Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas Party Fun



Today we had our Christmas Party. We started with lots of party games. We played musical statues (twice!), musical shapes, musical beanbags, pass the parcel and we had a dancing competition too. We won some fabulous prizes but best of all we were all really good sports.

After we were all danced out, we had our food. Everyone had been very generous with their contributions and there was lots to choose from. We all enjoyed it… even though some of us ate a bit too much!

To finish the party, we all went into the hall to enjoy a Christmas story. Just as Miss Williams started to read, we heard some bells! It was very exciting to see Santa come into our school. He asked us all if we had been good and reminded us to leave him a mince pie on Christmas Eve. Then he gave us 2 presents which we were very excited to open. Emily and Keaon opened them and they were two new games which we can play in our Goldentime. Very exciting!

Salma said it was ‘the best party I’ve ever been to’ and we all enjoyed it very much.​

Healthy sandwiches


As part of our DT work Toucans have designed and made healthy sandwiches. We had to think about how to make a sandwich that would be healthy but also enjoyable. Our challenge was to choose ingredients from at least three different food groups. We designed our sandwiches last week then some of us made them yesterday and the rest of us made them today.

We practised the skills we learnt during our Healthy Snack Cafe again, making sure we worked safely and hygienically. The sandwiches have gone home with us and we are asking our parent’s to fill in an evaluation form. We will keep you informed of the results!

Measuring capacity


Today, in Numeracy, Year 2 have been looking at capacity. They had a variety of containers they had to sort into groups, those they thought were of 1 litre, those they thought would hold less than a litre, and those they thought would hold more than a litre. They then tested their predictions by filling the containers with water.

They all did very well with only 2 or 3 containers in the wrong group.

Well done Year 2 we are very proud of you and not one of you got wet!

Researching different types of bread


Today in our DT lesson we started to research different types of bread. We each had a small piece of the following:

Fruited teacake
Sesame bagel
Onion bread
Honey and oat

For each piece we had to touch, taste and smell and then record our evidence onto a grid which asked us the following:

Name of bread
Colour outside
Colour inside
What would you eat with it?

We all enjoyed doing this and wrote a sentence underneath the grid saying what our favourite bread was.

Daffodil Day


Today we wore non-uniform to raise money for Marie Curie. So far Toucans have raised £26! We are taking part in Marie Curie’s little pots of care fundraiser. Each of use have planted a bulb for a daffodil and we will care for them over the winter through to the spring. Hopefully in spring our bulbs will grow into beautiful daffodils which we can take home.

We hope to continue raising money with each child being sponsored to look after their daffodil. We had some time to decorate these today to encourage people to sponsor us. We also had a go at drawing daffodils using a grid to help us. Christos and Nicholas did an excellent job!

Please continue to support us with this as Toucans are very competitive!

Safe searching

Children using Swiggle
Children using Swiggle

In our Computing lessons we have learnt lots of new skills. We have been practising using the internet to search safely for information. We used the website Swiggle as this is a safe search engine for children.

In our Science lessons we have been learning about the food groups and healthy/unhealthy foods. We enjoyed using Publisher to share our knowledge. We inserted a text box and wrote some words and sentences and then we added clip art too!

Learning about the world


This week we have been learning all about the World. We have focused on finding places using maps, atlases and globes. We have learnt lots of information about different places. We even learnt the names of some of the continents and oceans of the world.

We are working towards making our own non-chronological reports about the world. We have started to think and plan for our writing. Researching different places has been very interesting and we have learnt a lot.