Monthly Archives: November 2013

Measuring with a ruler and newspaper towers

Today we have been perfecting how to measure with a ruler. The children had an order from the Fairytale Castle for items such as a necklace for the queen, sword for the knight and a teddy bear for the princess. They had to draw these items making sure that they drew them to the exact measurement required.

IMG_1985 IMG_1984

The whole school was given a challenge today. Each class had to try and build the highest tower using three newspapers. The children in year 2 tried out their ideas in groups before we set to work creating our class tower.

The children had brilliant ideas and our tower looked like it was going to be fabulous. However, I think we got a little over ambitious and sadly our tower refused to stand up on its own!!! 

Mathematical investigation

Today we carried out a mathematical investigation where the children had to find out how many different ways they could colour in a shield. They were only allowed to choose 4 colours and had to colour in the shields in a different order each time. They tried to work systematically so that they knew if they had found all the possible combinations.


3D Castles!

We’ve had a really nice start to maths week. This morning the children had to work as a team to recreate 3D castles.


In the afternoon we looked at the abstract artist Piet Mondrian, who created pictures using horizontal and vertical lines and blocks of colour. The children enjoyed making these pictures. Here are two that turned out particularly well.

We created pictures using horizontal and vertical lines and blocks of colour
We created pictures using horizontal and vertical lines and blocks of colour

Maths Week!

This week we’re holding a maths themed week in school. It will be full of fun and exciting activities, competitions and games for all the children (and families) at Bells Farm. We will be sending home a family quiz, where all the answers will be numbers, will be holding daily competitions or challenges and will even be involving the school kitchen where each day’s menu will have a maths ‘theme’!

On Friday we are hoping you will all get involved by sending your child into school with a maths themed hat……it could be a baseball cap with numbers or a bonnet with shapes, a spiral hat with number lines or sequences…..we know how inventive you all are. We will send out some more ideas at the start of the week, but perhaps you can get your thinking caps on now (maths ones of course) in readiness.

We know the children at Bells Farm all enjoy and get a lot of learning from our themed weeks, and this maths week will be no exception. We want to show the children that maths IS fun and can be creative and enjoyable in many different ways.