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Our finished fire engines



We have finished our fire engines! I am sure you will agree they look fantastic. The children worked very hard to add their own ideas to their fire engine. Some added ladders, headlights, sirens and lots of other objects fire engines need. They had to think carefully about how to solve any problems they had and that wasn’t always easy. Once we finished, we evaluated our final products. Most of us were very happy with what we had produced. Some children thought they could have improved some things; made a stronger ladder, added headlights and practising their sawing were just a few of their ideas.

Well done Toucans!

Visitor from the Church


Today we had a special visit from Pauline, who works at our local church. She came in to talk to us about Easter and tell us a version of the Easter story. We listened carefully to the story and had lots of questions that made Pauline. She told us the story using eggs holding special parts of the story, they helped her to tell the story and we discussed why each part of the story was important.


On the Sunday before Easter, to start holy week, the church give out palm crosses. We have these to remember that Jesus died on the cross at Easter and that palm leaves were waved at Jesus as he walked to Jerusalem. Pauline gave us all a palm cross to take home.

Designing our fire engines


This afternoon Toucans started their DT project of making fire engines. We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and how things changed after the fire with the invention of the fire engine. Last week we explored how vehicles are made and learnt all about wheels and axles. We then designed our own fire engines.

We started making them today by turning our boxes inside out because the paint wouldn’t stick to shiny surfaces. We used masking tape to stick it back together and then we painted them red. Meanwhile Miss Williams called us to the sawing table where we measured and sawed our wood to make the axle. We also coloured our wooden wheels in black to make them look like tyres.

Tomorrow we will attach the axle and wheels to the boxes and check they move. We will then spend some time decorating them to make them look like real fire engines! We need to make: a ladder, a siren, a hose, doors, windows, headlights, mirrors, an axe and a sign saying fire. We will let you know how we get on.

Measuring lengths



This week in Maths we have been learning about measuring length. We have used metre sticks, tape measures and rulers to measure in metres, centimetres and some of us even tried millimetres!

Today we used our knowledge of mathematical signs to help us order and compare length. Have a look at our photos to see how we got on.

British Values

British Prime ministers2

Today we started thinking more about British Values. We started by recapping from Mrs Knipe’s assembly and were able to remember all the values and what they meant. We also thought of examples of when they apply to us in school.

Democracy – in class we have votes to decide things fairly all the time. We have voted on books we want to read, charities we want to give money to and who our councillors will be.

Rule of law – this is very important in school. Maddison correctly stated that rules are important because they help to keep us safe. Ava also said if we break rules it might mean someone gets hurt physically or their feelins get hurt.

We talked about liberty, respect and tolerance together as these have all been our value words this year.

Then we started to think about the Prime Minister. Khaltum knew our current Prime Minister is David Cameron but we didn’t really know much about the job he does! Miss Williams taught us some facts. This is what we learnt:

We also looked at some pictures of prime ministers from the past. We are looking forward to learning more.

We also looked at some pictures of prime ministers from the past. We are looking forward to learning more.

Multi Skills winners!


Well done Toucans – we were the overall winners at the Multi Skills event on Monday! We just had an email and our overall score was 455! There were only 5 points in it so every point really did count. We have won a Green Bus for the day and a trophy is also on the way! We are very proud of you all.

Multisports festival


This afternoon Toucans had a wonderful time at the Multisports festival. There were lots of different schools there. Each class split into three teams to do 12 different activities. It was a very busy afternoon! This is what we thought of our time there:


We all won certificates for working so hard and our teachers were proud of our exemplary behaviour. Our teachers were given 5 badges to give out to those children who had made an extra special effort.:

Pyper won the determination badge.
Sean won the respect badge.
Llukan won the passion badge.
Ellesse won the self-belief badge.
Joshua B won the team work badge.

Investigating data


Over the last half term we have been using Purple Mash to investigate data. We used 2Count to match a pictogram. We each rolled a dice 30 to see which number we rolled the most. Interestingly all our results were different! We enjoyed reading each other’s graphs and comparing them to our own.


We then used 2Graph. First we collected some data in class about ourselves; favourite drink, favourite meal, favourite weather and eye colour. Then Miss Williams showed us how to use 2Graph to turn our data into a block graph. We even learnt how to add a title and change the colour of our blocks. We questioned each other on what our graphs were showing.

Finally we have been using 2Investigate to learn about databases. Miss Williams gave us some questions and we used a database to sort the data and answer them. We then learnt how to add our own record to a database and sorted again. Our answers were different with the extra record. We then chose our own database and wrote our own questions for a partner to answer. This was a real challenge!

Don’t forget Toucans – you can access Purple Mash at home too.

The life cycle


This afternoon Toucans learnt about animals and their offspring. We talked as a class about the life cycle of a human. We focused on what humans can and can’t do at each stage of their life. We learnt the name of each stage of our lives:


These were new words for some of us.

Next Miss Williams challenged us to teach each other about the life cycle of a different animal. We worked in groups and had some factsheets to use. We looked at them and practised our own presentations to teach the rest of the class about a different life cycle. One group presented the life cycle of a frog, another group did a hen and the last group did a butterfly.

We then did some activities to show what we had learnt. Well done Toucans!

Sharing our books with Year 1


This morning we had a great time sharing books with Puffins. Some of them visited us in our classroom and some of us visited them in their classroom. We took it in turns to read our books to each other. We enjoyed looking at books that had been bought from home and everyone was enthusiastic in talking about why that book was their favourite.


We love working with you Puffins! Thank you for sharing your books and reading so well.

Perseverance in Year 2


As February came to an end we finished our value word of perseverance. We have learnt such a lot over the month about the importance of persevering when things get difficult. We shared our final learning on our jigsaw display as with all our other value words so far this year. We are now looking forward to learning more about Honesty in March but we decided this doesn’t mean an end to persevering!

Experiment with ice


This afternoon we experimented with ice. First Miss Williams showed us an ice cube in a glass bowl of water and compared this to how icebergs float in the sea. We learnt that the force in water pushes objects including icebergs up and we also learnt a little bit about gravity pulling objects down. We started to think about what makes ice melt. We shared some ideas:

• Ice might melt if we run it under the tap. Shakeel
• We could use hot boiling water to make it melt. Llukan
• If you run it in your hands it might melt. Harley

Miss Williams warmed her hand on the radiator and then held the ice cube. We could see it was melting quickly because water was dripping off her hand!

We decided to find out where in our classroom was the best place for melting ice.
Row 1 put their ice on the radiator.
Row 2 put their ice outside.
Row 3 put their ice on the shelf.
Row 4 left their ice on the table.
Row 5 put their ice in the cupboard.

We predicted row 1’s would melt the fastest. Some of us thought the slowest place to melt ice would be in the cupboard and some of us thought it would be outside. We knew we had to keep our test fair so we made sure every table had the same amount of ice and that we started our experiments at the same time.

We observed our ice every 5 minutes and this is what we found out:
The radiator is the quickest way to melt ice because it was the warmest place.
Outside was the best place to put ice to stop it from melting.

We checked them at the very end of the day and found that row one’s had been in the warmest place in the classroom and only 3 ice cubes were left.