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RE: Being Imaginative

We have started our new disposition, “Being Imaginative and Exploratory”

We first showed our imagination through Role Play.

We then were use their imagination in their minds only.

People use their minds in many different ways, from inventions, to thinking how to support others, to creating amazing pieces of art and music and for also thinking about where we come from.

Humanists our creativity and ability to think about these things and to be able to find answers to issues and questions

Finally we enjoyed Here we are by Oliver Jeffers

Where money comes from

Today Toucans had an exciting lesson delivered by Sandra from HSBC.

Her lesson helped us to make the connection between having a job and earning money. We looked at the jobs we might do and introduced the role of a bank account in getting paid and how to access money from your account.

What jobs do we want to do in the future?

Finally we thought about our dream job and the importance of earning money.

Extension: Have a go at filling in the gaps at home!


In PSHE this week we talked about responsibilities! We had a fun discussion talking about who is responsible for tidying up their bedrooms!

We also looked at a fun poem story.

Finally we discussed responsibilities we have at home , at school and in the community.

Buddy Zone!

In today’s class assembly Toucan’s talked about the ChildLine website. There is so much to do on the Childline website. Have you seen all the amazing games we have? There’s Tower of Confidence where you can build your very own tower all the way up to the moon. In Build Your Happy Place you get to design your dream room. Mine has loads of chocolate fountains and mirror balls in it.

At home why not try the activities.

Childline Games


Childline Art


Childline Calm Zone




Finally, we talked about how we can get help. If something is making you feel upset or worried, it’s always good to talk to an adult you feel safe with.

It can help to tell them how you feel and what’s happening, even if you’re not sure if it’s wrong.

Mary Seacole

Today we had a special lesson about respecting others and celebrating diversity. To begin the lesson Mr Lo told us how he was so happy we showed respect to others and celebrated that we were all unique. 

We then learnt about Mary Seacole.  we have listened to her story of how she, like Florence Nightingale, travelled so far to the Crimea to help many soldiers. Mary Seacole, unlike Florence, had to use her own money and was not allowed to open a hospital. She was both clever and smart as she opened the hospital by calling it a hotel. Her hospital was set up very close to where the fighting was.


All us felt it was wrong for Mary to be treated unfairly and that she was so heroic in using her own money to go and help them. We also decided it was unfair to be judged by the colour of your skin and are very glad at how wonderful our class is as we have all unique children. 

Look at us working on our activity to learn more about Mary Seacole’s life .


Protecting our private parts

In PHSE (Personal Health Social & Economics) lesson we talked about protecting our private parts and who our trusted adults are.

We enjoyed the song Pantosaurus

We then sang, “head, shoulders knees and toes” and discussed the importance of respecting each other and remember that our body parts belong to ourselves.


We then learnt about our private areas and the correct terminology for our body parts.


Parents can click here to find out more about the NSPCC- PANTS

Online Safety – Rules at home and at school

Today, Year 2 discussed rules to help keep us happy, healthy and safe whilst using technology at school and at home.

Part of the lesson included reading about a little boy called Charlie. When we heard about Charlie, we were a little bit worried about him. There were some things we felt that Charlie wasn’t doing correctly, and we thought we could all help him. As we were reading, we decided to draw a sad face on our whiteboard every time we heard something that Charlie has done that we thought was not right.

Well done! We did very well! Now… don’t forget to log on to Wonde at home to review your learning!