Monthly Archives: June 2014

2D and 3D shapes


Today, we reminded ourselves about 2D/3D shapes and their properties. In our maths lesson today we went on a hunt around school looking for 2D or 3D shapes in real life settings!! We kept getting confused between cube and cuboid- but we think we know the difference now- if you see us, test us!!

Some of us were also looking for right angles and irregular shapes- this was pretty hard but we had fun searching!

Funny tongue twisters


In literacy today we have been trying to get our tongue around some funny tongue twisters. We have helped each other read them, discussed our favourite and tried to convince the rest of the class that our favourite is the best!! Tomorrow we will be performing these- hopefully without the sheet!! Keep looking out for the videos!!

Year 2’s wonderful time at Hatton Country World!

Be brave, be brave!
Be brave, be brave!

We learnt all about a number of animals and their habitats. We started by watching a sheep race! Huge fun…and one of our sheep came 3rd! Hoooray!

Then we fed the goats, rabbits and guinea pigs! If that was not enough…we went on to hold a lizard and chinchilla! The lizard felt unreal! Really strange…a bit like plastic, not like the chinchilla….he was very soft!

We also had time to have a wonderful tractor ride around the fields, we saw where the pumpkins grow and all the different “scarecrows” in the fields! Some of the “scarecrows” were dressed as Roman soldiers! Very funny.

We wonder if anyone can spot the special clock in the tractor….why is it special?

Our day was very special, the weather was great and we had a lot of fun, animals, nature and adventure!

Playground games in the last 50 years

The children have been looking at changes over the last 50 years, so as part of the topic they have also looked at the kind of games children would have played, as they did not have iPads and consoles or TV’s!

They have looked at skipping games, hoops, circle games, singing and marbles! They thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of playing a variety of games and activities.