Monthly Archives: July 2015

Class leavers party


Today on the 16th July 2015 we had a class leavers party. We had a wonderful time playing lots of different party games. First we played a game where you dance and when the music stops you have to put a quoit on your head! Isaiah won this game. Next we played musical statues and Lexie, Katie, Nathanuel and Romarni won. After that we played a brand new game which Miss Williams invented!

We had to pass a ball round and when the music stopped whoever had the ball had to throw it into a bucket 1 metre away. Then there were two final winners who won prizes; Shayla and Christos. When we played a second time, Tiffanie won. We also played musical shapes which Cara and Nila won. We then enjoyed some delicious, tasty, outstanding party food. What a lovely time we had!

Try our finished games

Toucans have continued to work on their game making skills today with Mr Baddhan. Some children were very creative and imaginative with their games. They all added instructions to their games. Try their wonderful games and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Daisy’s game

Emily’s game

Jamie and Riley’s game

Katie and Kayleigh’s game

Cara and Sophie’s game

Sophie S’s game

Salma’s game

Tiffany’s game

Osama’s game

Nila’s game

Kacie and Ceira’s game

Super Spiders!


Today we finished our DT project. This week we have learnt to sew! We have practised a running stitch which looks easy but was actually quite complicated. It was difficult to remember not to go round but in and out. We all tried our very best. We then stuffed our spiders with wadding and decorated them. We enjoyed the whole process but are particularly pleased with our end results.

Video: Rainforest assembly


Watch the assembly here

Today Toucans performed their class assembly about Rainforests. They did the most wonderful job of singing, acting and even performing a musical rainstorm! Parents and teachers commented on how lovely and loud their voices were and everyone was very proud of them. Well done Year Two!

Designing a spider!


Today we started our final DT project. We have already designed our spiders so today we started to make them. First we had to draw very carefully around a template of a spider. Then we cut them out, also very carefully! We had to make sure they were exactly the same size as our next task is to begin sewing them together. Keep an eye on our blog to see how we get on.

Toucans learn about debugging


During Computing, Toucans learnt more about algorithms and debugging. They used the Blu-Bots to program them to reach from one area (yellow cone) to another (blue cone). They then had to write down their successful algorithm.

If they were unable to reach the correct area (blue cone), then they were told about debugging (fixing) their program to try again.

Sports Day Fun


This morning Toucans enjoyed their sports day. We all had great fun… even though it tried to rain! There was a sprint race, standing long jump, javelin, a bean bag throw, an obstacle race and finally a long distance race. We all gave our very best effort and those children who came first, second and third were rewarded with a certificate. We decided as a class that it did not matter if we won because we all achieved something by taking part. Our favourite race was the long distance race; our winners were Lexie in the girls heat and Nathanuel in the boys heat. Well done everyone for taking part sensibly. Thank you to the parents who joined us for our lovely morning.