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Money, Money, Money!

In our PSHE lesson this week we started to think about money and what it is for. This linked nicely to our maths lessons where we have also been learning about money; recognising coins and counting and making amounts of money. 

We decided money is very important because you need it to buy lots of different things. We had a class discussion and these were our ideas:

  • You can get money by having a job.
  • You might get money by doing chores at home.
  • You might get some pocket money from your parents.
  • Sometimes you get money as a present.

The children discussed what they spent their money on. Most of them said when they have money they spend it on toys, sweets, new things and games.

We then discussed what adults spend their wages on:

  • Houses
  • Furniture
  • Licences
  • Cars
  • Gas and electricity
  • Phones and internet
  • Food


Reindeer Run

Today was our Reindeer Run… it was a very windy and cold day but we successfully managed to complete our mammoth 6 minute run! We did this run to raise money for St Mary’s Hospice. The children have been working so hard, raising as much as possible, for such a wonderful and caring charity. Everyone loved wearing their reindeer ears and were lucky enough to take them home with them! 
We are looking forward to see what our grand total is before the end of term.
Well done Year 2, we are super proud of you all for your hard work running and fundraising.

The Dangers of Smoking and Alcohol

Recently, Toucans have been learning about what can happen to people if they drink alcohol or smoke a lot.  They made a. Mind map about what they had found out.  

Corban – You have to be 18 years old to drink or smoke.

Karly – Smoking can make your lungs black. 

Ryan – I wouldn’t want to smoke because your teeth and nails turn yellow.

Shriya – I wouldn’t want to smoke as it damages your liver and digestive system. 

Sam – The danger is lots of smoking might cause cancer

Different Families

Toucans talked about who they live at home with today in PSHE.  They talked about what a family is made up of.  Families can be made up of mums and dads, step parents and siblings, half brothers and sisters, two mums, two dads, grandparents and carers.  Toucans felt that although each family is different they all love one another. 

Behaviours for Learning

Miss Williams’ group have really been focusing on applying the behaviours for learning. They have been trying so hard in all their lessons!

Toucans have been working really well together. We have been trying hard to ensure we listen to our partner and focus on what they are saying:

We have been taking real pride in our work. We are trying so hard to join our writing:

We have also been showing excellent concentrations skills:

These children have worked particularly hard to persevere with their reading. They are making great progress! 

Behaviours for learning are really helping us to improve!

Discussing our value word

Toucans discussed the meaning and their understanding of this month’s value word. They decided it was when you were thoughtful about someone else and did an act of kindness or said something to support them. Sometimes being caring can mean you help someone at home to show you are thinking about them and are caring by doing a job, so they don’t have to. This shows you appreciate what they do for you. Toucans noticed a few of our other school value words were used too!

Jacob – I clear the dinner table or tidy rooms at home.
Charlie – I did the drying up while my sister washed up.
Alex S – I was caring when I helped Mrs Parton put out the ropes at break time.
Bethany – I care at home by helping to tidy the house up.
Maya – I looked after Karly when she fell in the playground.
Tatenda – I was caring with another child when they were scared at the deep end of the swimming pool.
Jack – I was caring when I helped my Dad to cook an omelette.
Anren – I was caring when I helped to put the fruit out ready for the other children in class. I wanted to help her because she does lots of things for everyone in the class.
Karly – I am caring for my Mum as I tell her to relax sometimes as she is very busy with my little sister.
Isla – Mum was busy doing her work at home so I helped my little sister to go to the toilet so Mum wasn’t disturbed.

Out and About

Toucans spent a lesson outside to engage and explore the natural environment outdoors. They spent some quiet time, being mindful and listened to the natural sounds. We identified the noise of a Great Tit, using the RSPB website, once we got back inside the classroom. The children created pictures using natural materials and made streamers which were very effective on such a windy day! We enjoyed stories linked to the outdoor theme and heard a range of poems by Shirley Hughes. Toucans composed their own version of her poem “Out and About.”