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Ho Ho Ho!

This week we have started our new music unit. Ho Ho Ho is a fun Christmas song that includes rapping, improvising and dancing.

We listened to the song and discussed

What Can You Hear?
● One male and one female. Children’s voices, rapping and voices shouting out Christmas words.
● Sleigh Bells, bass guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone. Harmonica/synthesiser, piano and
We also had a go at singing it. We do need more practice but here is a sneek peak. We had lots of fun giving it a go.

Extension: Have a go learning the song at home

Extension: You can see an overview of this lesson below.

Hands, Feet, Heart

In music, we have been listening to South African music. The song we have been focusing on is “Hands, Feet, Heart”. We have loved learning the lyrics to the song and we can sing the song at the correct pitch throughout.
We have also been learning how to play the songs on the glockenspiel using the notes G, A and C. We all had lots of confidence and enjoyed doing a solo performance in front of the class.

Composing Music

Over the last few weeks Toucans have been composing their own music using the notes C, D, G and E. We have been using symbols to represent our notes. We together chose a star, square, circle and a triangle. We’ve only had a short time to practise, but next week we are putting all of our learning together from our composing lessons and presenting our group performances.

Composing and Improvising


Toucans have been busy learning a new song called Friendship.   They listened and appraised songs with a similar theme called “Count On Me” by Bruno mars and “We Go Together” from Grease, the musical.   Besides revising notes previously learnt in Year 1 and the Autumn term, Toucans have learnt the A and B note.  This week, Toucans have been composing their own pattern of notes and improvising to the same piece of music.  They created symbols for the notes to record their notation.