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On Friday, Toucans learnt about how God said in Genesis how humans were to rule over the animals which translates to caring for them. We talked about caring for our pets and thought about what they need and what we do to look after them.


In RE today – the Toucans learnt about the word generosity and what it means and how we show it. They listened to the story of the Golden Statue. The story was about the generosity of a poor servant girl who gave her only coin to a Buddhist monk in order to make a statue of the Buddha. Toucans discussed how they can be generous and how difficult it would be to give up a treasured possession for the good of others. We then put our talents to use making lotus flowers which are a symbol of purity. Stay tuned to see pictures of our efforts.

Eid celebration

‘What is Eid?’ is the question we started with. There was a short discussion about what the children thought. Most knew it was a Muslim Religious Celebration. We learned that Eid was a celebration that marked the end of Ramadan which is a time of fasting. To explain it better we watched a video about a young boy who explained how it was celebrated in his home.

Eid means Feast or festival in Arabic.

Some of the children talked about how they celebrated Eid in their homes. They dressed up, decorated the house and had special food. The children recognised that this was similar to how they celebrated different holidays through the year.

The children wanted to know if Ramadan meant they couldn’t eat anything at all if they were fasting. We discussed that Ramadan meant fasting between sun up and sun down. Children and elderly relatives weren’t expected to fast either. Muslim families are up early before the sunrises to eat a big breakfast. Then they don’t eat again until the sun has set.

The Good Samaritan

To begin with we watched a power point story called ‘The Good Samaritan’. The children were horrified to see a poor man treated so badly by others. We discussed the children’s feelings about how the man was treated.
Then we brainstormed what we thought a Good Samaritan would or should do.

This is what the children said.


During RE this week we have been discussing communities and in or to which communities we belong. The main community that we felt we belonged to the most was our families. Here we feel safe, loved and cared for. Other Communities we decide we belonged to included sports clubs, school, places of worship and local communities where we live.

The story of Zaccheus

During RE, Year 2 Toucans looked at what it means to be perfect.

The children discussed how their behaviour can change depending on the circumstances they were in. They knew it was okay to shout during a football match but not during a lesson in class.

Mrs Sabir told the children the story of Zaccheus and how he changed his ways when he met Jesus.

They came up with questions they would ask Zaccheus such as “Why did you take others money?” “Why did you repay 4 times as much?”

The children also discussed things in their lives that Jesus might not like if he were their friend:

Experiencing silence

Today in our RE lesson we experienced silence! We sat in silence first in our classroom and then outside. This is what it made us think of and how it made us feel:

We then thought about different places where we would be quiet and what we would think about in each place.

Amaya– in my bed!
Charlie– in school, in lesson time
Lilly Rose– the garden and my bedroom.
Mila– The forest
Pippa– In church it’s quiet so you can think about people and things.

This led to us focusing on why people are quiet in places of worship. We learnt about where people of different religions go to worship and why quiet is important in all of them.

Celebrating Eid

Following their previous lesson all about Eid, Year 2 Toucans looked at photographs showing how Muslims celebrate Eid. The children discussed the different ways they celebrate in small groups and remembered lots of facts. The children discussed how Muslims share their food and money within the community especially during Eid with family, friends and the less fortunate. Eid is a time to celebrate, share with others and spend time with loved ones.

The Good Samaritan

This afternoon, Year 2 have been looking at the Story of the Good Samaritan. They tried to predict what would happen as the people found the injured man on the side of the road. They were very surprised at how they reacted and thought it was wrong and very sad.

After the story, they discussed how they could be Good Samaritans themselves.