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Rainforest music

Our Music lessons this term have been based around our topic of Rainforests. We have been practising several songs for our class assembly where we have learnt how to sing a melody accurately.

We have composed our own pieces of rainforest music using long and short sounds. Throughout the year we have learnt about beat and rhythm and we used these when making our own compositions. We then recorded what we did using symbols and practised playing our pieces of music with different dynamics. This week in Music we listened to a piece of music called Rain. It reminded us of a thunderstorm you might hear in the rainforest. We have been practising our own version just using ourselves to make the sounds but it is top secret until our class assembly!

Our new song “Ho, Ho, Ho”

In Music today we listened to our new song for this term – Ho, Ho, Ho. It made us feel all Christmassy already! We played some games to practise finding the beat of the music and then warmed our bodies and faces up by doing some fun exercises.

We are really looking forward to learning this song as it contains singing, rapping and instrumentals.

New song: “I Wanna Play in a Band”

Today in Music we started to learn a new song called I Wanna Play in a Band. We started the lesson listening to Queen’s We Will Rock You. We could barely keep still! We were clapping and moving and some of us were even singing. This is rock music which is the same style as the one we are learning.

We learnt to sin the song, played our imaginary instruments and even started to improvise by making up our own verses. We had excellent ideas! We are going to learnt to play the glockenspiel parts and then will add a video so keep checking the blog.

Singing ‘Ho Ho Ho’

In Music this week we continued to work on our song Ho Ho Ho! We now know all the words for the singing part and are beginning to get better at the rap. This week we added glockenspiels to the musical interlude section of the song. Considering it was our first lesson with the glockenspiels we were very good!

We have also been continuing to work on our concentration skills as this is our focused behaviour for learning this half term. Over the last few weeks we have worked on our concentration by playing memory games. This week we started with practising some tongue twisters. It was very tricky! We really had to concentrate on saying the correct words. Then we played Jenga in groups. We really had to concentrate on what we were doing to make sure the tower didn’t fall. We think we are getting better at concentrating and are putting it into practise in our lessons.

Short and longs sounds

In our Music lesson today we learnt more about beat and rhythm and particularly focused on short and long sounds. We practised copying rhythms made from short and long sounds then invented some symbols for writing our rhythms down. We then created our own sequence of long and short sounds and recorded them. We worked in pairs to practise guessing games and playing each other’s sequences.

Listening to and evaluating music

Today we enjoyed our first real Music lesson. We started by listening and evaluating a piece of music called March past of the kitchen utensils. We had excellent ideas about what the music might be about and were able to name some of the instruments which were playing.

Miss Williams then taught us boom-chicka-boom as a warm up chant and we loved it! Next we explored the difference between beat and rhythm. We then practised two songs that we learnt last week; A plate of potatoes and How many people here for dinner? Both of these songs helped us to practise beat and rhythm.

Finally we listened to a song called Grandpa’s strolling down the avenue. It was an interesting song because the first verse was very slow, then the next verse and little faster and the last verse very fast. First we practised clapping along to the beat and then we moved around the classroom to the beat. We were very good at it and are looking forward to next week’s lesson.