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Beat and rhythm


In Music this week we learnt about beat and rhythm. We learnt that a beat always stays the same but a rhythm might change. We practised using percussion instruments to keep the beat and to play rhythms. We enjoyed singing together and are busy learning some new songs. When we have mastered them we will video them and put them here for you to see. We really enjoyed our music lesson and can’t wait for next week.

Firefighter visit


We had an exciting visitor from a firefighter because our topic this half term is all about the Great Fire of London. He showed us an animation about how the Great Fire of London spread.

Kaicie – He told us how the fire spread from just one house to the whole of London.
Salma – The Great Fire of London spread because the wind was very strong.
Riley – The fire spread for 4 whole days and nights in 1666.
Katie – The Great Fire of London started in a bakery.

He also showed us the uniform that he wears to help him fight fires.
Nila – He wears boots that his trousers are connected to. The boots had metal plates inside which means if anything falls on his feet it won’t hurt.
Daisy – A wears a helmet which is very hard and has built in glasses.

We also talked about how to keep safe from fire.
Cara – He showed us how to stop, drop and roll.
Christos – He reminded us to make sure that cookers are always off.
Ciera – He told us to keep away from fireworks because they might hurt you.
Kayleigh – Children should never play with matches.

He also let us ask him some questions. This is what we found out.
Emily – the smallest fire he had ever been to was in a bin!
Nicola – the largest fire he has ever been to started with a chinese lantern which flew into a paper recycling factory in Smethwick. It took the firefighters 2 whole weeks to put the fire out.

We loved finding out all about his job.




This half term we are going to be learning all about electricity. Today we went on a hunt around school to find things that are powered by mains electricity and things that are powered by batteries. We found much more was powered by mains electricity in our school, even things like smoke alarms which use batteries at home.

We then learnt about batteries as a portable source of electricity. We learnt that if you put batteries in the wrong way around your item will not work. We experimented for ourselves by putting batteries into torches.
Finally we talked about the possible dangers of electricity. We use the website ‘Switched on Kids’ to explore possible dangers in the home. We also talked about safety by railway lines and electrical sub-stations. We made posters to show what we had learnt.

Video: Polar Explorers



Today Toucans visited the North Pole and the South Pole! Have a look at our videos and see what we found out..

Of course we never really visited the Poles – they are too far away and too cold! In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search for and save images. We have also been working on our acting and presentation skills.

We made our own reports and Mr Baddhan helped us to use the green screen to make it look like we really visited the North and South Pole. Do you think we did a good job?

Online problems

DSCF1184 DSCF1177

This afternoon we focused again on internet safety. We already know lots of things but this afternoon we focused on talking about different dilemmas we might have when using the internet. We made a wheel with options of things to do when you have an online problem. Miss Williams gave us different dilemmas and we discussed in pairs, then as a class, what the best options for each was.

We had lots of good ideas during our discussions and were very mature in our ideas.

We had lots of good ideas.


Super Sharing


Today we started to learn about division. We practised the vocabulary of ‘shared between’ and ‘groups of’. In our lesson we had to practising sharing counters between cups to find out the answer to a division number sentence. Miss Williams showed us how to share equally and then we practised ourselves.

We sometimes got the wrong answer because we didn’t start with the correct number of counters! The more we practised, the better we got. We will continue to learn about division for the rest of this week and hopefully we will be fantastic at it by Friday! Why don’t you test us?

Adventure Stories



Over the last four weeks Toucans have been learning all about adventure stories. We have read a range of stories by an author called Hans DeBeer. Has writes and illustrates his stories. All the stories are about a little polar bear called Lars who lives in the Arctic.

We focused on the structure of a 5 part story. All the children know a story must have:
An introduction
A build up
A problem
A resolution
An ending

This structure has started to help some of us understand how to write in paragraphs – very clever!

We also focused on making our writing more interesting by using adventurous vocabulary, conjunctions and adjectives. We learnt how to use different sorts of punctuation for effect on the reader and some of us are now experimenting with questions marks, exclamation marks, commas in lists, speech marks and even ellipses!

After reading a range of adventure stories we began to write our own. We went through all the processes a real author goes through. We planned our stories before we wrote them. Then we went back and edited and improved our own work. Finally we published them in books which we are going to share with Reception children next week.

We then did a hot task. This is where we watched a short video of a boy travelling in a rocket. We used this to start our own stories. We planned and wrote them with no help at all and they were FANTASTIC!

Miss Williams gave us magic pencils and special lights to help us concentrate on our very best handwriting. Have a look at some of our work and see if you think they worked. Shayla said she could feel ‘pencil power’ when she used it!

Here are some examples of our writing: