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Measuring Volume


This morning in Maths we completed some more learning about volume. We learnt the word volume meant ‘how much room is inside a container’ and we measure it in litres and millilitres. We looked at a jug and found out that there are 1000ml in 1l. Miss Williams showed us how to fill the jug accurately with 1l then pour it into a container to find out whether the container has a volume of more than 1l or less than 1l. We practised using the < and > signs also.
We then worked together outside to sort some containers. We had to work together as a team and take turns sensibly. We filled our jug with 1l of water then tried to fit it inside the container. We found out that if we had more water left in the jug when the container was full, the volume of the container was < 1 l. If we had no water left over and there was still room inside the container, the volume was > 1l.

Some children thought they had found containers which held exactly 1l but when we checked they held less. Miss Williams found one she thought held about 1l and Nicholas explained how we could check. He said if we measured a litre then poured all the water into the container so the jug was empty and the container was full, we would have found it holds 1l. It turned out Miss Williams was right! But did she estimate or did she just look on the label?!

Twycross zoo trip


Today Year 2 visited Twycross zoo. It was a really, really fun day! First we went to visit the meerkats, leopards and siamangs. They were all very interesting. Next we went to the penguins. At first they were on the rocks and then suddenly they all splashed into the water at the same time! Some of us got wet! After that, we went to look at the flamingos. They were much pinker than we expected them to be, this is because they eat shrimp. That’s where they get their pink colour from. They can stand on one leg for a very long time.

Next we visited a Borneo longhouse. There were lots of birds and plants that might live in the rainforest. Then we went to see the elephants but they were down the other side so we went this afternoon instead. We also saw the tapirs. We have learnt about these as they live in the rainforests but it was amazing to see them in real life. They were very big and had funny nose-trunks!

After lunch we went to the butterfly forest. One butterfly landed on Mr Kempson for a very long time! Other butterflies landed on us too. They were so beautiful. Then we went to visit the pet part of the zoo. There were goats, rabbits and bearded-dragons. After that we played in the park – it was great fun!

Finally we visited all the different monkeys they have including the Orang-Utans. The large one was very shy because he kept hiding from the camera! The baby was funny because he kept covering himself with hay.

Overall we had a wonderful day, even the teachers had a great time! Shayla said ‘It was the best day of my life!’

Also a thank you to our Parent Governor Mr Kempson for taking some wonderful photos.

Using scooters to understand forces

We continued learning about forces today in Science. We bought our scooters in and thought about what made them move. We observed our partners on the scooters and decided it was a pushing force that was needed. Nicholas then said he thought sometimes a scooter could move without a pushing force if it was down a hill. We experimented with this and found he was correct. We then came up with our own questions to experiment with. Some of us found out how to make a scooter go faster, slower or stop. Some of us found out what surface was best for a scooter to travel on. Why don’t you ask some of us what we found out?

Forces and materials


In Science, Toucans have been experimenting with forces and materials. We focused on the properties of materials and what forces can be applied to them.

This is what we learnt about materials:

You can twist: elastic, paper, tin foil, fabric, metal, blu-tac, playdough, sponge

You can bend: elastic, paper, tin foil, fabric, blu-tac, playdough, sponge

You can stretch: elastic, paper, tin foil, fabric, blu-tac, playdough

You can squash: elastic, paper, tin foil, fabric, blu-tac, playdough, sponge

We also found out that you can’t do any of those things to these materials without them breaking: wood and plastic. We also predicted glass would go in this category but we didn’t test it as it would not have been safe!

Value word – courage


In our Circle Time we have been thinking about our value word – courage. We thought of lots of times when we needed to show courage in our every day lives. We talked about the difference between showing courage and putting ourselves in danger. In the Lion King, Mufasa says ‘I am only brave when I need to be’. We liked this quote and it reminded us of times when we have to be brave too. We read a very funny poem about showing courage and then used a writing frame to fill in our own ideas.

We have also read a story that originally came from Japan about a boy called Shobei. They story was called ‘To give is to receive’ and it helped us to think about how this relates to our lives. We came up with some things we need in order to survive, some things we want and some things we wish for. This is what we thought of:


Miss Williams was most impressed with how mature we have become.

Using a compass


We have been learning about how to use a compass in our Geography lesson. Did you know a compass is used with a map? It tells you which direction to go in.

We learnt:
– If it points to N you are travelling North.
– If it points to E you are travelling East.
– If it points to S you are travelling South.
– If it points to W you are travelling West.

To help us remember this we could remember:
– Naughty Elephants Squirt Water
– Never Eat Slimy Worms
– Never Eat Shredded Wheat
– We used our compass to solve some problems following directions on a card. We had to hold the compass still and flat so that it showed us the correct direction. Can you find out which direction your house faces?

Hindu Gods


Year 2 have today learnt some more about the various Hindu gods. today we learnt about the God Ravana who was an evil God and does not use his powers for good. We have drawn pictures of Ravana. As you can see he had lots of heads!

We are also writing about Ravana and describing all the things he could do.

Straw rockets

In Science today we were introduced to pushes and pulls as types of forces.

We experimented by making a straw rocket with the following materials:
– A5 piece of white paper
– Pencil
– Paper straw
– Black card
– Sellotape


The idea was to put in the paper straw and blow, making the rocket launch into the air.

We then got into our row groups and experimented with whose would go the furthest.

We found out the following:
If we used a plastic straw it might have gone further.
If we made the stick of the rocket thinner it might have gone further.
You must make sure the top of the rocket is sealed properly so no air comes out of the top when blowing.

We had great fun! Some of us are going to make them again at home to see if we can get them to go further.

Textiles project


Today we started our final DT project of the year. This is what we remembered about DT:


Our final project will be a textiles project. We will design and make a soft toy by learning the skills needed to sew.

Today we researched products so we have ideas for how to make our own. We looked at different soft toys and thought about what they were made from. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the stitching on the seams to check how they had been made.

Our next step will be to design and then make. We can’t wait!

Blogs, blogs, blogs & eSafety!


Today in our Computing lesson we learnt more about how to post a comment on a blog. We enjoyed reading Nursery’s blog and Year 6’s blog and then made a class comment on each of them. We then had our own laptop or computer to look at a different blog for ourselves. We used our new knowledge to post comments on other classes blogs. We have learnt that it is important to only ever say kind things on blogs (and on the internet generally) and we tried to stick to this with our own comments.

We have also now finished our own e-Safety posters. We have learnt a great deal this year about how to stay safe on the internet and we thought it would be a good idea to share that knowledge with everyone. Take a few minutes to read some of our posters – you might learn how to stay a bit safer!

Hinduism – Ganesh


In RE, the Toucans have been looking at how god is represented in different faiths. Today we looked at the Hindu faith. There are a lot of Gods in Hinduism and we found out a little bit about the God called Ganesh. He is very unusual, because, as you can see by the picture he has the head of an elephant. We have all worked really hard today.

Learning about forces


Today in Science we started to learn about forces. We made a flying fish and did some experiments with them. We thought of our own questions.

Sophie S – How can our flying fish glide more?
Nicholas – How can our flying fish fly faster?
Salma – How can we make our flying fish go slower?
Katie – How can we make our flying fish go higher?
Jamie – How can we make our flying fish go further?

We experimented in pairs with these questions. We found out that the force you apply when you drop/throw it affects how far and how fast it will fly.

We then experimented with a flying mouse! We made our own mouse and again thought of our own question. We thought carefully about what we could add to our mouse to answer our questions. Some of us thought that by adding ears and tails it would travel further. We actually found out it just made our mouse heavier and it didn’t fly as far. We have learnt a lot about movement and forces today and enjoyed experimenting for ourselves like real scientists.