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Sharing our books with Year 1


This morning we had a great time sharing books with Puffins. Some of them visited us in our classroom and some of us visited them in their classroom. We took it in turns to read our books to each other. We enjoyed looking at books that had been bought from home and everyone was enthusiastic in talking about why that book was their favourite.


We love working with you Puffins! Thank you for sharing your books and reading so well.

Book Week


Our book week event today was sharing our own books we bought in from home. We had great fun sharing each other’s books and talking about why we like them. Some children even said they would like to buy the book their friend shared with them. It is nice to recommend books to each other so well done Toucans!

World Book Week


This morning we invited half of Year 1 to come into our classroom, then half of us went into Year 1. We all sat down with our friends out of Year 1 and read them a story then we swapped and they read us. We really enjoyed reading to them and Mrs Green said that we were reading really lovely with them and adding a lot of expression into our voices.

We also enjoyed it when it was year 1’s turn and we sat and listened to them carefully.

Building a book

Wow! We have just had the most fantastic day! We had a visit from a real author,‚Äč Rob Bowden. Rob has worked with Year 2 today to help us create our own book pages about the Great Fire of London. We worked in groups and used books and the internet to find out as much as we could about the Great Fire of London. As you can see in the photo, we made lots of notes about the interesting facts and information we discovered. Then we had the tricky job of deciding what our title and subheadings would be and the information, pictures and facts we should include. Rob helped us to design the layout of our pages and used some of our Great Fire of London paintings as a background. We were so impressed when we saw our work at the end of the day and we think you’ll be super impressed too! Watch this space for the finished product!!