Monthly Archives: October 2015

Marvellous Music!


Toucans finished their final day of the half term by making some joyful sounds. We have been learning all about beat and rhythm and today we used the instruments to practise playing different rhythms. First Miss Williams did some with us as a class and then we worked with a partner to try and make our own up. This was a bit harder but we enjoyed trying!

We have also been learning about long and short sounds. Today we played a game in pairs. One of us played a sequence of sounds and the other had to guess which one they were playing. I’m sure you can see from the photos we thought our Music lesson was great fun!

Black History Month: Mary Seacole


As part of our History lessons we have been learning all about Mary Seacole. We have listened to her story, painted some pictures and written some facts we have learnt. It has linked nicely with our value word of tolerance.


We thought as a class that our lives now are much nicer. We know it is important to learn tolerance and try and get on with people even if they are different to ourselves.

Descriptive poems


We have finished our descriptive poems! Our teachers are very proud of us. We have tried hard to include all the things we have been learning about like alliteration, similes and interesting words. Today we edited and improved our poems and then we published them. We copied them very carefully using our very neatest handwriting (with asceders and descenders) ready to make into a class book. We think it will be amazing!



In Maths today we started to learn about inverse. We learnt that from every addition you can make another addition by swapping the numbers around. When adding, the biggest number goes at the end. We learnt that from every subtraction you can make another subtraction by swapping the numbers around. When subtracting, the biggest number must go first. Some of us used counters to help us understand what was really happening with the numbers.

Germs, colds and sneezes


In Science we learnt all about germs, colds and sneezes. First we watched a video of a sneeze in slow motion. Reuben thought‘It was disgusting!’ but we learnt that every time we sneeze germs shoot from our mouths and noses. These are then passed on and spread to everything we touch.

Miss Williams used a spray bottle and ‘sneezed’ on us! We watched how the germs spread through the air and touched us. We then used the spray sneezers ourselves to make big and small sneezes. It was lots of fun!

We then planned and carried out an experiment to find out how far a sneeze can travel. We used paper, a metre stick and a spray bottle. We each took turns to ‘sneeze’ onto the paper and measure how far it travelled.

Each row group had slightly different results. Have a look at our pictures and see if you can work out who sneezed the furthest. We also recorded some ideas about what we learnt this lesson.

Safe searching


Today in our Computing lesson we started to learn more about being safe on the internet. We watched a video called Hector’s World and learnt some new information. We had a class discussion about things we should always do to stay safe online and things we should never do. Then we sang the internet safety song we learnt last year. Well done to Ruby, Miranda and Kyle for making such informative posters.

Exploring poems


In English we have started to learn about poetry. Over the next two weeks we are going to be exploring different kinds of poems and different techniques poets use to write exciting poetry. We have started with senses poems. Today we used our senses to explore a mystery object Miss Williams gave us wrapped in a paper towel. First of all we felt in, then shook it to see if it made a sound and then we smelt it. We came up with some good adjectives. It felt:
Hard, curved and smooth. It didn’t make a sound. It smelt delicious, like caramel and yummy.

We them opened it and explored it properly with our eyes. It was brown, some of them had patterns on and they were all different colours. Have you guessed what it was yet? Our next sense was definitely our favourite as we tasted them! We all thought it was scrumptious! We used this word as we are trying to collect more interesting vocabulary.

We worked in groups to share our adjectives. Some of use learnt how to use a thesaurus. At the end of the lesson Joshua T told the class that a thesaurus ‘helped us to choose clever words not boring words’.

We think this was Toucans favourite English lesson so far!

Amazing Art


Today we continued learning all about Paul Cezanne. He was a famous artist from France who liked to paint ‘still life’. We practised drawing our own versions of his painting last week. It was very difficult to make things the right size to fill our A4 paper. This week we learnt how to use watercolour paints and paintbrushes correctly.


We enjoyed our first painting lesson and did a wonderful job. Have a look at some of our finished paintings – we think you will be impressed!

Egg-splosive Egg-speriments



Today we carried out our experiments to find out which materials made the best helmets for Mr Egg. We had to think about how to carry out our experiment so that it was a fair test. We decided to keep some things the same so that Mr Egg had the same chance in everyone’s helmet. We all agreed to push him gently and from the same height table. Have a look at our photos to find out what happened… some helmets were egg-spertly made and some egg-stremely dangerous!

An egg-citing day!

We bought our bikes into school as we have been learning all bout exercise and being healthy. We had great fun but also thought about which muscles in our body we were working and how. We think cycling is great exercise as you can see from our photos.

When we came inside we had a look at some children’s helmets. We talked about how helmets help to keep our heads safe and how important they are. Miss Williams showed us what might happen to our heads if we don’t wear a helmet by putting Mr Egg on Anastasya’s bike and rolling him off. He didn’t end up looking very healthy – in fact he looked egg-stremely sorry for himself!

Miss Williams challenged us to design and make a helmet for Mr Egg and then experiment with which was the most useful. We all chose our materials carefully and we used our knowledge of looking at real helmets to help us with this. We are finishing our helmets and carrying out our experiments tomorrow so watch out for our egg-splosive results!

Harvest Dance


In our PE lessons with Mr Gill we have been practising our Gymnastic skills. In our PE lessons with Miss Williams we have been learning a dance all about the process of growing and harvesting wheat. We have been practising making our movements clear and putting them together in sequence to music. We have worked individually to plow the fields and spread the seeds. Today we learnt the next part of our Dance in pairs. With our partners one of us was a seed and the other was the sun and then the rain. We practised until we could do it without Miss Williams telling us what to do. We then split in half and watched each other. We commented on what the dancers did well:

Joshua B thought ‘Oscar was good at spraying the fields because he moved side to side’.
Ellesse thought ‘Maddison was a great seed because she grew up really slowly’.
Lucan thought ‘Sean was a very good sun and rain because he kept on doing it’.

We will put a video of our finished dance on the blog when we have learnt it all.

Number Clubs


Something very exciting happened in number clubs this week…two children moved up for the third week in a row!

Sean and Paris have completed their number clubs correctly since first coming into Year 2 every week. That means they only spent one week learning the facts for each club – fantastic! Well done boys, we are very proud of you. We also had three children move up their number clubs for the first time. Well done to Sophie, Joshua B and Luke.

Come on Toucans, the rest of you can do it too!