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Creating shapes using 2Go

During this afternoon’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans used Purple Mash’s 2Go to create different shapes using directions.

They were challenged to create two shapes, square and a rectangle, using different line colours. They used many right-angles for the square and rectangles.

Toucans already know that a right angle is an angle of 90°, as in a corner of a square.

Don’t forget Toucans; you can access Purple Mash at home using your login.

The story of Zaccheus

During RE, Year 2 Toucans looked at what it means to be perfect.

The children discussed how their behaviour can change depending on the circumstances they were in. They knew it was okay to shout during a football match but not during a lesson in class.

Mrs Sabir told the children the story of Zaccheus and how he changed his ways when he met Jesus.

They came up with questions they would ask Zaccheus such as “Why did you take others money?” “Why did you repay 4 times as much?”

The children also discussed things in their lives that Jesus might not like if he were their friend:

Similarities and differences

Today in PSHE we discussed similarities and differences. We had to find one thing that was the same about us and one thing that was different. This is what we learnt about each other:

Ryan is the same as Kealeigh as they both like Mr Bean but they are different because Kealeigh is a girl and Ryan is a boy.

Tanatatswa is the same as Seth and Tommy because they all like Mr Bean but they are different because they have different hairstyles.

We also discussed the word ‘relationship’ and what it means. We learnt that it is a connection between people and that you have different levels of relationships depending on how well you know someone.

When people fall in love – Jessica

People belong together – Pippa

Multiskills fun!

Today Toucans went to the Multiskills event at Billesley Tennis Centre. We took part in 10 different events including bean-bag toss, tennis skills, baton run, football shooting, kwik wicket and throwing and catching games. We worked in two groups and travelled around the activities together. We were quite competitive! We enjoyed playing against each other but we were very good at congratulating the winning team also.

Everyone enjoyed the event and we were all tired out on the way home!

Material shapes

In Science today we learnt about how to change the shape of objects made from different materials. We started our lesson by collecting three things we thought we could change the shape of and three things we couldn’t. We had a discussion about the properties of these materials. We then investigated which materials we could change by stretching, bending, squashing and twisting. We had great fun finding out!

Properties of materials

In our Science lesson today we learnt more about the properties of materials. We explored some different materials for ourselves to find out what properties they had. We focused on naming different materials but also describing them using scientific vocabulary. We focused on transparent, opaque, waterproof and flexible.

Our fire engines

Today Toucans have had a DT day! This week we have researched how toy vehicles moved. We then designed our own fire engines which we made today. We had to think really carefully about how to solve our own problems. There was a lot of perseverance needed!

We are very pleased with our fiished fire engines!