Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas Party


We had an amazing Christmas party this afternoon! First we played lots of party games like musical statues, musical shapes (similar to musical bumps) and musical quoits (similar to musical chairs). Then we had a dancing competition and practised our best groovy moves! The judges were very impressed with all the dancing. We did a class cheer-o-meter to choose the winner which was Maddison. Well done to the runners up as well; Khaltum, Josh B and Josh F. Our final game was pass the parcel. Everyone won a Frozen chocolate prize and Sophie and Nadine won the main prizes.

Next we had a rest whilst eating our party food… it was delicious! Then we had a surprise visitor – it was Santa Clause! He asked if we had been good and then gave us a class present which Isabella opened. It was a shopping game and we are looking forward to playing with it after Christmas.

We had one more game of our choice (musical statues) before the party ended. Everyone had a wonderful time and our teachers were very impressed with our good manners and kindness and encouragement when people won. Well done Toucans. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. See you in 2016 for more exciting learning.

2016 Calendars

Today we started making our calendars to take home for next year. We are making them on the laptops using a program called Purple Mash. We all have our own logins and can access this website from home also. In our Computing lessons we have been combining text with graphics. We practised these skills to make our calendars. We searched through lots of images on clipart to find the perfect ones and even drew some of our own as well. We are going to keep our calendars a surprise so there are no photos with this blog!

Our Successful Healthy Café


What a wonderful time Toucans had this afternoon! We set up our café outside and practised our best ‘Roll up, roll up, healthy and nutritious snacks here’. We were excellent with our customer service, remembering to say please and thank you. We even said ‘have a nice day’! Thank you to all the parents who supported us by buying our healthy snacks. We hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making and selling them. Toucans worked extremely hard this week to make sure it was a success and Miss Williams and Mrs Green are so proud of the wonderful job you all did. Well done Toucans!

The even better news is that we made an enormous £36! We are going to spend some time next week deciding what we will spend our money on. Thank you again to everyone who supported our event.

Healthy Café: Final Preparations


This morning Paris, Maddison, Khaltum, Alfie, Llukan and Sean prepared their fruit salads. First they washed and chopped the strawberries. They used the bridge hold to cut their fruit safely as they had been taught in DT. Next they did the same with the grapes and collected the blueberries. The most difficult part was the construction! We decided we had to make them all the same or it wouldn’t be fair on the customers. To check we did this we decided to put 2 strawberries, 2 grapes and 2 blueberries in each pot and then repeat the pattern. This made sure the fruit was all mixed up but also that it was fair.

Then it was time for Ruby, Harley, Nadine, Joshua T, Shakeel and Oscar to make their smoothies. First they also used their DT skills to chop the strawberries and bananas so they would fit into the blender. Then Miss Williams helped to measure the liquid; milk, orange juice and yoghurt. We put it all together in the blender to make a delicious smelling smoothie. We had to make 6 batches to have enough for our Café. We had one minor disaster with the blender but some good teamwork and paper towels soon sorted it out!

Toucans are very excited for this afternoon and are currently practising their money and selling skills to ensure it goes well.

Healthy flapjacks


This afternoon Abigail, Isa, Rubylee, Ishmael, Miah and Luke made healthy flapjacks. First Mrs Green melted the butter and sugar. Then we mixed in the honey, oats and the fruit. It was quite hard work because the liquid kept running to the bottom of the bowl. We stirred until the ingredients were mixed well together. We then put it into a tin and pressed it together well so our flapjacks don’t fall apart when they are cooked. They are now in the oven and they smell amazing!

Cooking for our Healthy Snack Café


Today we started the cooking for our Healthy Snack Café tomorrow afternoon. We have made pizzas and muffins so far.

Kyle, Miranda, Joshua B, Isabella, Anastasya and Reuben were in charge of making the Pizzas. First we used our DT skills to cut the mushrooms safely. Miss Williams grated the cheese as it was too dangerous for us. We then spread tomato puree all over our bases and added the cheese. We decided how to complete our pizzas with the toppings for ourselves. Some of us put them on in patterns and some of us sprinkled them on. I’m sure you will agree, they all look delicious!

Pyper, Joshua F, Ava, Ellesse, Sophie and Lucas were in charge of making the blueberry muffins. First they had to weigh out all the ingredients to follow the recipe. Our butter was a bit hard so it was difficult to cream with the sugar, we definitely gave our muscles a workout! We then added the other ingredients and put it into muffin cases. We were very tempted to taste it and can’t wait until they are cooked!

Tablecloth designs


We have been working hard towards our café again today. Each team sat with Miss Williams and searched the internet for a healthy recipe for their snack. We have chosen recipes that use wholemeal flour instead of normal flour and other healthier alternatives. We also made tablecloths to cover the tables and make our food more appealing. We worked in our teams and had to think carefully about the design. Here is our work in progress photos… you will have to wait until Friday to see the completed effect!

Selling healthy snacks to parents


This week Toucans are working towards opening their own Healthy Snack Café. All this term we have been learning about being healthy and now it’s time to put all our hard work into practise. We are working in teams to design and make a healthy snack to sell on Friday 11th December from 3:00 (for parents) then after school until the food is gone! We have learnt all about the food groups so we guarantee the snacks will not only be delicious but also nutritious. We are hoping to hold it in the playground outside our fence but if it rains this will move to the school hall. Today we made some posters to advertise our café and encourage people to visit. We are hoping to make a little profit once we cover the cost of the ingredients to buy some new toys and games for our Golden Time so please come along on Friday and support us.

Fun with fractions


This week in our Maths lessons we have been learning all about fractions. We started by exploring 2D shapes and finding out which shapes could be split into equal halves and quarters. Today we started to learn about fractions of numbers. We used counters to help us. We made ourselves a fraction grid by folding and labelling a piece of paper into halves on one side and quarters on the other side. We then used this to share counters to find halves and quarters of numbers. We had to practise accurate counting and make sure we shared equally. We are getting much better with fractions.

Creating leaflets


Today in Computing we learnt how to use Publisher. In our English lessons we are writing non-chronological reports in the form of a leaflet. So far we have written an introduction and our first two paragraphs. We are editing and improving our writing as we go through the week then when we have finished it all we are going to publish our leaflets like real authors!

In our Computing lesson we used Publisher to find a picture and write a caption to go in our leaflet. We had to learn lots of skills; finding and choosing a picture, drawing a text box and typing using capital letters and punctuation. We then saved and printed our work as well. Here are some examples of our work – keep an eye on the blog for our finished leaflets on Friday.