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Party time!


This afternoon Year 2 have had a lovely party! We played lots of different party games including musical statues, musical shapes and musical colours! We ate the delicious food we cooked yesterday and had a wonderful time.

Well done for working so hard Toucans, enjoy your half term holiday.

Cooking for our party!


Toucans have been working super hard on their special tests for the last two weeks so today we are enjoying ourselves! We have spent the day making books, doing activities and cooking for our party tomorrow. We have made marshmallow cakes, fairy cakes, biscuits, pizzas and jelly. We are very excited for tomorrow!

Rainforest non-chronological reports



In our English lessons we have been writing non-chronological reports. We have written them about the rainforest as this is our topic and we know lots of information and facts now. We hope you enjoy reading them because we worked extremely hard on them!

This is how we made them:

Some of us haven’t quite finished typing them up yet so keep checking back to see everyone else’s reports by the end of the week.

Sunflower Update



Our sunflowers are growing nicely! We are observing them closely and looking after them well. We are measuring them to see how they progress over the weeks and some of them are starting to get quite tall! A couple of them are 7cm now. Keep checking our blog for further updates.

Weaving rainforest baskets



During our topic lessons we have been learning all about the rainforests of the world. We have started to learn more about the tribes of people who live in the rainforests. Today we learnt that they find everything they need from the forests around them. They make their own houses and tools. They find their food from the rainforest and make medicines from the forest too. We also learnt that they use special leaves from the trees to make their own baskets. So in Art this afternoon we learnt how to weave our own baskets.

We learnt that weaving is a bit like sewing but with your hands. We had to weave in and out of our basket loom by going under, over, under, over. We soon discovered it wasn’t as easy as it looked!

Pyper said ‘Art it supposed to be fun… this is hard!’ so Ishmael told her ‘Just keep trying, remember you need to persevere and you will get a nice basket by the end’.

Sophie said ‘I’m no good at this, my basket doesn’t even look like a basket’ and Reuben told her ‘Yes it does, it looks great. Just keep going I think it looks really good’.

Toucans have been thinking hard about our value word of friendship. Miss Williams was so proud to hear these conversations. Well done Toucans for encouraging your friends.



Year 2 have been learning about Buddhism.

They have learnt the story of the very first Buddha – Siddhartha and how he became the first Buddha and started the Buddhist faith.

Yesterday they learnt about some of the signs and symbols attached to Buddhism – the wheel of life, the lotus flower and images of Buddha.

Mrs Knipe showed some different statues of Buddha – they were all different but some had similar things such as a dot on the forehead or long ear lobes – we found out that these stand for different things – can you find out what they are?

Miranda's writing about Buddhism
Miranda’s writing about Buddhism

Favourite authors

In Year 2 recently we have been enjoying reading stories from authors who have written many different books. We have enjoyed exploring a different author every week/fortnight (depending on how many books they have written!) and choosing our favourites. We have come up with a list of all the famous authors we have looked at so far and all their books we have read. Do you recognise any books from our list? Maybe you could ask us which was our favourite and why.

favourite authors

Making our own music


We had a great time in Music today! We continued practising making our own pieces of music. This week we chose just one conductor to take charge and the rest of us followed their instructions.

We practised and then at the end of the lesson we watched row 1 and row 3. This is what we were impressed with:


Well done everyone – great ideas!

What plants need


Today we started to think more about what plants need. We decided they need:


We are going to have a very exciting competition to find out! We are going to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. We are all going to have a pot, a seed, some soil and water and then we will decide how to look after it over the next three weeks to make it grow. We are deciding how much soil, where to put it in the classroom and how often to water it. We are really looking forward to helping our sunflowers to grow tall!

We become music conductors!


Today in Music we became conductors! We have been learning about how they control an orchestra to make a piece of music. We started our lesson by being Miss Williams’ orchestra. Together we designed some symbols:

• Start
• Stop
• Play louder
• Play quieter
• Play faster
• Play slower

We practised using them to play a rainstorm with our instruments.

Then we split into groups. We designed and made our own symbols for the conductor to use. We used them to make our own rainstorms by following instructions. It was great fun! We have learnt a lot about how changing the speed and volume can change a piece of music.