Monthly Archives: January 2015

Sharing our good news!


In our classroom we now have a goodness box. This is where the children can write things that are happening in their lives at the moment, it can be good, great or exciting. Then we can share them in circle time and stick them on the board for everyone to read them. The children love this idea and cant wait to share them with the rest of the class.

In Art we have been painting some lovely animals that live in the Arctic.

We have also been learning how to draw, sketch, shade and add texture in another one of our Art classes.

Painting techniques


In Art this week we have started to learn about painting techniques.

We all painted one of the animals we have been learning about in our topic lessons. We learnt about choosing thick and thin brushes. We experimented with both and decided that thick brushes were best when painting large areas and thin brushes were best when painting details. We also used our thin brush to sketch the outline of the shape. This meant we really took our time and focused on getting the right shapes.

Everyone had fun and Tiffanie, Christos and Nicholas did an amazing job!

Polar adventure equipment

DSCF1016 DSCF1032

Today in class we were investigating different kinds of material for a polar adventure.

On each table there was a collection of gloves, waterproof coats, hardwearing coats, warm coats and hats. The children were asked to put them into a group of what they thought would be best for a polar adventurer. We asked them to clarify whether they were flexible, waterproof and warm.

Then for our next investigation we had to see if any of the below materials could be used for a umbrella. On each table we had a piece of tissue a plastic bag, kitchen roll, cardboard and a piece of fabric. We had to say whether we thought they would be waterproof or absorbent. We then recorded what we thought and then did the test on each material by dipping them into water.

We then recorded our results and found that the plastic bag was the material we thought could be used because it was the only one that was waterproof.

Learning algorithms using 2go

DSCF0998 DSCF1014

Today we continued our learning about algorithms. We learnt how to use a program called 2go which is accessed through Purple Mash. We practised giving instructions to move various objects around a map. We had to tell the object which direction to move in and how far to move. Lots of us completed all the challenges!

Note from Miss Williams:
Remember you all have Purple Mash logins which you can use to access this program from home. Go to creative tools and choose 2go. If you have lost your login please ask for a new one.

Adventurous Vocabulary


We are learning all about interesting or unusual words in our Literacy lessons. We have started to collect words that will make our writing more exciting. Last week Miss Williams found some interesting words in our own stories and has started a display. We will then borrow these words and use them ourselves. Christos gave use ‘meanwhile’ and ‘destroyed’ while Tiffanie gave us ‘extraordinary’ and ‘peculiar’. Today we looked in books to collect some more adventurous vocabulary.

Programming Bee Bots

DSCF0876 DSCF0870

Today in our Computing lesson we had the chance to use the Bee Bots.

We each had a white board and planned which way we wanted our Bee Bot to move. Either forward, backwards, left and right.

Then once we had done this, we went off into our groups and programmed in which way we wanted them to move to see if our plan had worked. We had so much fun watching them move in the directions that we had programmed them to do so.

We look forward to using them again.