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Life Cycles

This term in Science we have been looking at growth in animals. So far we have learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and a human, and this week we learnt about the life cycle of a frog.
The children were very excited when the play dough came out! We went through as a class what the life cycle of a frog was. We spoke about how a frog begins it’s life as eggs which is known as frogspawn, then the eggs turn into a tadpole and eventually into a tadpole with legs and then it grows into a young frog before growing into an adult frog.
A fun fact we learnt was that a frog lives for up to 10-12 years, but not many tadpoles survive to become a frog.
The children all had a go at making the life cycle of a frog with each table having a different stage of the cycle. Next week we are looking at the life cycle of a butterfly.

Crisp Investigation

This half term the children have been learning about how to have a healthy lifestyle. Today the children completed an experiment using various crisps. The aim of the experiment was to establish which crisps had the highest fat content – we did this by crushing four different types of crisps on paper towels which in turn were on graph paper. Toucans had to count how many squares on their graph paper contained grease once crushed. They filled out their results on a table and then presented them on a bar chart. We found out that McCoys crisps contained the most fat out of all the crisps that we tested. 

Terrific Toucans!

In Year 2 today we have been consolidating our knowledge of number bonds, focusing on number bonds to 10. We have worked very hard and are showing great independence in completing tasks. 
During English Toucan’s have been writing sentences on dictation. We have revised what makes a super sentence: making sure our sentence makes sense, using our neatest handwriting, using correct punctuation and starting our sentences with a capital letter.
Topic this week is a continuation of our topic about Healthy Eating. We have discussed “What makes a healthy meal” and have talked about the different food groups which we all need to stay healthy  – these include: carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and fruit and vegetables. Today we were learning about where different animal products come from and what foods could contain them. 
Toucans have settled in very well into Year 2 and are trying very hard to follow our routines – well done Year 2!

Changing the shape of an item

Toucans enjoyed a practical investigation today. They thought of ways to change the shape of an item.

Karly – You can squash it.
Olivia – Bend or fold it
Joseph – Stretch it
Declan – Twist it.

The class then experimented to see if they could change the shape of some items by using one of these methods. They tested a plastic bottle, pipe cleaner, a sock, a drinking straw, some play dough, a towel, a sponge and an elastic band.

Then we compared and discussed our results and findings together.


This week Toucans are learning about icebergs as part of their topic about the Polar regions. Charlie showed the class his fantastic homemade iceberg during Monday’s live lesson. Alex Sneddon enjoyed this lesson as he is very interested in the Titanic. Do you know what happened to the Titanic? If you don’t, ask Alex because he is an expert! Joseph also loved this lesson and sent some photos in to share.

Well done Toucans!

Joseph’s work

Joseph’s work

Joseph’s work

Healthy Eating

Toucans have been learning that there are different types of food groups and that they should be eating certain amounts of these food types in their meals. The class all made a balanced meal. Can you remember the different food groups? How much of your meal should be made up of fruit or vegetables. How often should we eat sweets and crisps?

Being healthy activities

Since returning to school, Toucans have been learning all about being healthy and have completed lots of activities to find out more about what they can do to help themselves. They discussed how there are many different ways you can exercise to maintain health.

What do YOU do to get exercise?

After thinking of some exercises, Toucans went on to the playground to see what happened to their bodies when they exercised. They noticed they breathed faster, their hearts beat quicker and they began to feel hot and sweaty!

Toucans discussed what they liked to eat for a snack and chose their favourite. Here are our results. Are we snacking healthily?! What is your favourite snack? Can you name some healthy snacks?

Toucans carried out an experiment to see how far they could “sneeze!” Don’t panic! We used a spray bottle to use for the sneeze. Do you know how far the germs from a sneeze can travel? Remember to “Catch it, bin it, kill it” and always wash your hands! we watched a film of a man sneezing in slow motion. It was disgusting!

Egg Helmets!

Toucans have conducted a science experiment to create a helmet for an egg. We pretended the egg was the head of a human and we had to work in partners to design a helmet, considering what was the most suitable material to use. We made sure it wa a fair test and kept the height of the test drop the same and the person dropping it too. It was very entertaining too! We found out that cardboard and cotton wool worked the best. Sadly, the crepe paper and foil did not work very well! Why do humans need to wear cycle helmets when riding their bike? Why is it important?