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Databases – sorting data


In Maths this week we have learnt all about data and today we learnt all about databases in our Computing lesson. Databases are a way of storing lots of different information. We practised using a database about a class of children and then we added data about ourselves to the database. We could sort the data in different ways. We then saved our work so we can access it again. We learnt a lot! We used Purple Mash to practise databases on a program called 2Investigate. Don’t forget Toucans – you can access this at home.

Every child has their own password to log into Purple Mash from home, if you need help logging on, please see Miss WIlliams or Mr Baddhan.

Video: Classic Poetry

This week in Literacy we have been learning all about classic poems. Classic poems are poems that are very famous and they might have been written a very long time ago. We have read lots of different classic poems this week and even tried hard to learn some off by heart. We worked in our Literacy groups to practise and learn our poems. We had to decide together how we would perform them. Some of us said the whole poem together and some of us decided to learn some lines each and put it together as a whole poem.

Some of the poems we learnt were by a very famous classic poet called Christina Rossetti.
Oranges learnt ‘Clouds’
Grapes learnt ‘What is Pink?’
Strawberries learnt ‘What do the Bees do?’
Blueberries learnt ‘The Rainbow’
Bananas learnt ‘The Wind’

We love Christina Rossetti’s poems.

These were our Success Criteria:
* Speak loudly and clearly
* Read with intonation and expression
* Learn your poem off by heart

Have a look at to see how successful you think we were.

Multiskills Festival


Today we went to the Multiskills Festival at Billesley Tennis Centre. We took part in 10 different events including tennis skills, tag rugby, football shooting, parachute games and throwing and catching games. We worked in groups of 10 with Miss Williams, Mrs Green and Mrs Sargant and travelled around the activities together. We were quite competitive! We enjoyed playing against each other but we were very good at congratulating the winning team each time.

The competition scores were all collected in and we will let you know how we got on when we find out. We enjoyed this event hugely and really improved our skills in all these areas of PE.

Fantastic writing


It was very difficult to choose which recounts to put on our blog this week as all the children in Year 2 tried extremely hard. Miss Williams chose one from each group to showcase the fantastic writing we are producing. This was a ‘hot task’ which means we had no help at all.

Recounts by Nila, Ciera, Millie, Christopher and Nicholas.


IMG_0196 IMG_0195

Year 2 learnt about Sikhism in today’s RE lesson. The children learnt that Sikh’s among other religions, also believe in one God also and that they too had duties and responsibilities.

Can you name the 3 other religions that also believe in one God?

They also learnt about the 5 K’s, which is about the items that they traditionally wear. The children had a go at wearing some of the items and looked at the founder of the religion, Guru Nanak and about his life 500 years ago.

Making our fire engines


Today we started to make our fire engines. First we turned our boxes inside out because some of them were too shiny to paint on. Next we used rulers and our boxes to measure how long the axle needed to be. After that we painted our boxes in red. We then cut the axles with a saw. We had to hold the wood one side away from the saw. We then held the saw with our thumb on top. This helped us to cut safely without our fingers in the way. We pulled and pushed gently until it cut all the way through.

Magic daffodils!



This week in our classroom some real magic happened! We think it is because we have been writing magical stories. If you scroll back down our blog you will see we had our photos taken with our daffodils on Monday. When we came into school on Tuesday we were surprised to find they had grown even more. When we arrived on Wednesday we were shocked to see they were even taller. On Thursday we were astonished to find they had bloomed into beautiful daffodils! We had our photos taken again today so you can see how fantastic they look! Maybe it was a bit of Mother’s Day magic that helped…