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Cafe Success



Despite the weather(and it was awful!) Toucans were fantastic at running their Cafe this afternoon. They all worked extremely hard to prepare their tables and we were all set up… and then the rain arrived! But just like the hard-workers they are, they didn’t let it bother them at all.

They were very enthusiastic! They could be heard from the gates shouting things like ‘Roll up, roll up, healthy smoothies for sale’ and ‘Come and buy your fruit salads, they will make you strong and healthy’. They made us very proud with their work on money, charging the exact right amounts when people bought more than one thing. They also tried hard to work out the change. The weather forced people away early so we didn’t sell everything but we had very good feedback about the products we did sell. Most of all, we had great fun and we learnt a lot about how Maths helps us in real life.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us.

Healthy Cafe



Today we continued with our Healthy Cafe theme for Maths Week. In our Maths lesson we practised adding together the amounts of money we will be charging on Friday. In Literacy we made posters to put up around school the advertise our cafe.

This afternoon we printed tablecloths to make our tables attractive for the cafe. We worked as a team to make printing blocks and organise ourselves to print. We all drew a different fruit onto our polystyrene tiles and then took turns to print in our colour. It was hard work to keep it neat but I am sure you we will agree we did a great job.

Combining coins


Today in maths we were finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money.

On each table there were pots of coins which had 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and £1 in them. Also there were food that had different prices on them.

Each child had to pick a labelled food and then make that amount of money in lots of different ways. Once they had done this, they then had to decide which was the best way.

We really enjoyed doing this and found lots of different ways to make the same amount of money.