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Counting in threes

In the starter of our Maths lesson yesterday and today we starter to learn how to count in threes. At the beginning of the lesson yesterday no-one could count in threes so we did lots of practising together. We now have 15 children who can count in threes on their own with no help! Such fantastic learning. Well done to these children:


And a very special well done to Osama who even remembered the pattern until this afternoon when I recorded him.

We are very proud of you all!

Sneeze Experiment Results



Each row group had slightly different results. We tried to make a pictogram to show what we found out but it was very difficult! Cara managed to do an excellent job and recorded her pictogram accurately; can you work out who sneezed the furthest?

We also recorded some ideas about what we learnt this lesson. Will and Ronnie have learnt a lot!

Experimenting is really good f​un.

Sneeze Experiments


In Science we learnt all about germs, colds and sneezes. First we watched a video of a sneeze in slow motion. Christos thought ‘It was disgusting!’ but we learnt that every time we sneeze germs shoot from our mouths and noses. These are then passed on and spread to everything we touch.

Miss Williams used a spray bottle and ‘sneezed’ on us! We watched how the germs spread through the air and touched us. We then used the spray sneezers ourselves to make big and small sneezes. It was lots of fun!

We then planned and carried out an experiment to find out how far a sneeze can travel. We used paper, a metre stick and a spray bottle. We each took turns to ‘sneeze’ onto the paper and measure how far it travelled. Results coming soon…

Staying safe online



Today we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online. We read a story about Smartie Penguin who asked his Daddy to help. Each time his Daddy said:

Before you click, click, click
You need to think, think, think and TELL someone.

We learnt this rhyme too to help us to remember to ask for help to stay safe online. We also learnt about the importance of not giving people any details about ourselves when we are online. We made some posters to share this important message with other people. Nicola and Emily ha​d some very important advice. Well done girls!

​3-D Shapes

Today in Maths we started to learn about 3-D shapes. We are trying very hard to remember all of their names. We also looked at some words we can use to describe them; edges, faces and corners. We tried to find out which 2-D shapes could be found on 3-D shapes.

This is what we learnt:


We know the 2-D shapes are flat and 3-D shapes are solid. We are going to keep looking at real-life objects and seeing if we can identify their shape.

Senses poems for the poetry competition



This week we have been writing our own senses poems for the poetry competition. We have tried to use all the writing techniques that we learnt about in Literacy including alliteration and similies. Our poems are very descriptive and show just how much we are trying to improve our vocabulary.

Cara and Osama have made an extra special effort and have both been chosen as joint​ Author’s of the Week! Well done both. Cara’s poem is very descriptive and she has tried especially hard with her handwriting as well. Osama has written his poem independently and managed to write some super adjectives.

We hope our poems don’t make you too hungry!

All about Florence Nightingale



In our History lessons we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. She was a very important nurse and we have learnt lots of facts about her. We have enjoyed finding out about what she did and why from looking at different sources of evidence. In our History lessons this week we did lots of different activities to find out more and show what we had already learnt.​

Poetry Competition

Toucans are such fantastic writers that we have decided to enter a poetry competition. The competition (which you can look at – click here) involves writing a senses poem.

This morning we used our senses to discover what was inside our napkins. We used adjectives to describe it by using our senses.


Have you guessed what it was yet? It was chocolate! We are going to write our poems all about chocolate so watch out over the next two weeks to see how we are getting on.

Growing Dances


This morning we continued to work on our Growing Dances. We have been learning about making bread. Our dances show the process involved from the tractors ploughing the feed right up to the wheat growing in the field. We did some parts of the dance on our own and some parts with a partner. We had great fun!​

Author of the Week: Salma Emam


We wrote some instructions to go with our fitness video dances. We are sure Mr Baddhan will be very impressed with them and might even be able to follow them. If you manage it Mr Baddhan, come and show us!

Salma worked extremely hard on her instructions and managed to meet all the success criteria as well. I am sure you will have lots of fun trying them out. ​

Egg-splosive egg-speriments


We carried out our experiments to find out which materials made the best helmets for Mr Egg. We had to think about how to carry out our experiment so that it was a fair test. We decided to keep some things the same so that Mr Egg had the same chance in everyone’s helmet. We all agreed to push him gently and from the same height cupboard. Have a look at our photos to find out what happened… some helmets were egg-spertly made and some egg-stremely dangerous!

An Egg-citing Day!

We bought our bikes into school as we have been learning all bout exercise and being healthy. We had great fun but also thought about which muscles in our body we were working and how. We think cycling is great exercise as you can see from our photos.

When we came inside we had a look at some children’s helmets. We talked about how helmets help to keep our heads safe and how important they are. Miss Williams showed us what might happen to our heads if we don’t wear a helmet by putting Mr Egg on Katie’s bike and rolling him off. He didn’t end up looking very healthy – in fact he looked egg-stremely sorry for himself!

Miss Williams challenged us to design and make a helmet for Mr Egg and then experiment with which was the most useful. We all chose our materials carefully and we used our knowledge of looking at real helemts to help us with this. We are finishing our helmets and carrying out our experiments tomorrow so watch out for our egg-sposive results!