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Discussing our value word ‘thoughtfulness’

This week in Circle Time we thought about the value word ‘thoughtfulness’. We shared some ideas of how we have been thoughtful:

Naz – I was thoughtful when I gave Maarya my scarf.
Anaiyah – I was thoughtful when I helped my brother when he was crying.
Sammy – I was thoughtful to my Mum by going to bed when she wanted me to.
Zi Yan – I was thoughtful when I gave out Christmas cards.
Helen – I was thoughtful when my sister was scared in the night.
Scarlett – I was thoughtful when my sister did good dancing on stage because I said well done to her.

Doing kind acts

Yesterday we read the book Have you filled a bucket today? It was all about how to do kind acts for each other to fill their bucket with happy thoughts. Today in check-out we shared how we had filled other people’s buckets by being kind in some way.

Alexie – I filled Daisy’s bucket by playing with her at lunchtime.
Eason – I filled my Mum’s bucket by saying thank you for my tea.
Dora – I filled Maarya’s bucket by saying her dress is beautiful.
Scarlett – I filled my Daddy’s bucket by telling him I loved him last night.
Liam – I filled Jason’s bucket when I hugged him and told him I would miss being his partner.
Amelie – I filled Millie’s bucket by saying nice words to her at lunchtime.

Anti-Bullying Week Check In

In check-in today for anti-bullying week we thought about the question – Is change possible? We tried to think of ways we can make school better for everyone.

Here were our ideas:

Eason – We could hug more.
Amelie – If someone is on their own we could offer to play with them.
William – Cheer people up if they are sad.
Frishta – Be kind to everyone.
Rawan – Smile at each other.
Maarya – If you see someone and they are feeling sad you could give them a hug.
Zi Yan – Help someone if they need it.
Sammy – If someone doesn’t want to play your game, you could play their game instead.
Liam – Don’t be bossy! Be kind.

Great ideas Toucans!

Anti-Bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week. As part of our work we thought about what makes a bully.

We decided a bully might:
Imogen – push you over.
Alexie – if someone says you can’t join in with them.
Liam – if someone kicks you for no reason.
Daisy C – if they hurt you in some way.

We also learnt they might:
►Deliberately pick on people.
►Behave in a threatening way.
►Do unkind things: Several Times On Purpose.

We talked about the reasons why people might be bullies and how important we speak up if we are being bullied or see someone we think is being bullied. We shared ideas on who we would tell and what we would do in different scenarios.

We did our circle time around what we already do in school to keep people safe:
Rawan – teachers keep us safe.
Andrew – teachers teach children how to be kind.
Naz – outside you can tell the teacher and they will help you sort your problem out.
Max – we make sure children who say unkind words are ignored. We can just walk away.
Sammy – you can ask a teacher to help you find someone to play with.
Imogen – we look after and protect each other.

Very sensible ideas Toucans!


Today in our PHSE lesson we discussed the word ‘Pollution’ and what that meant. We found out that ‘Pollution’ is our environment and the world getting dirty and full of germs and nasty smells. This in turn can make us sick.

There are many contributing factors to air, water and land pollution. Things like plastic litter, exhaust fumes, trees being cut down and not replaced and various types of fires.

Then we discussed how saving energy would be helpful to the planet and help reduce some of the pollution.
These are some of the things we decided we could do at school to help save energy.

• Turn lights off when no one is in the room.
• Turn down the heat on radiators.
• Turn off taps, don’t leave them running.
• Turn off computers, ipads and tablets when they are not in use.
• Walk to school instead of come by car or bus.

New school councillors

This week we held a class election to decide who our school councillors were going to be. Miss Williams explained what the role involved then all the children who wanted the role had to give a short speech about why they would be good at it. We then held a secret ballot like in a real election and the results were very close! Our school councillors for this year are Alexi and George.

Food groups

Today we learnt more about food groups and how to eat a healthy meal. We learnt about what each food group gives us and why it is good for our bodies. We used the school lunch menu to make a healthy meal and then started to collage our meal onto a plate. We are going to try to have healthier meals over the next few weeks using what we have learnt about the food groups.


During their PSHE lesson, Year 2 were thinking about feelings, especially the feeling of loneliness.

The children looked at different pictures of people and labelled them with how they thought they were feeling. The children worked in groups to talk about how the different people were feeling by just looking at their faces or body language. As a class circle, the children shared the feelings they labelled;

Jessica – Annoyed
Seth – Heartbroken
Kealeigh – Sad
Jacinta – Left out

To finish the lesson, they thought about what object they would take with them if they had to go away to stop them from feeling lonely or sad and draw a picture of it.

Similarities and differences

Today in PSHE we discussed similarities and differences. We had to find one thing that was the same about us and one thing that was different. This is what we learnt about each other:

Ryan is the same as Kealeigh as they both like Mr Bean but they are different because Kealeigh is a girl and Ryan is a boy.

Tanatatswa is the same as Seth and Tommy because they all like Mr Bean but they are different because they have different hairstyles.

We also discussed the word ‘relationship’ and what it means. We learnt that it is a connection between people and that you have different levels of relationships depending on how well you know someone.

When people fall in love – Jessica

People belong together – Pippa