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Toucans watched a short film all about pollution today and created a poster about it afterwards. They discovered ways in which land, sea and air pollution happens.

James explained how when rubbish is burned and factories emit smoke it goes into the air. Shriya and Daniel said this was bad for our environment.

Importance of money

The saying goes that money makes the world go around! As a class we discussed what the importance of money was to us. At first the children suggested it was needed to buy toys, cars, TV’s, game consoles and other luxuries.

Then we discussed if we needed some of these things or if they were a want. It was agreed that money to buy food, to pay bills, to keep us warm and put a roof over our heads was a need. Things like sweets, TV’s, toys, games etc were a want and not essential. We discussed where money comes from. Some of the answers were mums purse, the bank and the cash machine. This led to a discussion on how the money gets into the bank, cash machine and mums purse. The bank doesn’t just give money out to anyone that wants it! We have to put our own money into the bank for safe keeping and take out what we need when we need it.

This then led to a discussion about things costing money and if we haven’t got the money to buy it we can’t have it which led us back to wants and needs.

Fair trade

During our PHSE lesson we discussed what was meant by a fair trade.

We began the lesson talking about what fair meant. To begin with the children felt that fair was everybody having the same and sharing things equally.

We discussed the equality in pay for workers. The children all agreed that everybody doing the same job should get paid the same.

We talked about the farmers in the poorer countries needing to be paid fairly for their goods. The children felt it was very unfair for the rich to get richer and not pay the poor what they should be paid.

The children agreed we should use our local shops more to help them stay in business and look for the fair trade logo when buying things like bananas, coffee, chocolate, tea and peanut butter.

Safer Internet Week – Digital trails

For Safer Internet Week, Year 2 learnt all about digital trails. We shared what we use the internet for. We learnt that every time we use the internet it leaves a footprint showing where we have been. We did an activity where we investigated someone’s digital footprint. We were surprised at how much information we could learn about someone from their digital trail. We reminded ourselves how important it was to stay safe online by not giving out personal details.

Discussing our value word ‘thoughtfulness’

This week in Circle Time we thought about the value word ‘thoughtfulness’. We shared some ideas of how we have been thoughtful:

Naz – I was thoughtful when I gave Maarya my scarf.
Anaiyah – I was thoughtful when I helped my brother when he was crying.
Sammy – I was thoughtful to my Mum by going to bed when she wanted me to.
Zi Yan – I was thoughtful when I gave out Christmas cards.
Helen – I was thoughtful when my sister was scared in the night.
Scarlett – I was thoughtful when my sister did good dancing on stage because I said well done to her.

Doing kind acts

Yesterday we read the book Have you filled a bucket today? It was all about how to do kind acts for each other to fill their bucket with happy thoughts. Today in check-out we shared how we had filled other people’s buckets by being kind in some way.

Alexie – I filled Daisy’s bucket by playing with her at lunchtime.
Eason – I filled my Mum’s bucket by saying thank you for my tea.
Dora – I filled Maarya’s bucket by saying her dress is beautiful.
Scarlett – I filled my Daddy’s bucket by telling him I loved him last night.
Liam – I filled Jason’s bucket when I hugged him and told him I would miss being his partner.
Amelie – I filled Millie’s bucket by saying nice words to her at lunchtime.

Anti-Bullying Week Check In

In check-in today for anti-bullying week we thought about the question – Is change possible? We tried to think of ways we can make school better for everyone.

Here were our ideas:

Eason – We could hug more.
Amelie – If someone is on their own we could offer to play with them.
William – Cheer people up if they are sad.
Frishta – Be kind to everyone.
Rawan – Smile at each other.
Maarya – If you see someone and they are feeling sad you could give them a hug.
Zi Yan – Help someone if they need it.
Sammy – If someone doesn’t want to play your game, you could play their game instead.
Liam – Don’t be bossy! Be kind.

Great ideas Toucans!

Anti-Bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week. As part of our work we thought about what makes a bully.

We decided a bully might:
Imogen – push you over.
Alexie – if someone says you can’t join in with them.
Liam – if someone kicks you for no reason.
Daisy C – if they hurt you in some way.

We also learnt they might:
►Deliberately pick on people.
►Behave in a threatening way.
►Do unkind things: Several Times On Purpose.

We talked about the reasons why people might be bullies and how important we speak up if we are being bullied or see someone we think is being bullied. We shared ideas on who we would tell and what we would do in different scenarios.

We did our circle time around what we already do in school to keep people safe:
Rawan – teachers keep us safe.
Andrew – teachers teach children how to be kind.
Naz – outside you can tell the teacher and they will help you sort your problem out.
Max – we make sure children who say unkind words are ignored. We can just walk away.
Sammy – you can ask a teacher to help you find someone to play with.
Imogen – we look after and protect each other.

Very sensible ideas Toucans!