her mother was Jamaican.

Great Fire of London workshop

This afternoon Toucans had a wonderful workshop all about the Great Fire of London.

This is what we learnt:

This is what we enjoyed:
Ryan – I enjoyed being the King of London!
Millie – I enjoyed being a spark and flames of fire and dancing and spreading the fire around.
Havana – I liked being a worker. I was a vegetable seller.
Blessed – I enjoyed running around with the fire.
Kezie – I enjoyed being the fire from the oven and being a horse.
Scarlet – I enjoyed spreading the fire in a circle.
Lily W – I enjoyed doing ring-a-roses.
Ali – I enjoyed pretending to be a rat!
Ibrahim – I enjoyed trying to put the fire out.

Great Fire of London drama journey

This afternoon Year 2 had a very exciting experience. A visitor from Freshwater Theatre Group came to work with us about our History topic of the Great Fire of London. Mary was a real eyewitness! She told us she was there at the time of the fire and took us on a Drama journey through the story of how the fire happened. We learnt it happened in 1666 when all the houses in London were built very close together. We got into two lines to become the houses on the streets of London. We learnt one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly was because the sparks leapt from one house to the next.

The fire started with one small spark in a bakery on Pudding Lane and was soon spreading all over London. Callum C acted as Samuel Pepys and other children were his maids. They woke him up to tell him all about the fire and he was shocked! Then some other children joined in with the Drama and acted out what might have happened when the fire started. They had some excellent ideas for what the people might have said!

We followed Mary around the streets of London and discovered how devastating the effects of the fire were. We saw all the houses on fire, the streets were full of people trying to escape and even the churches were burning. We tried to escape the fire by getting on a boat – the cheeky man even asked us to pay! The fire burnt for four whole days until the blew the houses up to make fire breaks.

After the fire King Charles (Keelie) and the Lord Mayor (Leo) were asked about their plans to rebuild London. We gave them some good advice:

What a wonderful workshop!

What a wonderful workshop!

Black History month

October is Black History month so Year 2 have been learning more about what it is and why it’s important. We started our lesson by thinking of all the famous, talented black people we know. We thought of loads!

In our History lessons this week we have learnt about Florence Nightingale. Today we focused on another famous nurse who was around at the same time called Mary Seacole. We learnt that she wanted to help injured soldiers in the Crimean War the same as Florence Nightingale but the doctors wouldn’t let her because of the colour of her skin. We were so shocked at this and very pleased that it doesn’t happen anymore. Mary Seacole decided she was going to help anyway and bought her own ticket to get there and help. She ended up helping hundreds of soldiers.

We made our own fact files about Mary Seacole and drew portraits of her to help us to remember how important she was.