Monthly Archives: December 2013

Christmas Paper Chain

Year 2 had a Christmas paper chain making competition. The rules were that each group should try and make the longest paper chain, but they had to use a repeating pattern or they would be disqualified. The tension in the room was intense as each group strived to outdo each other. It was unclear who would come out on top until the last few minutes when Megan L., Evan, Chloe, Carley and Fabian finally triumphed. I haven’t had so much excitement in years!! Well done year 2.

Science topic – Electricity

Our science topic this half term is electricity. We have been making electrical circuits using wires, a battery and a bulb. Next week we will see if we can add a buzzer and a switch to our circuits. The next part of this blog has been written by Kyann.

 “We have been learning how to be safe with electricity. I had lots of fun. My best thing was when we worked out how to make the bulb light up. ” – Kyann  – Y2 Class