Monthly Archives: February 2014

Weather reports using green screen

In Geography, we have been learning all about different types of weather. The children wrote their weather report scripts and practiced at being weather reporters. They then were very lucky to actually film their reports using the green screen in school. Here are a few examples of our brilliant year 2 reporters. Surprisingly not one them mentioned flooding!

Heating materials

Our science topic this half term is grouping and changing materials. Today we have been exploring what happens to materials when they are heated and cooled. We learnt the words reversible and irreversible. We used these words to describe whether when we had heated a material it would change back to its original state when cooled. If it did change back it was a reversible change and if it didn’t it was an irreversible change.

We tested bread, chocolate, popcorn, egg, wax, cheese, jelly, butter and marshmallows and recorded our results in a table. Here is chloe’s results table.


After all that investigating and hard work we rewarded ourselves by eating the popcorn, marshmallows and chocolate!!