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Circle- Time

Today in circle time we discussed equality and the recipe required for a good friend. The children came up with some very good ideas including:

  1. Respecting each other
  2. Caring for each other
  3. Being kind to each other
  4. Doing nice things
  5. Feel loved
  6. Be fair

Enjoying a story

Mr Lo would like us all to be responsible both in school and at home! We need to look after our belongings and help around at home!

Enjoy the story read by Mr Lo.

Don’t forget in Toucans we are expected to read for at least 10 minutes a day at home. We can update our reading diaries (also known as reading records) by ourselves or we can ask our adults for help. Remember we can include all reading including reading subtitles on TV, reading a leaflet through the post, reading what’s on our cereal boxes and reading books of our faith.


A lovely new start to the year with our new Toucans! I’m looking forward to an amazing journey this year and learning lots of new things with you!

On Thursday we enjoyed circle time sharing what we have enjoyed over the summer. We also had an active P.E lesson in the hall!

On Friday we had a look at our number bonds to 10.

Toucans have taken home with them a folder with some of last years work and also a booklet with the Year 1 spellings. Don’t forget to review those at home when you have time!



Different Families

Toucans talked about who they live at home with today in PSHE.  They talked about what a family is made up of.  Families can be made up of mums and dads, step parents and siblings, half brothers and sisters, two mums, two dads, grandparents and carers.  Toucans felt that although each family is different they all love one another. 

More Branching Databases

In Computing, Year 2 Toucans continued with sorting data today and some children completed their branching databases.

The children selected their own category today and sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “Does it have a tail?”, “Does it fly?”, “Does it eat fish?” etc.

Here are some completed branching databases.

Tatenda’s Branching Database

Ayra’s Branching Database

Jospeh’s Branching Database

Discussing our value word – Caring

In Circle Time we discussed our new value word – caring. We shared some ideas of what we thought caring meant.

Alexie – Talking to people who are on the blue bench and being kind to them.
William – Caring means sharing and being nice to each other.
Daisy C – Showing kindness.
Zi Yan – You help someone up if they fall down and make sure they are okay.
Dora – Caring means being friendly to others.
Max – Showing respect to someone.
Maya – Looking after someone.
Maarya – Caring means putting someone else’s needs before your own.

Wow! Very caring Toucans. Next week we will focus more on how we can show someone we care.

Discussing our value word – Appreciation

Today in Circle Time we discussed our value word – appreciation. We thought about who we appreciate and why. We had lots of great ideas!

Imogen – I appreciate my Grandad because when we were rushing around he dropped me to school so I wouldn’t be late.
Krista – I appreciate my Nanny and Grandad because they helped us at Christmas.
Eason – I appreciate my Dad because he lped me build a tower.
Dora – I sppreciate my Mum becuase she always cares for me.
Frishta – I appreciate my Mummy and Daddy because they work hard for me.
Max – I appreciate my Uncle because he helps me with my games when they are hard.
Jason – I appreciate my Dad because he took me to the sweet shop.
George – I appreciate my Mum because she helps me with my homework.
Maarya – I appreciate my brother because when I am sad he plays with me.

We then discussed ways we can show people we appreciate them. We thought we could:

• Say thank you
• Give them a reward.
• Give them a cuddle.
• Give them a high five!
• If the person is in your family you could give them a kiss.

Excellent ideas Toucans! We should always try to show our appreciation.

Discussing our value word – Tolerance

Today in circle time we thought about the value word of tolerance. We played the game The Sun Shines On… to start to think about likes and dislikes. We then worked with a partner to think of something we both liked and disliked – it was very tricky to agree because some of us are have our own strong opinions! We decided it is absolutely fine to be different but we must respect each other’s opinions and show tolerance to those people we disagree with.