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Rousseau’s Rainforests


Today in Art we learnt about the famous artist Henri Rousseau. He was born in France and liked painting rainforest and jungle scenes. At the time he was painting some people thought his work was childish but now his paintings are extremely famous and valuable.

We made our own rainforest scenes in his style. We tried to hide animals in our rainforests as he does in his work. We had great fun using mixed media to create our pictures. Do you think we did a good job?

Life Caravan


On Tuesday we had a special visit from Harold in the Life Caravan. We were very excited to go inside and meet him. He was just getting ready for a party when we got there. We had to help him solve a problem with his friend who felt said and lonely. Maybe you could ask us what advice we gave him?

We learnt all about different feelings. We practised what we should do if we have angry feelings. Maureen taught us how to count backwards from 10 as the angry feelings left our bodies. We thought this was really good advice and are definitely going to try it.

We also learnt about the different organs inside our bodies and where they are. We asked some very sensible questions about the jobs the different organs inside us do and we learnt a lot.

At the end of our lesson we got to meet Harold and stroke him. He was lovely! We are going to make sure we remember what we learnt in the Life Caravan because it was such an enjoyable experience.

Brilliant Behaviour


We are working really hard in Year 2 to ensure we get all our behaviour badges. Today lots of children received their purple badge which puts them on track to get their green before the end of the year. This is truly something to be proud of. Keep trying Toucans!


Also we decided as a class to give Emily a special blog mention as she is working truly hard on her number clubs. She has made massive progress with them over the year and she is now on the 27 club! We were extremely proud of her when she stood up in assembly this morning with lots of Key Stage 2 children. Well done Emily! I wonder if anyone in Toucans can catch her up?

Rainforest dance

Today in Dance we continued practising our Rainforest dance. We only started last week but we are starting to listen to the music more carefully and use our bodies to move in different ways. This is what we thought of our performance:


We will continue to practise and add to our dance so keep checking our blog.

Tomato spider


Today we learned all about the tomato spider. This is what we learnt:

  • The tomato spider is called that because of the shape of it’s body
  • It is a carnivore
  • It eats tomatoes
  • A shark, a worm and an ostrich eat the tomato spider
  • But… We found out that the tomato spider is not a real spider. The person who made the website made it up! It is not real even though there is a website all about it here:

    The person who made the website made a mistake because he wrote it is a carnivore and it eats tomatoes… that is how we discovered it wasn’t real! This taught us that some websites are real but some are fake.

    We must be careful in choosing websites to use. It is always best to check with an adult.

    Super Science



    We learnt about some new plants, flowers and trees today in Science. We went outside to do a tree, flower and plant hunt. We had to look everywhere where plants, trees and flowers grow to try to find the ones that were on our sheet.


    Thank you for looking at our blog. I hope you learnt about some new plants.

    By Toucans

    Amazing Art



    This afternoon we had a wonderful time practising and developing our artistic skills. Our topic of the rainforest is a wonderful opportunity to practise our drawing and painting skills. We split into three groups and rotated around each activity. We drew rainforest animals and adding tone and texture through shading and patterns. We painted our own versions of the animals by looking closely at photographs of them and then choosing the correct colours. I am sure you will agree we did a fantastic job!

    An exciting start

    We have had a very exciting first day back at school after the Easter holidays. It all started with reminiscing back to last year’s summer term when we learnt all about pirates. This is what Puffins are learning about this term and they had a real pirate visit for the day. Luckily, they invited us to take part and so we joined them for a morning of pirate puppetry. It was fantastic!


    Then back in class we started our new topic about Rainforests. We read ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynn Cherry and discussed the issues involved with rainforests being chopped down. We are very excited about our new topic and this afternoon some of us shared our homework projects with the rest of the class. It was very impressive to see the imaginative range of tasks children had completed at home. Well done Toucans!

    Finally we ended the day by sharing our holiday news. Ronnie enjoyed a holiday in Disneyland Paris and Riley has a new baby sister! We are updating our good news board so come and see what the rest of us have to share.