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Great Fire of London Workshop

On Thursday Year Two had a visit from a lady called Nicky who works for The Freshwater Theatre Company. Nicky introduced the children to our new History Topic – The Great Fire of London. Nicky taught Toucans a rhyme to start with: In 1666 London burned like little sticks, In 1666 London burned like little sticks! Year Two learnt actions to go with the rhyme to help them to remember.

Nicky then changed into character dressing as a maid at the time of the fire, she encouraged the children to use their imaginations throughout the workshop. Toucans learnt about where and when the fire started, how the fire spread and how the fire was eventually stopped! The children had lots of acting opportunities. Khayri was pretending to be Samuel Pepys and Evie and Shenyar were chamber maids! Both children and adults learnt lots of interesting facts and we’re looking forward to starting our Topic next week!

The Great Fire of London Workshop

Toucans were very lucky to be visited by The Freshwater Theatre Company to enjoy an interactive experience all about the Great Fire of London. The children took on roles of the different areas of Pudding Lane, where the fire started, to re-inact what happened through drama. Some were market traders, some worked in the bakery and some were actually the fire (with streamers!). They had great fun and it really brought their topic to life.

Karly became Samuel Pepys, Declan was the Mayor and James became King Charles II for the afternoon! The children had to keep explaining to our special visitor about modern day living as she had travelled to us, from 1666. She didn’t know what electricity was or even hand sanitiser!

Luckily, the children worked well as a team to extinguish the fire so all ended well. The children wrote about their experience afterwards – please have a look at the writing by Shriya, Reva and Elias…….along with all our photos of the afternoon too!

Mrs Parry
Year 2 Class Teacher

Video: Alex safely re-enacted where the Great Fire of London took place

With the permission and help of his parents, Alex safely re-enacted where the Great Fire of London took place – at Farriner’s Bakery on Pudding Lane, in London. As you might see, it only took two and a half minutes to completely burn away. Fire spreads very quickly. Think back to when you made your fire safety posters – can you remember any rules and advice?

Do not try this at home unless an adult has agreed to help you with it all!

Tudor Houses

Toucans have been set the challenge of making Tudor Houses today, after learning how properties used to be built during the period of the Great Fire of London. The houses had second storeys that were wider than the lower floor which meant they were close together. They were built with timber and some had straw roofs. This all contributed to how quickly the fire spread. Shriya has made a brilliant model – well done!

Alex R’s model below.

Isla’s Tudor House model below.

Ryan’s Tudor House model below.

Alex S’s Tudor House model below.

Fabulous Florence!

Toucans have been really interested in our History study about Florence Nightingale. The children have placed events of Florence’s life in order on a timeline. Do you know what year she was born in? What year did she die?

The children have spent a lot of time finding out how hospitals were in Victorian times compared to now and also discovered what improvements she introduced. Toucans noticed how Florence looked very different to nurses we see nowadays and made some interesting comparisons. This knowledge enabled the class to write a letter to the Victorian government in role, as Florence. They were able to explain the living conditions and convey what equipment was needed.

Black History Month – Florence Nightingale

Toucans have learnt about a very famous person called Florence Nightingale. She was born 200 years ago and was a nurse. She realised lots of germs were in hospitals and began to start cleaning them. She helped lots of injured soldiers in the Crimean War. When she returned she realised she had become very famous and opened a hospital called St Thomas’. She received lots of awards for her work. Toucans learnt some new vocabulary and found out the meaning. We have heard a lot about germs and infection recently. The children made links and realised why the new hospitals recently built have been named Nightingale – They have all been named after her! What facts can you remember about Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale

In our History lessons we have learnt all about Florence Nightingale. Today we did a quiz to finish the topic and found that we really have learnt a lot!

Today we learnt about Black History Month. We learnt that October celebrates all black people in History who have done wonderful things. We started learning about Mary Seacole by listening to the story of her life and drawing portraits.

This is what we have learnt so far:

George – She wanted to go to the Crimean War with Florence Nightingale.
Maya – She stood up for herself when people said she couldn’t help.
William – When they didn’t let her on the boat she bought her own ticket to travel to the Crimea and help.
Eason – Mary Seacole helped in the Crimean War.
Daisy B – She built her own hospital and called it the British Hotel.
Liam – She wanted to help so much that she just wouldn’t give up.
Her father was Scottish and her mother was Jamaican.